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The post-fiesta remedy


by June Soto So everyone has been getting ready for the holidays, buying gifts, making plans and spending time with family. We all know what comes with the holidays. Hangovers, headaches, stains and sometimes stomach aches. We never actually plan to take care of ourselves after the holidays; we only plan to break into the Read More

Latinos: Don’t mess with their Facebook

by Ulises Silva December 14, 2010. The day la risa died. Or rather, the day Being Latino’s Facebook page was shut down by whatever automated Facebook program detected Flagged Post #100 and went to Code Red—and shut down a Facebook page with 52,000 fans, nearly two years of serving the Latino community, and avocado avarice. And if you Read More

Getting to know the BL team!

New Picture

Tatiana Perez, who was recently named Philanthropy Director says of her initial involvement with Being Latino: “It was a suggested page by one of my friends, I forget who exactly. After reading a few of the blogs I reached out to Lance Rios. Once I saw that he had put together a fundraiser for Haiti, Read More

Come on Kennedys… Only 2 Latinos worth honoring in 32 years?


“Latinos first connected as a voting bloc during the 1960 Presidential election and overwhelmingly voted to elect John F. Kennedy. That election began a long and endearing rapture between the Latino community and the Kennedy family. Bobby Kennedy marched along side Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta during our Civil Rights struggle and Teddy Kennedy took Read More

Famous New Year’s Resolutions for 2011

"Latinos are hip again, right? In that case..."

by Ulises Silva The Being Latino staff conducted an extensive and marginally legal research project in which we went looking for the New Year’s Resolutions of some famous Latinos, pseudo-Latinos, and non-Latinos. Really, we did! Here’s what we found!

Yes, You Can Die. Here, Let Me Help…

help you die

by Keyla Cedano For a while now I have been troubled by the silent but steady movement “Physician-Assisted Suicide” supporters are bringing about. If you’re not sure what this interest group offers, you can start here. From all the articles I’ve read, it seems that if you are terminally ill, then you should have the Read More

Getting to know the BL team!

Reading poetry

Staff Writer, Viktoria Valenzuela says about getting involved with Being Latino, “I responded to a call for bloggers on the heels of having just completed my research on “The Absent Cultural and Literary Voice of Young Chicana Mothers”.  I felt that I had to contribute to the discourse within the Latino community.” Twenty random things Read More

"Are we there yet?"- The rush to 2011


by Libby Juliá Vázquez I’m not one of those people who begins to look forward to the weekend the minute I wake up on Monday morning. In fact, I often curse time for passing so quickly and try to enjoy each moment of my day. This holiday season has been a little different; due to Read More

Responding to University of Puerto Rico's Student Protests

UPR people

by Viktoria Valenzuela While reading my email, I came across a bit of news that I’m surprised is not more widely exposed. It seems that there has been an $800 yearly tuition increase for Puerto Rican students, and that their once peaceful protest has turned grizzly.

Prisoners should have rights too


by Cristina Villarreal On December 9, 2010 inmates in six different prisons in Georgia participated in one of the largest prison protests in history.  They also changed the perception of prison protests; the protest was not a prison riot, but rather a non-violent labor strike.  The protest went unnoticed by mainstream media, and therefore unnoticed Read More