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About Luna Garcia

Luna was born in Barranquilla, Colombia. She moved to Brooklyn at the age of 16 leaving her family and her homeland behind. In 2010 she obtained a BA in Psychology from Baruch College that she is probably never going to use since she decided to go to Medical School and is now pursuing her pre-medical degree in Chemistry. Her experience as a young immigrant places her in-between the American born open minded young Latinos and the old school Born-There generation, allowing her to see any conflict from many perspectives.

Luna has always been a big fan of literature in both English and Spanish. Her obsession turned later into a love for writing and for all things Latino. Currently, Luna is trying to survive her second undergrad while exploiting New York City and looking for more opportunities to write. Her dream is to write fiction but most of her stories escape as soon as they’re about to be written.

Are you a Facebook stalker?

Facebook site

Anyone can be a stalker, even you. The privacy issues that have emerged with the success of Facebook have made it easier than ever for people to meddle into each other’s business to the point of insanity. If you are spending a lot of time on Facebook, looking at profiles others than your own, answer Read More

Real life America: What really happens after college

Graduation caps

Graduation approaches. The moment you have been waiting for the last four (or five, or six) years is here, and now everyone’s eyes are set on you. The dreadful question keeps coming up in all conversations: “So, what are you doing after college?” Your immediate answer is either “Get a job” or “Go to grad Read More

Nebraska saves the babies’ right to health care

Mother and Baby

Welcome to a new America where you can be Republican and pro-immigrant. It starts in Nebraska. Nebraska senators voted 30-16 to override Governor Dave Heineman’s veto on LB 599, which allows undocumented mothers to qualify for government funded prenatal healthcare. The state had been funding prenatal care for low-income mothers regardless of their immigration status Read More

As the saying goes: Nuestros dichos


Every culture has different ways of passing lessons from one generation to the next. Some invent narratives and folk tales, others teach through songs, and many others use religion to impart moral values to their children. In the Latino culture, when the younger generation goes to parents, grandparents or relatives for advice, the teachings we’ll most Read More

Two wrongs don’t make a right in America

Republican vs. Democrat

Part of being ourselves, whoever we are, is having a set of ideas and beliefs that make up our value system. For example, many of us believe in God, others believe in many gods, and some people don’t think god exists. It’s all cool, and we all get along, right? Not really. In this democracy Read More

The brighter colors of the rainbow: dating within your gender


We live in a heteronormative society. Most people assume and/or expect others to be straight, especially in our Latino Culture. Heterosexuals, as the majority of the population, have been calling the shots for a long time, taking for granted rights that the gay community is just starting to get. Coming from that minority mindset, there Read More

Who’s the enemy? A look at police practices in NYC

Photo: Tom Curtis

The NYPD mission statement says that it is the job of the police to “preserve the peace, reduce fear, and provide for a safe environment” for the community. However, I just recently moved to an inner-city neighborhood, and the only time I feel safe is when the police are not around. Even though it seems Read More

Latinos in medicine: Role models for those who dare to dream

Photo: Jose Luis Pelaez

Very early in my education, I started looking around for someone I could look up to, unsuccessfully. Instead, I found many models of what not to become: a drop-out, mediocre, a cat lady, a frustrated immigrant, or prostitute. Nowadays, since I’ve already decided to go to medical school and become a doctor, I question whether Read More

A dormir! How to make the best of those few hours of sleep


According to sleep researchers, the average adult needs between seven to nine hours of sleep to function well. I realize this must mean we’re all malfunctioning because, really, who gets that much sleep? For people who have children, go to school, or have more than one job, those hours may be occupied with obligations, forcing Read More

Does dancing el perreo demean Latinas?


El perreo is everywhere: in the dance clubs, in house parties, in teenager’s rooms and proms. It happens spontaneously when, with the help of some good Reggaeton, girls and women start circling their hips, rubbing their bottoms against a male’s crotch, bending hasta abajo to the beat. Some people applaud them in encouragement, others shake Read More