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Cuba joins the US in the fight against Ebola

It is very unlikely to hear of Cuba joining forces with any country for a greater cause, considering the fact that the country is run by  communist party members. But according to Fidel Castro, former leader of the country, Cuba will do just that. The country is ready to join American troops in West Africa Read More

How to reverse the Latino dropout rate

    Over the years, there had been a high drop out rate among students. These students would normally drop out for different reasons, but it led to the U.S. falling behind other countries. When Elkhart Community Schools, a school district in Indiana, realized that a third of their students weren’t graduating on time and Read More

Will more Latinos identify as white?

President Obama has expressed concerns about the GOP and their opposition to immigration reform continuing, especially if they are thinking long term. With Latinos soon growing to become 29% of the population by 2050, Republican’s chances of winning the White House with the help of white voters will be slim to none. However, there is Read More

Dropout rates are declining

“The Hispanic dropout rate reached a record low of 14 percent in 2013, compared with 32 percent in 2000”, as indicated in an NBC Latino article. It is 2014 and times have changed, students realize the only way to success relies solely on themselves. Students of this generation seem more mature than previous generations. Today’s Read More

Schools banning skin-tight pants

Ok, you read that right…schools are banning skin tight pants. Not only because they are tight, but because they are distracting the male teachers and the boys. Seriously!? Since when was that the main reason to tell our girls not to wear something to school. Let me give you the lowdown across the nation, because Read More

Afro Latinos seek recognition

At a recent Afro-Latino Forum, it was announced that Afro-Latinos are working with the U.S. Census Bureau to allow for mixed race Latinos to identify themselves differently than simply Latino.  As white Latinos struggle to be accepted by Caucasians, Afro-Latinos also still struggle with acceptance by Latinos and African Americans. The 2010 Census Bureau reported Read More

Every girl’s dream?

Ever since I could remember, the word quinceañera always grabbed my attention. I would pass by stores where they sold all the stuff to make your quinceañera party and I would fall in love with it. I always wanted one. The whole idea make me happy. Sadly, my parents could not afford it. Like many Read More

Community building in Durham

Durham, North Carolina is a great representation of a community where the citizens work  with each other in order to build a thriving economy with the creation of local businesses. The great atmosphere in Durham, North Carolina wouldn’t be possible if the Latinos and Blacks in the community didn’t support each other in each other’s endeavors. Read More

Parental involvement in children’s schooling

“One of the biggest disconnects between school culture and Latino home culture is the idea of working cooperatively versus competitively.” – Barri Tinkler With a new school year well underway, one of the questions being asked is “where is the involvement from the Latino parents in their kid’s education?” While we usually think of American Read More

Problems for Latinos with NYPD

Several days ago it was announced that New York City Police Department’s highest ranking Latino will retire after 44 years of service. NYPD, First Deputy Police Commissioner Rafael Piñeiro will retire at the end of October. His retirement has Latinos questioning the reasoning behind his retirement and the state of diversity within NYPD. Some sources Read More