Being Latino on Google Plus

Park Slope, BK

The residents of Park Slope, Brooklyn can speak only great things about their growing neighborhood. Many have testified of how their lifestyle changed and how this is the place to live. Although there are many parts that are being refined, its history and variety still stands. Some residents say that it has a “Sesame Street” Read More

Did you go to the School of Hard Knocks?

What exactly does “school of hard knocks” mean? I’ve been told it means a way of life one was raised in that was not pleasant. Basically, a person had to deal with a lot of negative experiences growing up that molded that person into who they are today. I have noticed on facebook in that Read More

Life in the 90s

How old where you in the 90s? Wow, just thinking about it might freak you out or it might make you think of how life was back in the day. I was 4 years old in 1990, life seemed so much easier back them. Not worrying about pointless stuff like money and looks, and so Read More

There’s no room for discrimination on college campuses

“Diversity on college campuses has increased, but women and minorities still face prejudice and discrimination, a new study from the Harvard University Voices of Diversity project found…The study found that women and minorities are made to feel like they do not belong on the campus — for example, that they only got in thanks to Read More

Drivers’ licenses for the undocumented

On January 1, the state of California passed bill AB 60 which allows undocumented immigrants to have a California state driving license. On January 2nd people lined up at the California DMV offices with their proof of identity, California residency, and were prepared to pay the standard $33 fee for a new driver’s license. Approximately Read More

Education in Venezuela

Students in Caracas are being taught by means of pro-administration messages such as learning English by giving thanks to the late President Hugo Chavez. This and other methods of learning are some of the many conflicts in this country, run by Chavez’ Socialist party.  Parents burned their students’ textbooks in front of their schools, and have Read More

Fighting violence with fútbol

In Tegucigalpa, Honduras there is a soccer program that was created by Luis Lopez to help prevent young children from joining the cycle of violence in the gang stricken neighborhood of Progreso. Within 6 months, none of the children in the soccer program, “Goal for Life”, had migrated to the United States to join other Read More

Resentment towards NYPD

Gone are the days of glorifying the NYPD.  No more love for NYPD officers the way people looked up to them a decade ago.  Ever since a police officer killed Eric Garner with a chokehold and the officer was not indicted, people are protesting and angry.  Anger can be blinding and combined with mental health Read More

Social media vs real life

So many people get wrapped up in the whole social media world that they sometimes lose sight of who they are. Don’t believe me? Trust me it’s very much true. Go to any shopping center and look around how many people are on their cells? How many are texting? Talking on the phone? Taking selfies? Every Read More

Abuse in the Name of Love

Intimate partner violence (IPV) is dangerous, serious, and recognized as a national health problem by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). When a  spouse or partner is physically, emotionally, and/or sexually violent it is IPV and against the law. This does apply for heterosexual and same sex couples, and does not require sexual Read More