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Being Latino on Google Plus

World of whispers

by Nancy Sepulveda Like most great discoveries, I stumbled upon the “whispering community” by accident. I was in the office, hard at work YouTube-ing, when I noticed a suggested video titled ‘Whisper Twelve: The Beatles’ (I can only assume it popped up thanks to my random Hey Jude search the day before). Curious, I clicked Read More

Do you have computer vision syndrome?

Digital devices, especially computers, are an integral part of our everyday lives and many of us spend upwards of eight hours a day looking at a computer screen. As much as we may love our computers, there is no fighting the tired feeling that comes with staring at a screen all day. Here is an Read More

A mathematical certainty?

by Greg Martinez You may remember the line in the movie Titanic where the actor who played the ship’s architect, Thomas Andrews, said the sinking of the Titanic was a “mathematical certainty.” Lately that phrase has come into vogue to describe what some consider the inevitable collapse of the U.S. economy, just Google the term Read More

The diversity game in corporate America

by Gerardo A. Canales For some time we have all played the diversity game; corporations have created diversity programs and minorities have taken the available opportunities. As corporate diversity programs have evolved, they have increased the red tape along with procedural requirements. Now diversity metrics are global, more demanding and less local. Spend (a measure Read More