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Economic factors hindering Latinos

Latino Decisions and the National Council of La Raza, “The country’s largest Hispanic civil rights and advocacy organization released poll results…found 70 percent of respondents were concerned they were not earning enough money to cover basic expenses, and half said they had trouble paying their bills in the past year”. Most people can relate to Read More

Inside Oregon Prisons

  The Oregonian has been given unprecedented access to its state’s prisons, fourteen total, housing 13,362 men and 1,270 women, dwarfing some city populations. This was done in an effort to provide taxpayers with a look at the men and women who guard these prisons, and the inmates that reside in them. Oregon’s prisons are Read More

Grass Roots: An environmental movement

Over the past few years the fight for clean energy has continued to be a priority in society’s mind. This year is no different, the fight for clean energy is enhanced by involving Latinos in the cause. The League of Conservation Voters (LCV) launched a campaign Wednesday to encourage Latinos in the Southwest to push for Read More

Police force under fire

Since the death of Eric Garner in Staten Island last week, critics of the NYPD are up in arms and calling for an end to proactive policing. Garner was arrested for illegally selling untaxed cigarettes and died while in police custody. The arresting officer used excessive force to bring down the 350 lb man who Read More

Immigrant group is denied grant over belief differences

VOZ Workers’ Rights Education Project, is an immigrant rights group based in Portland whose purpose is to push day laborers to gain control over working conditions to ensure their safety and fairness. They were recently denied a $75,000 grant from a Catholic organization due to their affiliation with the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) , an Read More

Indigenous languages barriers for non Spanish speaking Latinos

Indigenous languages spoken by some immigrants in the United States are in danger of becoming extinct. However, for the million or so people that still speak these languages, there are still extra barriers to an already difficult transition to a foreign land. Take for example, a young woman recently featured in the NY Times, Laura Read More

Bigotry and children

The debate raging over the unaccompanied children crossing the American border is strong. If left unchecked, it will build a fence not only between America and Mexico, this debate can leave the Latino community divided in America. This can also turn us against our government. These are both paths we don’t want to follow. Recently, Governor Read More

Sweet, but still sour

To many people’s surprise, strawberries are what empower California’s immigrant population. “Strawberry farming supports an environment for small farmers to run thriving businesses.” Unlike farming other fruits, strawberries are harvested all year around which is beneficial towards immigrant farmers who need to support their families all year. “Strawberries have given Latinos more ownership opportunities than Read More

Eva Longoria Speaks OUT

She’s humble, yet powerful. Her name is Eva Longoria. She identifies herself as a “Texican” or Mexican-American in Texas. Most recently, the actress was honored for her great work as an activist at the National Council of La Raza’s Award Gala, at the Los Angeles Convention Center on July 22nd. Longoria was given the Raul Read More

Latino families can be too honest

If you could pick your family rather than your friends, would you? Be honest! Some people value the choice of friendship, yet treasure the importance of having a family. Whether your family is one or twenty people, you probably know that there is someone who will never let you down. In Latino families, it is Read More