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Being Latino contributors consists of individuals and partner organizations. They join us in our goal of providing our audience with a communication platform designed to educate, entertain and connect all peoples across the global Latino spectrum. Together we aim to break down barriers and foster unity and empowerment through informative, thought-provoking dialogue and exchanging of ideas. Giving a unified voice to the multitude of communities that identify with the multidimensional culture that is Latino.

Dropout rates are declining

“The Hispanic dropout rate reached a record low of 14 percent in 2013, compared with 32 percent in 2000”, as indicated in an NBC Latino article. It is 2014 and times have changed, students realize the only way to success relies solely on themselves. Students of this generation seem more mature than previous generations. Today’s Read More

Flawed polling in Georgia

With elections right around the corner, plenty of people are looking to the polls to see the projected outcomes. These polls can be crucial to determining the path an area will take. Polls are also important to watch to see what areas will be red or blue. Problems with polls arise when they do not Read More

Barbie: The plastic religion

AP/Marcelo Manera

Have Argentinian artists gone too far with an art exhibit dedicated to religious figures? Emiliano Paolini and Marianela Perelli are two artists from Argentina who have an exhibit called “Barbie:The Plastic Religion”. It is a controversial exhibit which depicts Barbie fashion dolls as religious figures such as the Virgin Mary and Ken as a crucified Read More

Wilmer Valderrama talks Latino politics

There are countless Latino celebs who are using their fame in order to reach millions of other Latinos in our nation during trying times. Celebrities can be voices for Latinos in ways that many of us can’t express as one person. If one celebrity has the same passion as we do, it is easier to Read More

Schools banning skin-tight pants

Ok, you read that right…schools are banning skin tight pants. Not only because they are tight, but because they are distracting the male teachers and the boys. Seriously!? Since when was that the main reason to tell our girls not to wear something to school. Let me give you the lowdown across the nation, because Read More

Accepting Gays and Lesbians in the Catholic Church

In the 2,000 years since the Catholic Church was created, a lot has changed with the ideas and thoughts people have. One of the major issues within the Catholic Church was the acceptance of gays and lesbians. With acceptance becoming the social norm, the church had a hard time standing their ground on the issue. Read More

Power to the booty

There are always two opposing sides to any issue and people are noticing the booty trend, which is becoming an issue depending on your views. Women are beginning to embrace their booty and it all begins with the influence that powerful female celebrities have over us. Most women deal with insecurities and a big one  Read More

Afro Latinos seek recognition

At a recent Afro-Latino Forum, it was announced that Afro-Latinos are working with the U.S. Census Bureau to allow for mixed race Latinos to identify themselves differently than simply Latino.  As white Latinos struggle to be accepted by Caucasians, Afro-Latinos also still struggle with acceptance by Latinos and African Americans. The 2010 Census Bureau reported Read More

Will “Gloria” be better than “Selena”

Learning about Gloria Trevi’s biopic movie Gloria brought back nostalgic memories about the movie Selena. The movie Selena left a big impact on her fans and people around the globe, it was personal to many people because Selena was relatable especially through the struggles she faced behind the scenes in her family life, love life, Read More

Mass grave has citizens feeling eerie about police officials

When we think about police in uniform we should feel secure and safe. We should be able to seek shelter with these uniformed individuals who should stand for peace and justice yet the town of Iguala, Guerrero believe that their police force is involved in the disappearance of 43 students and 4 student deaths, the Read More