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Being Latino contributors consists of individuals and partner organizations. They join us in our goal of providing our audience with a communication platform designed to educate, entertain and connect all peoples across the global Latino spectrum. Together we aim to break down barriers and foster unity and empowerment through informative, thought-provoking dialogue and exchanging of ideas. Giving a unified voice to the multitude of communities that identify with the multidimensional culture that is Latino.

Latinas and sexism

At the 2014 Emmy Awards, Sofia Vergara stirred up quite the controversy when she stood on a rotating platform showing off her curvy body while the Chairman of Televisions Arts & Sciences spoke about the diversity of storytelling on television. While Sofia is on a major television show in Hollywood, many would say that Hollywood Read More

Sofia Vergara’s still got it

If you tuned into the Emmy award show this year, you would have seen Sofia Vergara embracing the stage on a rotating base flaunting her beauty and curves while the CEO and chairman of the Academy gave a speech. It garnered a lot of attention on social media especially on Twitter. “The move was slammed Read More

Do you believe in best friends

Ever since we were children, we are taught to make friends whether it’s at school, park or the neighborhood. When you’re shy this literally becomes a mission impossible. But yet, at school they would put us in groups so we could work with other kids and break out of our shell. Still to this day, Read More

Spanish beauty queen comes out

Patricia Yurena Rodriguez, 24 year old Miss Spain 2013, came out via Instagram. The gorgeous 5 foot 10 inches beauty queen posted a picture of her girlfriend gazing into her eyes as she lay with her in bed with the caption, Romeo and Juliet. She received over 7,000 likes and comments with an amazing outpouring Read More

Uruguay and marijuana

Marijuana legalization isn’t only affecting the United States. Uruguay boasts the first government controlled marijuana market; they’ve been trying to suppress their marijuana trafficking in many different ways. Similar to the United States’ “war on drugs”. Even as Uruguay fights this trafficking it continues to increase. Giving up on fighting marijuana trafficking, Uruguay has turned to Read More

Beauty queen stripped of crown

Paola Builes Aristizabal, 21, was in the running to become Miss Colombia after being named Miss Antioquia on August 10, but her chances where taken away in an instant after pictures of her in underwear surfaced. Pageant organizers decided that the pictures that surfaced were too racy for any of their contestants. After viewing the Read More

Census shows economic divide

How much are you worth? The U.S. Census Bureau has been keeping records of your net worth every year. The reason the U.S. keeps track of your annual income is because it is an important indicator of the nation’s economic well-being. Household wealth is determined by the total market value of assets of every member Read More

Latinos in the newsroom

Journalism groups have been pressuring news outlets to hire more Latinos. This is nothing new. These journalism groups have been arguing this for decades and it is starting to pay off. As of 2014, 10 percent of BuzzFeed’s editors and writers are Latino. Most might say this is a low percentage. Some might say not enough Read More

Parks are greatly appreciated

Parks and outdoor recreation areas are great escapes from life, for a bit. You can go on a mini getaway on your own or with people closest to you. The summer is coming to an end and throughout the summer many people went to their local parks to throw a barbecue or had a swim at Read More

Make voting a priority

The Latino vote is important and hard to convince. According to Fox News only 11 million Latinos voted in the 2012 elections. Sounds like a decent number. Not when compared to the 28.8 million Latinos that will be eligible to vote by November. With the new immigration battle it’s expected that more Latinos will vote Read More