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My New Fling

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By Michael Montenegro Ultra Music Festival ended three days ago, but we, at Hispanicize 2014, had our very own concert hosted by Gain. Punta (a music genre from Honduras) and and Merengue was being played. The sound was loud, hypnotic and unique in which one couldn’t help to dance to. It was a major relieve Read More

Kickiando Con Coke #Hispz14

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By Michael Montenegro The two things I enjoy a lot in my life: soccer and Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola exclusively revealed there U.S. Hispanic marketing strategy and other surprises they have for the World Cup at Hispanicize 2014. And I waited over 30 minutes to get in! Luckily (yet not surprised) I stood with a long line Read More

3M Sticks to Me #Hispz14


By Michael Montenegro As a newbie to the Hispanicize Event, I never envisioned having the opportunity to even attend this event let alone being able to work as such an integral part of a team executing a major activation with one of the most innovative companies in history, 3M. Well… this year that is happening! Read More

The legacy of César Chávez

When you enter “César Chávez” into a google search box, you get back a little over 92 million results. Despite growing up in the pre-computer era, I knew all about Chávez and the United Farm Workers (UFW) thanks to my activist, minister father. We practiced ‘meatless Wednesdays’, recycling (before it was common practice), and energy conservation. Read More

Top 12 Being Latino Posts of 2013


Here are the TOP 12 posts from Being Latino, broken down month-by-month, through the duration of 2013. Enjoy! January February March April May June July August September October November December

Los MacArturos: Latina physicist wins “Genius” awards

The MacArthur Foundation provides grants to creative visionaries and institutions that enrich the world we share. The foundation promotes ideas, knowledge, creativity, and an independent and strong civil society and are “committed to building a more just, verdant, and peaceful world”. Established in 1981, the foundation has awarded over 837 grants to those that have Read More

David Damian Figueroa on risk takers: His journey out of the fields

The Insight tr3s article indicated Hispanic Millennials are risk averse.  The study cites examples such as living with their parents longer, more research before making purchases, and delaying marriage. Is this risk averse or just smart? Risks in my mind includes firsts; first in your family to attend university, first actress, pursuing a passion, or Read More

Corporate Latino Spotlight: Oscar Madrid


Living in Los Angeles as a Latina interested in arts and entertainment, opportunities to connect with communication, film and media executives who understand the multifaceted Latino consumer are few and far between. I know I’m preaching to the choir but with over 50 million of us in the U.S., our power in the marketplace should Read More

Mother, wife, and fashion stylist: Irma Martinez is a successful Latina role model

Irma Martinez Head Shot

There is no doubt that Latinas have proven over time that we are capable of accomplishing everything that we set our minds to do and much more. We have an unstoppable force that drives us to continue working hard with total disregard for the possible road bumps. A perfect example to this tenacity is Irma Read More

One-on-one with Afro-Rican Jazz creator William Cepeda

William Cepeda

Since 1992, William Cepeda has been bringing Afro-Rican Jazz to the world. The music he shares with us is a combination of world music, progressive jazz, and traditional Afro-Puerto Rican roots and folk music and dance. A Grammy-nominated artist and composer, and the protégé of John Birks “Dizzy” Gillespsie, William continuously advocates for research and documentation Read More