Being Latino on Google Plus

Latinos in California Universities

In the state of California, there is a growing number of universities who wish to be on an official list of Hispanic Serving Institutions or HSIs. The reason for this is because the more students who enroll equals more funding towards education, universities, students, and the state. It is ultimately a cycle and system of Read More

There’s no room for discrimination on college campuses

“Diversity on college campuses has increased, but women and minorities still face prejudice and discrimination, a new study from the Harvard University Voices of Diversity project found…The study found that women and minorities are made to feel like they do not belong on the campus — for example, that they only got in thanks to Read More

Education in Venezuela

Students in Caracas are being taught by means of pro-administration messages such as learning English by giving thanks to the late President Hugo Chavez. This and other methods of learning are some of the many conflicts in this country, run by Chavez’ Socialist party.  Parents burned their students’ textbooks in front of their schools, and have Read More

Tools for a successful college career

  College readiness programs are an ideal tool to help high school students transition into college. Getting an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree  is a great achievement. The only way to reach this goal is to think positively and have the support of family and friends. Most importantly, a college readiness program includes having Read More

How to reverse the Latino dropout rate

    Over the years, there had been a high drop out rate among students. These students would normally drop out for different reasons, but it led to the U.S. falling behind other countries. When Elkhart Community Schools, a school district in Indiana, realized that a third of their students weren’t graduating on time and Read More

Dropout rates are declining

“The Hispanic dropout rate reached a record low of 14 percent in 2013, compared with 32 percent in 2000”, as indicated in an NBC Latino article. It is 2014 and times have changed, students realize the only way to success relies solely on themselves. Students of this generation seem more mature than previous generations. Today’s Read More

Schools banning skin-tight pants

Ok, you read that right…schools are banning skin tight pants. Not only because they are tight, but because they are distracting the male teachers and the boys. Seriously!? Since when was that the main reason to tell our girls not to wear something to school. Let me give you the lowdown across the nation, because Read More

Parental involvement in children’s schooling

“One of the biggest disconnects between school culture and Latino home culture is the idea of working cooperatively versus competitively.” – Barri Tinkler With a new school year well underway, one of the questions being asked is “where is the involvement from the Latino parents in their kid’s education?” While we usually think of American Read More

Toyota Hosts Teen Driver Safety Clinics


Did you know that 20% of teens get their licenses without even completing a driver’s education course? A disconcerting stat considering that teens have higher death rates than any other age range, and crash risks for teens increase incrementally with each mile per hour over the speed limit. You may think that it’s a good Read More

Can Latinos save Catholic Schools?

Many of us remember attending Catholic school: uniforms, going to mass and learning about God along with other classes like math and history. Sadly many would not be able to go back to their school this year with the rapid closing of Catholic schools due to lack of enrollment and the rising cost of maintenance. New York Read More