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About Robert Rios III

As a Singer-Songwriter, this NuYoRican Bronx Native has completed several independently released EP's, including "The Real R&B", "The Awakening", "The B-Side" and the upcoming "RR-Evolution", featuring the popular single and video shot in 2011 "Why?" - Performing steadily throughout the NYC Club circuit and well known within the Latino Arts Community. Trained as a Classical Vocalist care of the "Fame" school - LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts, he's well versed in the styles of Classical, Jazz, Contemporary, Latin and R&B/Soul music, acting, and digital media. He will be featured in Being Latino's upcoming stream of video content, and also in the film Sojourner's Lament.
Building up a vast network within the entertainment industry, he has hosted, performed in, and produced various forms of live shows involving music, poetry, dance, and comedy. His focus has always been on the creation and promotion of quality English Language Entertainment, for and by Latinos.
Since taking on the role of Events Director, Robert has coordinated various contributor brunches and networking events, having partnered with such high profile clientele as Heineken and Hennessy. He was also featured as a guest speaker for a panel on Latinos in Modern Media at the 2011 All Roads Film Festival, presented by National Geographic.
You can find out more about Robert's music and upcoming shows by logging on to"

Late Night Lucheria: Can a Latino entertain us without stereotypes or cheap humor?


Oh how the late night TV show tides have turned, from Jimmy Fallon’s ascension to The Tonight Show replacing Jay Leno and bringing the show back to its original home New York City – that of course creating the void for SNL’s Seth Meyers to fill. Which never would have happened if Conan O’Brian wasn’t Read More

Machete Kills… Bad guys & barriers


(Movie-Guy Voice) In a world where evil and injustice reign, only one man has the cojones to fight back and save el mundo… That man… Is… Machete!   (Normal Voice) Danny Trejo is back as our favorite folkloric one man fighting machina in Robert Rodriguez’ much anticipated sequel “Machete Kills“ and it’s about bloody time Read More

Injustice for Trayvon


It’s very difficult not to be angry right now,  so it’s difficult to find the right words to say about the “not guilty” verdict of George Zimmerman.  When I was asked to write this piece, I refused; I was too upset at the fact that someone could get away with murdering an unarmed 17 year Read More

200 reasons to see 200 Cartas


Kryptonians weren’t the only Super Heroes to hit theaters recently, and while Iro, the Taino folkloric hero/alter-ego of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s latest role, fights for justice and love, you won’t see Usnavi in tights. 200 Cartas is a hilarious bi-lingual romantic comedy, written and directed by Bruno Irizarry, about Raul, a NuYoRican graphic novel artist who meets the Read More

The Fate of DC Comics Movie Universe: In the hands of an immigrant named Kal


When I was a kid, there were only 3 things I wanted to be, a Magician, a Musician, and Superman. From the cartoons, comics, TV & movies, other than Batman, Supes & DC Comics shaped my childhood and overall sense of morality. So you can imagine that I take both movie franchises VERY seriously, and Read More

A license to dream and reach the stars: An interview with Astronaut José M. Hernandez

Picture 022

The power of a dream – it can change worlds – be it the world of the person who dreams it, or the entire world we live in. They don’t always come true, but for those who believe and work hard enough, they can, and do become reality. Wherever you come from, no matter your Read More

Vacations more than only a dream away…


The Wonderful World of Disney shaped countless lives as a staple in so many of our imaginations. Everyone has their own favorite movie, character, song, and if given the chance would revert to their own inner kid if let loose at any of their amazing theme-parks. For me, it’s Aladdin, Chip n Dale’s Rescue Rangers, Read More

A bit of the Unorthodox is what we needed: Bruno Mars review


In an age of autotune, “singing” rappers, and studio acts, as a vocalist and musician, I along with many others have long been waiting for a return to good ol’ fashioned music, and songwriting. I can surely appreciate some of the techno infused mainstream music, after all I AM an 80s baby that grew up on Read More

Facing the Music of 2012

As 2012 comes to a close and everyone reflects on the past year, there are many things to consider in the days building up to the ball dropping; what has and always will remain is the music that gets us through it all. Whether it be an oldie but a goodie, or one of the Read More

Latino Trailblazers: Maria Cardona


Our final Latino Trailblazer is Maria Cardona, a powerful strategist in political, government, public relations, campaign, community and coalition building arenas. Appearing as a public policy expert on CNN, MSNBC, Fox, Univision, Telemundo, and CNN en Español and other networks, with over two decades of experience. Presented in partnership with Mi Best Buy and Panasonic #MiCultura