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Being Latino on Google Plus

Latin comedy and why I hate Carlos Mencia

by Michael Guillén Over the years, I’ve developed a certain taste for comedy. It has to be clever and above all, smart. I believe good comedy gives the audience credit for being intelligent enough to figure out the punch line and enjoy the joke without being directly led. After the Chappelle’s Show abruptly ended in Read More

Telemundo & mun² bring first bilingual TV series to the U.S.

“Revenge has no limit. Determined to uncover the truth, Alejandro must enter the dangerous world of Miami’s underground street racing. Cast with some of today’s hottest and sexiest young, new actors, it’s a story of love, danger and speed. The groundbreaking, mun2 original scripted series, RPM Miami, will leave your adrenaline racing.” ~mun²

I don’t have Facebook: Fighting words

by Alex Levine So many adults have an aversion to Facebook. For whatever reason, they choose not to set up a profile and join in the fun…and that’s okay. I have heard countless people get berated for their choice to opt out of Facebook. While there’s value in using Facebook for just about everyone, is Read More

Manos, cabeza, pies: Juanes teaches Elmo Spanish (video)

On Monday, April 11th, Colombian musician Juanes taped an appearance with Rosita and Elmo on the set of “Sesame Street.”

Good Hypocrisy/Bad Hypocrisy

by Juhem Navarro-Rivera Hypocrisy is not a bad characteristic to have in politics. Think about it. You’re an elected official, you have to kiss babies and shake hands all the time. Not only this, but you also have to pretend to listen even when people come with the stupidest ideas or the craziest conspiracy theories Read More

What can brown do for you?

by Eileen Rivera In an era when single women found that life was an uphill battle, Jim Casey and his siblings were raised by their widowed mother. Jim Casey grew up to become one of the founders of UPS and served as the CEO for many years. Recalling many of the struggles their mother encountered, Read More