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About Irma Sanchez

Irma Sanchez, was born and raised in Dallas, Texas before moving to California three years ago for a job and now resides in Chicago, IL. She has been a fan of Being Latino for some time now. She was excited to be able to join and contribute to the already amazing team. In her personal life, she works as an International Relocation Consultant and has moved many families across the globe. She thanks her job for making her culturally sensitive and learning the art of patience. She has a B.A. in Decision Science and if you ask her what Decision Science is she will refer you to Wikipedia because she just listened to her counselor when deciding to get that degree and has long forgotten what it meant.

In her spare time—when she is not working because she is a self-proclaimed workaholic or doing things with Being Latino—she loves to paint. She claims that she is still in the learning phase and it will be a while before she shares her art with everyone. She enjoys reading anything and everything because she says if you are not in the know, how can you be prepared to debate? She also likes to travel and spend as much quality time with her family that she can as they are still in Texas. She has a small obsession with her youngest nephew and is now considered the boring aunt.

Much ado about nada, it’s just pizza!


Pizza Patrón, a pizza chain headquartered in Dallas, will be giving away a free large pepperoni pizza on Tuesday, June 5 from 5pm to 8pm. What is the catch? People will have to order the pizza in Spanish. It can be broken Spanish. It can be first-time Spanish. You can say “Quiero Pizza”, “Pizza por Read More

Stroke awareness and prevention

Man having a stroke

May is national Stroke Awareness Month and earlier in the month Being Latino was invited to participate in a blogger teleconference with a leading doctor in Stroke awareness Dr. Jose Merino, a staff clinician with the Section on Stroke Diagnostics and Therapeutics at the NINDS. Increasing stroke awareness among the Latino community in America is Read More

Could you love your naked face?


Can you imagine ditching your beauty routine for 60 days? It means no makeup, no waxing or shaving. Two ladies decided to do just that as a social experiment. Caitlin Boyle and Molly Barker created The Naked Face Project, in an attempt to give themselves the space to figure out the “whys” behind their personal Read More

Diego Rivera is poised to set new auction record

Niña azul y blanco

  Mexican artist Diego Rivera’s 1939 oil painting “Girl in Blue and White” is headed to Sotheby’s Latin American art auction in New York and could break the auction record. The painting, “Niña en azul y blanco,” is a portrait of 10-year-old Juanita Rosas and is from a period in which Rivera captured the innocence Read More

Two Latino finalists on primetime [Video]


Can you guess who the two Latino finalists are? The Cuban hotness William Levy who is one of the finalist on “Dancing with the Stars” and will take the stage one last time tonight. And Jessica Sanchez, the half Mexican and half Filipino, who is also a finalist on “American Idol” will sing one last Read More

Meet La Aguila Dorada, a luchadora in and out of the ring

La Aguila Dorada

Alicia Torres Don, La Aguila Dorada, knows how to fight. She is a luchadora inside the ring and outside the ring as she fights for the rights of undocumented youth living in fear and uncertainty in the United States. The Fighter is a story about North Carolina Dream Team activist and luchadora Alicia Torres-Don and Read More

What is a Chicano?


I always thought a Chicano was a person born in the United States of Mexican decent. Being born in Texas, therefore, I assumed I was considered a Chicana; although when I was younger and watching Blood In Blood Out, I associated a Chicano with someone being a gangster. I did not want anything to do Read More

A different kind of coffee experience

Café Lechero

Imagine one day walking into your favorite coffee shop like Starbucks and hearing people clinking their spoon against their cups all day long. You would be scratching your head wondering what was going on. It’s an experience that can only happen at the coffeehouse el Café de La Parroquia in the Puerto of Veracruz, Mexico. More than Read More

Father accused of trying to sacrifice son in cemetery


A father is accused by police of attempting to sacrifice his 8 year old son. Police said that Joseph Ramirez, 30, took three of his children to the  Mount Hope Cemetery in San Diego and starting slicing the forearms of his 8-year-old son. Ramirez reportedly had been hearing the voice of his dead grandmother in his Read More

A kiss is just a kiss…. or so we thought


For the most part a kiss is just a kiss, however who you are kissing may be an issue and frowned upon.  This past weekend Club América player Christian Benítez and teammate Matías Vuoso pretended to kiss each other after Benítez scored the final goal that gave their team a win over Puebla. The Mexican Football Federation said Read More