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Making a difference

Education has been instilled in most of us throughout our lives, from grade school to college, and beyond. Education is not possible without the support of our family and friends. Teachers tend to be overlooked and let’s be honest, they only matter to us when we are trying to pass a class. In our lifetime, we Read More

Latin Kings are killing our community

Street gangs have their roots deep in American culture. New York and Chicago hold some of the strongest history. These gangs were created with the main idea of fighting oppression against its members. We’re talking early 1900s here. Racism wasn’t just prevalent it was powerful. It was hard for immigrants to do anything other than Read More

Education: Latinos first priority

In the political sphere, it has become protocol to suggest immigration reform to win the Latino vote. Like clockwork, political hopefuls promise sweeping changes to better integrate the growing Latino population, but a new study from the Pew Research Center suggests that the way to Latinos hearts (and votes) is through education. The Pew Research Read More

The evolution of the working family

In recent years the picture of the traditional, working class, Latino family has changed. As weeks turn into months and months turn into years, the facts that once were, are being erased and a new portrayal is coming to life. Recently, the White House has been hosting summits on working families that focused on strengthening our nation’s Read More

Brazil’s Awá tribe faces extinction

Deep in the jungles of the Amazon rainforests in Brazil live a certain tribe of indigenous people. The Awá tribe. A small and nomadic group with a sad history. Survival International has recently named the Awá “Earth’s most endangered tribe”. Only an estimated 350 Awá are left. An unbelievable tragedy. How have these numbers gotten Read More

Rediscovering Latinos in the military

If you are reading this chances are you are Latino. Now stop what you are doing and think, how many of your Latino friends and relatives have been or are still part of the United States Military? Probably more than you know. Latinos have always been a factor in the United States Military, but for Read More

Confusion with Spanish phrases

Have you ever thought of a Spanish phrase that fits a situation perfectly, but you can’t use the direct translation to explain the meaning? There are so many Spanish phrases that are perfect for using throughout your day. Sadly, when someone who isn’t familiar with Spanish or the region’s Spanish wants to know what you Read More

Food stamps tienen importancia?

Immigrants are not alone facing the food stamp issue, residents of New York who were once immigrants a while back ago understand that at any moment food stamp benefits can be taken away. Another struggle holding people back from the benefits are “many are reluctant to take advantage of food stamps because of stigma, language Read More

Growing population, growing obstacles

As the Nevada community expands and the number of people inhabiting the state becomes larger, social and economic issues the Silver State faces are expected to increase as well. According to a study published in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Nevada’s Latino population represents the “fastest-growing segment of the population.” Latinos are projected to be the Read More

Justice for the women of Colombia

Colombia has a vibrant history. Unfortunately, violence smothers most of it. Most notably is the Colombian conflict starting in the 60s. A civil war that has led to the death of 220,000 people, and displaced 5 million others from their homes. One forgotten casualty of war are the women. This particular conflict has led to Read More