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Bars and books


by Eileen Rivera What commodity is more maligned and more revered than an education? When it’s free, we drop out. When we pay through the nose for it, we almost worship it. What if I told you it could be free, but you would have to pay through the nose for it? Inmates at Sing Read More

Reflections on a 141-mile walk


by Eric Cortes A couple of weeks ago I wrote about an incredible journey my fraternity brother, Eric Stephenson, is undergoing as we speak, to fight cancer awareness. Eric pledged to run and walk 141 miles from Norwalk, Connecticut to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Talk about exercising. Throughout the three weeks of preparation he received words of encouragement, Read More

What’s in an ethnonym?


by Greg Martinez An ethnonym is a word used to refer to people of a certain ethnic group. “Latino,” “Hispanic,” and “Chicano” are the most common ethonyms used to refer to our people. There has been quite a bit of discussion on Being Latino over these words and their meaning. There is some interesting background Read More

Dating, sex, and relationships 101


by Arlene Olivencia and Adriana Villavicencio It’s Friday night and you’ve had a long week, so you’ve decided to take it easy and stay home with a much needed chick flick. Happy hour with co-workers or your very single girlfriends just isn’t doing it for you tonight. You want to curl up with someone…someone who Read More

Cautiously optimistic about political future of Latinos


by Juhem Navarro-Rivera As the U.S. Census continues its steady stream of press releases and results from the 2010 Census something is becoming apparent: minorities, Latinos in particular, are the future of America. That future just started. The news last week that one in six Americans is a Latino led to a renewed wave of Read More

Wearing tradition

Flower power bracelets

  by Nancy Sepulveda I’ve always thought of female-specific, socially-mandated clothing as repressive (i.e., the hijab, the corset, the skirted uniform I had to wear as a Village Inn hostess while my male counterparts wore slacks). The root of such attire seems to be either A) to prevent women from morally corrupting the poor, weak, Read More

President Obama's Townhall Meeting


by Juhem Navarro-Rivera President Obama had two main objectives in last night’s Univision Townhall: regain the trust of Latino voters everywhere after the DREAM Act debacle in last year’s lame-duck session when Senate Democrats failed to kill a Republican filibuster and show that Latinos, a significant part of his 2008 coalition, are high in his list Read More