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Early childhood education for all

We’ve all heard and known about the benefits of early childhood education programs. It has been said that a child’s exposure to language and education early on would benefit them in the future. Unfortunately, many families, in particular, Latino families have not been able to have their children attend these schools for multiple reasons and Read More

Myths about Immigration

The topic of immigration is back in mainstream media once again due to a Texas judge’s decision last Monday to put a temporary block on the Executive order set by the Obama administration last year. Mainstream media always seems to know how to rile up viewers by broadcasting or posting certain information on TV and Read More

Venezuelan teen killed by police

Since the news broke a few days ago about the fourteen year old student from Venezuela that was shot to death by Police, there have been very graphic videos as well as pictures circulating on social media of the gun shot wound to the head as the young boy helplessly rests his body in a Read More

Latinos in California Universities

In the state of California, there is a growing number of universities who wish to be on an official list of Hispanic Serving Institutions or HSIs. The reason for this is because the more students who enroll equals more funding towards education, universities, students, and the state. It is ultimately a cycle and system of Read More

How are you spending your Lent season

Jessenia Martinez

“Ash Wednesday is on Feb. 18 this year and kicks off the first of 40 days of Lent…Every Sunday commemorates the Sunday of Christ’s resurrection and is a feast day. Lent is dedicated to prayer, penance, spiritual discipline and fasting in preparation for Easter…”, Latin Post. Lent is a time that many people regard highly. Read More

Dominican archeologists make historic find

A team of Dominican archeologists from the Catholic University of Santo Domingo, led by Kathleen Martínez, have been working on the Taposiris Magna site for six years. In the ancient city of Alexandria, they have uncovered tombs from important officials, statue of the goddess Isis and bronze coins from the reign of Cleopatra. Recently, they have Read More

Peruvian ice caps contain evidence of conquistadors’ greed for silver

The Spanish conquistadors forced native people to enter mines and retrieve riches for them. The conditions were dangerous and claimed many lives. As if making the whole Incan empire vanish wasn’t enough, scientists recently discovered evidence deep in an ice cap in the Andes that can prove  the atrocious events that occurred. According to Huffington Read More

Racist Powerball rants


The recent Powerball drawing has many social media users upset because one of the three big winners just so happens to be from Puerto Rico. After the world gained knowledge of the winners from last Wednesday’s drawing, a number of racial rants exploded on Twitter and other social media outlets alike. The racism that was exposed Read More

Aaron Hernandez: Trial and Tribulations

It is funny how life works. One minute you have everything and the next, you can be facing a murder trial. That is exactly what happened to 25-year-old Aaron Michael Hernandez. A jury sits patiently for the murder trial of the former New England Patriots player as he fights for his freedom. Hernandez is being Read More