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Being Latino contributors consists of individuals and partner organizations. They join us in our goal of providing our audience with a communication platform designed to educate, entertain and connect all peoples across the global Latino spectrum. Together we aim to break down barriers and foster unity and empowerment through informative, thought-provoking dialogue and exchanging of ideas. Giving a unified voice to the multitude of communities that identify with the multidimensional culture that is Latino.

Pregnant child sparks controversy in Paraguay

There has been much controversy over abortion laws and what is just or unjust in certain circumstances. Yes, we can say that at the end of the day its the woman that decides what to do, because it is her body. But, what if this is an underaged girl we are talking about? This controversial Read More

La India surprises fans with new album

After five years out of the limelight, La India has an entirely new project in the works. It’s a comeback many are awaiting anxiously. “Intensamente Con Canciones de Juan Gabriel,” featuring the musical icon and various classic hits on the song list, success is imminent. There’s no doubt this will be musical history being made. With Read More

Hispanics “are still our enemies”

Dylann Storm Roof. He wants to save the white blood that is left on our earth. His rationale is simple to him, but could be complicated to others because it really doesn’t make sense. How can someone be so hateful? Dylann Roof is the 21 year old who is accused of sitting in a historic Read More

How Latinas are influencing the retail industry

Christmas, Thanksgiving, Baptisms, or just attending church on Sunday, what you wear is an essential part of growing up in a Hispanic household. I remember as a child going shopping every single weekend with my mother to see what was new or to buy an outfit for a special occasion. I grew up excited every Read More

Still feeling hungry?

You probably already ate and you’re thinking about the next time to eat because you’re  hungry again. It’s weird because you thought your meal was going to sustain you for a couple of hours. It happens to the best of us and while we blame it on the excuse, “ I love food”, it’s a Read More

Rosie Perez leaves “The View”

ABC’s “The View” is known for their talks, heated discussions, and hosts leaving. To add to the list is now Rosie Pérez. On Tuesday, it was announced in a memo to the staff that she has decided to leave. Executive Producer Bill Wolff said her reasons were to focus more on her acting career. Rosie Read More

ICE’s new guidelines for transgender detainees

As of Monday, immigration authorities will be considering housing detainees that are transgender based on the gender that they identify with, after many complaints about the conditions for transgender detainees. The staff needs to consider the preferences of the detainees, especially those who are transgender, when it comes to needs such as clothing, housing, and Read More

Security concerns causing businesses to leave Mexico

As security issues continue to mount in different areas of Mexico, some international businesses are starting to shut down some of their operations in the country.  One such company is Coca-Cola, the world’s largest beverage company.  A few months after the kidnapping and negotiated release of a couple of its employees they have decided to Read More

Latino Makes History During NBA Draft

Karl-Anthony Towns, 19, a young man of Dominican descent, has made NBA draft history as the first Latino in 68 years to be selected first overall draft pick. The 6-foot-11 Towns averaged 10.3 points and 6.7 rebounds in just 21 minutes per game. The New Jersey native, whose mother is Dominican-American and father is African American, was Read More

Sesame Street’s “Maria” says Farewell

She was one of the first Hispanics on national television, she’s come into the hearts and homes of millions. Sonia Manzano, 65, is retiring after a 44 year long career as Maria, on the ever popular Sesame Street. She started at just 22 and quickly became a regular on the show, after just three short Read More