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Being Latino on Google Plus

Future cars will be driven by our minds

via MSNBC — What’s on your mind as you drive down the road? Cars of the future may tap into those thoughts in order to keep you and our roads safer. The technology builds on brain-machine interface research pioneered at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in Switzerland that allows wheelchairs users to get around using their minds. Read More

And then there were eight: Baseball’s post season

The Major League Baseball season starts in April with 30 teams and ends in September with the final eight. It takes five months and 162 games to decide who gets to the post-season. While football has increased television ratings, over the last few years, and the Super Bowl has almost become a national holiday, there Read More

Racial lines blurring in the US?

The latest snapshot of America shows a population that is quickly becoming much more multi-racial.

Latinos Have Arrived: Media projects that explore America’s emerging majority leave the community’s pathologies at the door

Minutes after Academy Award nominated actor Terrence Howard watched a screening of The Latino List, a film which debuted last night on HBO, he told me, feeling very inspired by the compelling documentary, “what I loved most (about the film) was that there were no victims! The stories were unfiltered, honest and unapologetically Latino.” The documentary, by photographer and director Read More

The importance of growing up bilingual

via Reach Hispanic — Like many first-generation Hispanics I grew up in a bilingual household. I had the benefit of learning English at school and Spanish at home. I never really understood how much of a benefit I received by growing up bilingual. I didn’t have to take any classes, buy any software or get a Read More

New ways to get a job

via Life Hacker Job boards and Craigslist are no longer great places to find jobs because everyone is already using them. It’s no longer enough to put your resume out into the world and wait for someone in HR to notice your resume that looks just like every other applicants. In order to find a Read More

What’s your sex IQ?

via Washington, D.C. will soon require children in public and public charter schools to take a standardized sex-ed test — the first of its kind in the U.S. The 50-question exam will test students’ knowledge on health and sex education and will include topics such as: nutrition, mental health, and drug use as well Read More

Hate crime alleged in attack on Latino man

via The Seattle Times A 42-year-old Kent man was charged Monday with second-degree assault and malicious harassment for allegedly beating a Latino man last week in what prosecutors allege was a racially motivated attack. Kurt Randall Madsen was arrested early Thursday and is being held in the King County Jail in lieu of $250,000 bail, Read More

Domestic violence hurts us all

She wakes up slowly and tries to remember where she is and what just happened. She can feel a warmness trickle out her nose, down to the side of her cheek and into her ear. She raises her head slowly, but it’s too heavy to lift, so she places it back down. There’s a voice Read More

PETA doesn’t care about humans

via Gizmodo Charles Wickersham, a 21-year-old man, was fishing in the Bay Area when he was attacked and bitten by a shark. He’s currently still in intensive care on his way to recovery. While PETA’s expressed a little sympathy for Mr. Wickersham, their main concern seemed to be for the fish.