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About Libby Juliá-Vázquez

Being Latino's Chief Content Officer, Libby Juliá Vázquez has been with BL since April 2010. She oversees all aspects of the online magazine's strategic direction including content and partnerships. She is also the owner of Write Media, a freelance writing and communications company. Her extensive experience has made her a sought-after expert in content, social media, and editing.

A self-proclaimed gypsy, Libby has lived in New York, Puerto Rico, and Utah, and now resides in Chicago.

How to throw the best Cinco de Mayo Party ever [video]


What are the requirements of a Cinco de Mayo party? Salsa, tequila, your American friends? Find out with this  instructional video from Mun2:

Short film takes a heart wrenching look at those left behind after 9/11 [video]


For most of us, the events of September 11, 2001 will never be forgotten. For many, there isn’t a day that they aren’t remembered with memories of fathers, mothers, siblings, and friends lost. Will, a short film by Eusong Lee, is a touching look that examines the feelings of those left behind.

More than guacamole: 5 health benefits of the avocado


Aguacate or avocado is sometimes seen as a rich, food luxury our weight can’t afford, but it can actually have some great health benefits. They’re full of antioxidants and are rich in Vitamins A, C, E and have 30% more potassium than a banana. Oral Cancer Defense Research has shown that certain compounds in avocados Read More

Beyond tostones: The Jibarito, a Chicago classic


BL Cooks If you’re not from Chicago, you may not know what a Jibarito is. The sandwich, made from tostones, was created at Borinquen Restaurant in Chicago by owner Juan “Peter” Figueroa. Chicagoans visiting Puerto Rican restaurants outside of the windy city are often surprised at the perplexed looks they receive when asking why Jibaritos aren’t on the Read More

When “Hey, mira Mami” can’t be a Mommy: 4 tips for coping


It’s not true that every little girl dreams of being a Mom. I personally know quite a few women who have no desire to have children, now or ever. I’m not one of them, but sometimes I envy their certainty. Not wanting to be a Mom would make my current situation easier to accept. See, Read More

Energy Drinks: I wish I knew how to quit you!


Getting fit with Being Latino I don’t know the exact moment I was introduced to Red Bull, but it was a few years ago, and it was love at first drink. Not only did I enjoy the pick-me-up, but I loved the taste. Oh sure, my stomach started to feel funny all of the time Read More

Go ‘green’ and get ‘green’ with your old electronics


How did you celebrate Earth Day? Did you clean up your neighborhood? Did you turn off your lights for an hour? Did you do nothing? Whatever your answer is, it’s okay. We’re all trying to do and be better so we can leave a clean planet for the generations that follow. But, we all know Read More

Real women have curves, and sometimes they don’t


Lately I’ve noticed something that worries me. We’ve begun countering the fashion and Hollywood obsession with thin, with images such as these: Now I don’t know about most women, but I have no desire to look like that version of Betty Boop or any real woman who looks like that. It’s unhealthy to say the Read More

“Miracle of Spanish Harlem” and “History of Space Flight” winners at National Film Showcase


As part of its recently concluded National Latino Film Showcase, Hispanicize 2012 proudly announced that it has awarded the best feature length film prize of $10,000 to Derek Velez Partridge for “The Miracle of Spanish Harlem” and the best short film prize of $5,000 to Chris Caraballo for “The History of Spaceflight”.  The film showcase Read More

Free registration for Voto Latino’s Power Summit


Voto Latino is kicking off their 2012 election campaign at Voto Latino’s Power Summit in Los Angeles April 14-15 and they have invited Being Latino fans to participate! The first 30 BL fans to register using code BEL712 will receive free registration!   The offer is only good through Monday, April 9th so register now at Read More