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Being Latino contributors consists of individuals and partner organizations. They join us in our goal of providing our audience with a communication platform designed to educate, entertain and connect all peoples across the global Latino spectrum. Together we aim to break down barriers and foster unity and empowerment through informative, thought-provoking dialogue and exchanging of ideas. Giving a unified voice to the multitude of communities that identify with the multidimensional culture that is Latino.

Red Band Society

As a four year brain cancer fighter and survivor, I can relate to the creator of the show, ‘Red Band Society’. It takes great courage and determination to not only share your trials, but also your illness with the world. Albert Espinosa is the creator of Red Band Society and was also diagnosed with a Read More

Problems for Latinos with NYPD

Several days ago it was announced that New York City Police Department’s highest ranking Latino will retire after 44 years of service. NYPD, First Deputy Police Commissioner Rafael Piñeiro will retire at the end of October. His retirement has Latinos questioning the reasoning behind his retirement and the state of diversity within NYPD. Some sources Read More

Enjoying National parks

Mr. Rod Torrez, recently wrote an article for the Huffington Post about Latinos and their love for nature, specifically the love of hiking.  I have to agree.  I grew up in New Jersey and we went to parks, reservations, estates, and national parks all the time.  As children, we looked forward to it, and our Read More

Same sex couples in Arizona

The subject of homosexuality among Latinos is extremely touchy and educating those from different generations is very necessary. This is exactly what a couple in Arizona is doing. Narda Rivera and Alejandra Gerardo have been together for more than four years and have two children. The word love has a very special meaning in their Read More

Wisin is doing it big, again

Vamos pa’ Puerto Rico! Wisin, known from the duo Wisin y Yandel, just opened a new restaurant called Nabo restaurant in San Juan. Most celebrities turn to different business opportunities in the midst of their careers. Wisin, also known as Juan Luis Morera Luna, seems to do this for a more meaningful and productive reason. Puerto Rico Read More

Strides made away from poverty

Latinos are showing promising signs of being part of the economic recovery when the poverty rate dropped last year, for the first time since 2006. The labor market has improved with driving the decrease from 14.5% to 15%, being the highest level in a generation according to the Census Bureau. Last year, the number of Read More

Cristela hits the small screen in October


Have you heard of the new ABC sitcom coming this Fall featuring a Latina as the main character?  It’s called Cristela.  Fusion reported a few months ago that “Cristela” was called “the little show that could” and it will be on ABC’s Fall primetime line-up.  Cristela Alonzo, an up and coming stand-up comedian who is Read More

Border security and women

The ongoing sexual assault problem that Central American women and teens face is a reality that people turn away from. Most people in the United States perpetuate the tendency to worry only about themselves, protect their families, and earn a salary that can cover living expenses. One attribute that should be practiced by American citizens is Read More

Latinos environmental and electoral impact

It’s no secret that Latinos hold power in determining how our political system will change. Latinos are a key force if politicians want to make a change, simply due to the amount of Latinos. While immigration, education, and the economy are usually seen at the top of the list, conservation and the environment have also Read More

Latin run food trucks

With Hispanic Heritage Month upon us, it is a great time to celebrate the Latin food truck industry. For years, Latinos across the nation have been venturing into the rolling restaurant business and it has been booming. A food truck featuring Latin American food from our favorite kitchens could be at a street corner near Read More