Being Latino on Google Plus

Prison Art

For those who in believe in the power of self-expression, the belief is that it comes in many forms. In the state of California there has been a new Arts-in-Corrections pilot underway, which is as diverse as the inmates it serves. Last February, the California Arts Council received a great surprise from one of its Read More

Latina seeks thug on Craigslist


Craigslist is an easy way to find a variety of things for a fraction of the cost. What if one of those things included a man? Also, this man would become your baby daddy. Craigslist advertisements range the entire spectrum, including “Latina lookin for thug to make a baby with.” Marilyn Rondón, an artist, had an Read More

Public art has a voice

Art installations are becoming more accepted in public spaces and welcomed by people that pass by and appreciate something that might be completely new and different. Public art installations have more freedom compared to museums. People are free to take pictures and discuss the possible meaning behind the art without worrying about someone saying “please Read More

Frida Kahlo: More than pretty paintings


International Women’s Day 2014 was celebrated this past March 8th and in honor of the event famous women have been honored all over the media. When speaking of famous and strong women Frida Kahlo cannot be forgotten. She is, without a doubt, one of the strongest women Mexico has given birth to. Born July 6, Read More

Steel Canvases

Nicer, John "Crash" Matos, and Bio Feliciano

“If it wasn’t for someone like Henry or Marty what’s happening globally would not have happened”, said legendary graffiti artist John “Crash” Matos at the Q & A session for Steel Canvases held recently at the Bronx Documentary Center.  The event was an intimate look into the “aggressive form of performance art” photographed by the Read More

Seis Del Sur: Six Nuyorican photographers capture the Bronx

Edwin Pagan

“Tia Tati’s Bronx is the Bronx I’ll always remember”, Angel Franco said in a recent interview.  “She worked long hours in a Southern Boulevard sweatshop, making 10 cents a zipper, listening to radio novellas, taking 10 minute café breaks and back to the Singer sewing machine. Swoosh! ‘Nena, mira que hay!’ Chisme. No air conditioners, Read More

#ArtForLife Event Recap


When Cadillac contacted me to ask if I would like to attend the 2012 Art for Life event this past weekend, I had no clue what it was all about.  All I knew was that they wanted to take me as a guest, it was in the Hamptons, I would be riding in a 2013 Read More

Diego Rivera is poised to set new auction record

Niña azul y blanco

  Mexican artist Diego Rivera’s 1939 oil painting “Girl in Blue and White” is headed to Sotheby’s Latin American art auction in New York and could break the auction record. The painting, “Niña en azul y blanco,” is a portrait of 10-year-old Juanita Rosas and is from a period in which Rivera captured the innocence Read More

Children’s drawings brought to life

by illustrator Dave DeVries

- via Elezea What would a child’s drawing look like if it were painted realistically? This is the question that illustrator Dave DeVries asked himself for his most recent project. A project aptly named The Monster Engine. To see these simple crayon drawings come to life is quite scary, but certainly an interesting concept to give Read More

Las Fotos Project


Photography, one of the most commonly applied visual arts, has been used as a vehicle to deepen insight and develop communication during therapy and rehabilitation for over a century. Techniques involving the articulation of emotions and analysis of one’s photographs and self-portraits are often referred to as ‘Phototherapy.’ It is this type of self-expressive process Read More