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Latinos’ Ferguson support

With all the commotion surrounding the Ferguson, Missouri shooting, it is easy to stand up for the Brown family. Of course, many national Latino organizations are behind Brown’s family. Sadly, this is not the first time that there has been suspicious law enforcement brutality, and it probably will not be the last. Even worse, these instances Read More

Beauty queen stripped of crown

Paola Builes Aristizabal, 21, was in the running to become Miss Colombia after being named Miss Antioquia on August 10, but her chances where taken away in an instant after pictures of her in underwear surfaced. Pageant organizers decided that the pictures that surfaced were too racy for any of their contestants. After viewing the Read More

Parks are greatly appreciated

Parks and outdoor recreation areas are great escapes from life, for a bit. You can go on a mini getaway on your own or with people closest to you. The summer is coming to an end and throughout the summer many people went to their local parks to throw a barbecue or had a swim at Read More

Can Latinos save Catholic Schools?

Many of us remember attending Catholic school: uniforms, going to mass and learning about God along with other classes like math and history. Sadly many would not be able to go back to their school this year with the rapid closing of Catholic schools due to lack of enrollment and the rising cost of maintenance. New York Read More

Quiet on Ferguson

Beginning on Saturday August 9th, Ferguson, Missouri has been a hot topic in the past few weeks. That’s when Michael Brown, an unarmed African American was shot down by police; this would mark the beginning of police brutality against African Americans in the area. Through all of this, many may question Latinos’ role in the Ferguson situation, Read More

Bringing depression out into the open

  Latin Post’s Nicole Thompson reports that suicide is the 13th leading cause of death for Latinos in all age groups and the third leading cause of death for Latinos aged 15-34. Sobering facts when you consider that 53 million Latinos live in the United States comprising 17% of the overall population. What’s more, 2012 Read More

Most Wanted couple is captured

Janet and Ramon Barreto were caught last Tuesday by U.S. Marshals in Portland, Oregon. The couple had been placed on the 15 Most wanted list in 2013 after they went on the run after jumping their $450,00 bail that year. The two refused to give their names when they where first spotted, but were later identified by Read More

Carlos Slim’s Acceso Latino

Bill Gates has always been known as the richest man in the world. Well now he has some company. Carlos Slim has now tied Gates for the title and wants to follow in Gate’s footsteps by using his money to help others. On Tuesday, The Carlos Slim Foundation introduced Acceso Latino, a free website in Read More

Police are not above the law

Michael Brown’s death has caused extensive damage to the citizen-government relationship. It’s a difficult challenge to piece this case together with such a lack of concrete evidence. This isn’t the first case of an unarmed citizen being gunned down by police. It also won’t be the last. Is the government doing anything to keep an eye Read More

Latinos are the face of U.S. schools

According to the Census Bureau estimates, the U.S. population will see an increase of minorities over white for the first time in 2043. This change is due in part to higher birth rates among Latinos and a declining rate for the whites, Asian, and blacks. Because of this, schools are starting to see a bigger Read More