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Being Latino on Google Plus

Barbie: The plastic religion

AP/Marcelo Manera

Have Argentinian artists gone too far with an art exhibit dedicated to religious figures? Emiliano Paolini and Marianela Perelli are two artists from Argentina who have an exhibit called “Barbie:The Plastic Religion”. It is a controversial exhibit which depicts Barbie fashion dolls as religious figures such as the Virgin Mary and Ken as a crucified Read More

Hispanic Heritage Month art dispute


If you wanted a reason to celebrate your heritage this month, continue reading this article. Holyoke, Massachusetts and the Harp Team have wisely chosen a battle that many Latino Americans face every day, “Where do I fit in, in Latino America?” The city of Holyoke is a diverse city in Hampden County. Being that Holyoke Read More

Lily Garafulic: Centenary celebration

Lily Garafulic was a well-known artist, sculptress, scholar, and feminist who spent a large part of her life creating works of art that include: “the 16 prophet statues that loom atop Lourdes Basilica in Santiago” like Celia Wren wrote and many pieces in marble, terra cotta, bronze and wood. Although she passed away in 2012, Read More

The magical world of Isaac Cordal

Isaac Cordal takes the art of miniaturization  and shows us how our imagination can be so colorful and unique. Cordal creates one of a kind skeletal figurines and places them in all kinds of positions all over the world. He first started leaving his art pieces in the city of Chiapas, Mexico back in 2013, Read More

Music lessons help our kids succeed

A study conducted by Northwestern University has shown the positive impact that music lessons has had on at-risk, low income children’s nervous systems. The study found that music lessons could help develop their language and reading skills. The research was conducted over three years with children aged six to nine who were receiving music lessons Read More

Changing face of US is boon for art scene

In an interview with Los Angeles Times’ blogger and art critic, Carolina Miranda, Public Radio International (PRI), notes that art museums across the U.S. are finally taking Latin American and Latino art seriously. Other than the obvious talent that pervades the Latino arts community, PRI contends this is partly due to more Hispanics holding greater Read More

Hope in the middle of darkness

In a place known as “Cracolândia” (crackland), one of the roughest neighborhoods in downtown São Paulo, there is a still a ray of hope cutting through all the darkness. Growing up in the midst of drug dealers, addicts, and recovering addicts, a group of more than 20 young girls are getting the chance to escape Read More

Prison Art

For those who in believe in the power of self-expression, the belief is that it comes in many forms. In the state of California there has been a new Arts-in-Corrections pilot underway, which is as diverse as the inmates it serves. Last February, the California Arts Council received a great surprise from one of its Read More

Latina seeks thug on Craigslist


Craigslist is an easy way to find a variety of things for a fraction of the cost. What if one of those things included a man? Also, this man would become your baby daddy. Craigslist advertisements range the entire spectrum, including “Latina lookin for thug to make a baby with.” Marilyn Rondón, an artist, had an Read More

Public art has a voice

Art installations are becoming more accepted in public spaces and welcomed by people that pass by and appreciate something that might be completely new and different. Public art installations have more freedom compared to museums. People are free to take pictures and discuss the possible meaning behind the art without worrying about someone saying “please Read More