Being Latino on Google Plus

The Puerto Rican economy’s effect on the new generation


Many immigrants come to this country seeking a better life. The idea of new opportunities attracts people to this country or in Surey Miranda’s case, job opportunities. Miranda is a 24-year-old college graduate who left her family and home in Puerto Rico in search of a job. She graduated from the University of Puerto Rico Read More

Latinos cannot afford to retire

Sandy Huffaker, The WSJ

It’s a sad state of affairs that Latinos work hard all their lives only to see it end in their later years with nothing to show for it. Of all the workers in the United States, Latinos rate the worst in financial preparation. This is discouraging news considering they are the fastest growing group and Read More

Parking lot delivery rooms


What would you do if your mother or daughter were forced to give birth on lawns, patios or parking lots just because they were turned away from hospitals while in labor? Perhaps, you are wondering if such a chaotic scenario is even likely to happen in the 21st century. The agonizing truth is that in Read More

My New Fling

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By Michael Montenegro Ultra Music Festival ended three days ago, but we, at Hispanicize 2014, had our very own concert hosted by Gain. Punta (a music genre from Honduras) and and Merengue was being played. The sound was loud, hypnotic and unique in which one couldn’t help to dance to. It was a major relieve Read More

Kickiando Con Coke #Hispz14

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By Michael Montenegro The two things I enjoy a lot in my life: soccer and Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola exclusively revealed there U.S. Hispanic marketing strategy and other surprises they have for the World Cup at Hispanicize 2014. And I waited over 30 minutes to get in! Luckily (yet not surprised) I stood with a long line Read More

3M Sticks to Me #Hispz14


By Michael Montenegro As a newbie to the Hispanicize Event, I never envisioned having the opportunity to even attend this event let alone being able to work as such an integral part of a team executing a major activation with one of the most innovative companies in history, 3M. Well… this year that is happening! Read More

The legacy of César Chávez

When you enter “César Chávez” into a google search box, you get back a little over 92 million results. Despite growing up in the pre-computer era, I knew all about Chávez and the United Farm Workers (UFW) thanks to my activist, minister father. We practiced ‘meatless Wednesdays’, recycling (before it was common practice), and energy conservation. Read More

The political Pope enters his second year

Getty Images

The first 365 days of Argentine Pope Francis was quite a statement as far as cleaning house in the Roman Catholic Church. More politician than Pope, he became a celebrity while changing the perception of the church, which has taken a beating for the past few years. In year two, the feel good nature of Read More

Is it just semantics

This has always been an ongoing debate in our community. What is the correct term to use without offending anyone? Are these terms used for ethnicity or race? A Hispanic is defined as people from Spanish-speaking countries. This includes Spain, Spanish-speaking nations in North, Central and South America, and the Caribbean. A Latino comes from the term Latino Americano. This Read More

Search for Latinos on Google – You may be disappointed

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I decided to use Google to explore my curiosity. So the first thing that came to my mind was how the Latino community is viewed in the most popular web search tool. As cliché as it sounds, I decided to google the phrase “Latinos in America”. The result of the search led me to a Read More