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About Eileen Rivera

Eileen was born in The Bronx, to Puerto Rican parents. She grew up thinking the whole world was Latino. Moving to Rockland County in upstate New York taught her it wasn’t. One more move in 1976, brought her to Hudson County, New Jersey where she currently resides. She attended Rutgers-Newark where she majored in Social Work with a minor in Puerto Rican studies. Eileen credits her history professor, Dr. Olga Wagenheim, for the spark and impetus to search out her roots in a pre-computer era. The daughter of a minister, she credits her father for the activism, volunteerism and search for justice that have characterized her adult years.

The mother of two adult daughters, Eileen has worked in the Juvenile Justice system for twenty-eight years. She acts as a liaison between the Juvenile Detention Center and the Juvenile Court.

Writing was something she shared with family. Stories and songs for her children and Christmas tales for the extended family. She now shares her writing with a larger family, the Being Latino family.

An argument for Puerto Rican Statehood

photo credit: Eva Fontañez

“I am not afraid to fail. I dare to ask questions. I will never resign myself to injustice. I believe in equality for all Puerto Ricans. I bow only before God and my conscience.”   Bold and passionate words from spokesperson, educator, and civil rights activist, Edwin Pagán Bonilla. Born and bred in Paterson, NJ, Read More

The legacy of César Chávez

When you enter “César Chávez” into a google search box, you get back a little over 92 million results. Despite growing up in the pre-computer era, I knew all about Chávez and the United Farm Workers (UFW) thanks to my activist, minister father. We practiced ‘meatless Wednesdays’, recycling (before it was common practice), and energy conservation. Read More

The wearing of the green is a bit dry this year

St. Patrick’s Day parade organizers for two of the country’s largest parades have been given huge wake up calls. New York City and Boston, cities with large Irish-American populations, have parades which will proceed without their mayors and without their larger sponsors, beer companies. Both city’s parade organizing committees have been under fire, for many Read More

The dark side of the Super Bowl

Super Bowl 2014 has been billed as being so historic it takes two states to host it. Transit companies have extended rail lines, new hotels are going up, and bus companies are hiring and training new drivers. While the general public has concentrated on the sports and entertainment aspect of the big game, there are Read More

What do you believe…A Miracle in Spanish Harlem

miracle in spanish harlem

“Look at me driving a cab. Where am I going? I sell mangoes for a living. I got the kids. I got the girl. Great! But what’s the point, I’m never going to see her. I’m working all the time. I got no money to be a boyfriend. Unbelievable!” Tito Jimenez, a widower and father Read More

Where were you…

jfk jr salute

There are pivotal moments in history that tend to define an era. Pearl Harbor dragged the United States into a world war. The destruction of the World Trade Center not only took took our nation to war again, but changed forever our feelings of security. The assassination of President John F. Kennedy was a moment Read More

Veterans Day


At the eleventh hour, on the eleventh day of the eleventh month a treaty was signed to discontinue the violence on the Western Front of World War I; the birth of Armistice Day. While Armistice Day is still celebrated in some countries in Europe, the United States began honoring all veterans, living and dead, in Read More

Big screen Latinos: Breaking stereotypes or fighting back


We are all familiar with the machista stereotype. The silent, semi-bossy male who believes that his word is law and the little woman is in charge of hearth and home. Dinner is on the table and the children are clean and well-mannered with no work on his part. There is some effort being put forth Read More

The Last #42

In a surprisingly emotional, and surprise filled day, the Yankees, New York City, and the baseball world in general, said thank you to the greatest closer of all time, Mariano Rivera.  As the Yankees have traveled across the country playing games, ball clubs have honored Rivera in their own unique fashion. September 22nd was declared Read More

Opening today: 36 Saints


What happens when you have a serial killer in NYC, operating under the misconception that if he kills 36 righteous people the world would become chaos. This is the premise behind the new thriller, “36 Saints”. Starring Franky G and Jeffrey De Serrano, as the detectives searching for the killer, “36 Saints” has been described Read More