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About Nicolle Morales Kern

Nicolle was born in Philadelphia, raised in England and Germany, and lived in Madrid, Spain for a year in college. She has a B.A. in Journalism from Drexel University.

This avid reader and writer seeks to write and create pieces that encourage people to think and question what they already know, but also to show them the lighter side of life.
Her interest in writing and working for Being Latino comes from the desire to explore what being Latino means for her as a German-Panamanian and to explore the depths of the Latino culture.

She has a passion for all things relating to books, food and booze and shares her musings on her personal blog Culture Jaunt, and currently resides in Philadelphia.

Obama eliminates fear of deportation for some immigrants


As we get closer to this year’s election, President Obama has been making important decisions that many of his supporters expected him to make the whole time he has been in office. Last month, Obama announced his support for same-sex marriage. Today, June 15, he has made an announcement that will affect the lives of Read More

“Orgullo Latino” takes you into the lives of LGBT Latinos

Daniel Hernandez

Hotly debated topics, such as same-sex marriage or immigration, are a part of our daily lives with people on either side arguing continuously about what should be done and who should do it. While it is certainly important to have debates on such topics, it is easy to get lost in the arguments and forget Read More

Arguments against marriage

Arguments against marriage

Today, June 12, marks 45 years since the U.S. government decided to end laws that made interracial marriage illegal in the historic case of Loving v. Virginia. Marriage is certainly an institution that is a part of society, but it is a topic that people debate about constantly. For a union that occurs between two Read More

Never give up on your dreams [video]

never give up

Just because I can’t do it today, doesn’t mean I can’t do it tomorrow. – Arthur Boorman We all have dreams and goals for ourselves while we’re here on this earth. But, sometimes we can let other things get in the way of them, such as: self-doubt, lack of information, or even those closest to Read More

Make your coffee with a text message [Video]

text message coffee

What does your morning routine involve? Getting up, having a cup of coffee, and then going to work. When you get to work, you might decide to have another cup. But, don’t you just hate having to wait for the coffee to brew if the pot is empty or someone else is using the instant Read More

Keeping the kids entertained this summer

Mixed family

The month of may is almost over and that means only one thing: summer vacation. No longer will children have to go to school for eight hours a day, for the next two or three months.  Now, you will have the chance to be around your children pretty much 24/7, unless you can escape to Read More

7 ways to honor our military

American Flag

Memorial Day is a day of remembrance and honor, dedicated to our fellow citizens who have chosen to serve our country by joining the military. Yes, it also marks the “unofficial” start of summer and plenty of us will be spending the day at a BBQ, the beach or at a pool. And there’s nothing Read More

The optimisim bias or why everything happens to everyone else

positive thinking

Whatever happens, whether you succeed or you fail, people with high expectations always feel better, because how we feel — when we get dumped or we win employee of the month — depends on how we interpret that event.  – Tali Sharot Have you ever noticed that when it comes to the bad things in Read More

Sin Palabras – Your barrio

Love statue

Welcome to this week’s Sin Palabras! We’re highlighting the sights of your barrio. From Niurka Garcia. ———————————- From Brianna Dimas in San Antonio, Texas. ———————————- From Alfonso M. Rodriguez in the Bronx, New York. ———————————- From Katherine Vargas in Philadelphia, PA. Next week’s theme will be Your Hobbies. Submit your photos showing us how you Read More

Teach every child about food [video]

fruits and veggies

Yesterday, Cristopher Rubio continued the work in raising awareness about diabetes. While type I diabetes can’t be prevented, type II diabetes can be. And it starts at home and in our communities with the foods that we eat and are teaching our children to eat. Our society has long promoted the idea that quick and Read More