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Latinos and higher education: An uneasy alliance

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Common sense tells us that pursuing a college degree is probably the best way to achieve success in life. Apparently, Latinos have stubbornly ignored this rule of thumb. A report released by Excelencia in Education places the spotlight on the educational gap between Latinos and the rest of the population of the United States. The Read More

The debate over bilingual education

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“Good morning, how are you guys doing today?” Many students hear this as they walk into their classrooms every day. This simple question is probably the easiest question that will be asked during the school day, and although it seems fairly simple to answer, to some students it is challenging to simply understand. Every day Read More

Is My Brother’s Keeper the answer to disparity in education

According to the Huffington Post, researchers found that black students are 1.78 times as likely to be suspended from school as white students. Latino students were found to be 2.23 times greater than white students. Students with disabilities rates are double those of the non-disabled student population. The thought of students, that are biologically different Read More

Small Business Connected (Via SomosFiOS) #BeLatino #Spon


Plainly put,being a small business owner in this day and age is difficult. “If it were an easy thing, then everyone would be doing it,” is something that I’ve told myself over the past five years of my entrepreneurial run. One of the biggest things that I’ve realized asa small business owner is that time Read More

WANTED: Super Interns


An internship that really offers REAL LIFE experience and a plethora of contacts comes a dime a dozen these days. Having been an intern myself, I understand the struggles in finding a legitimate internship that really catered to my interest and allowed me the opportunity to go above and beyond filing papers for my bosses Read More

Peruvian Brain Surgery Over 1,000 Years Ago (Pictures & Video)


Often times, we tend to think of ourselves as so technologically advanced, especially when it comes to medical care. That, we are now finding out may not be the case. Through recent excavations in Peru, scientists are now finding out that Peruvians have been executing brain surgeries spanning back to at least 1,000 years ago. Read More

Freedom of Speech: Except in Hempstead Texas

Growing up, I used to sit with my Nana at her kitchen table and she would tell me stories about what my hometown was like when she was raising my father and aunt. They weren’t allowed to speak Spanish in their schools. The powers-that-be felt that it was best for all students and faculty to Read More

California Latino students: Unfulfilled educational potential


What is most glaring, after reading the recently released study by the Campaign for College Opportunity regarding the attendance of Latino students at the various levels of the state’s post-secondary educational system(i.e. California Community Colleges{CCC}, the California State University{CSU} schools and the University of California{UC} schools) and their graduation rates, is what is not emphasized Read More

Should non-native English speakers be taught separately?

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Los Angeles is now finding itself at the center of a controversy: the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD)  has introduced a policy to separate non-native English speakers from native English speakers in elementary school classrooms.  According to a recent article, the LAUSD is saying that when the students are mixed together, the native English Read More

Non-Latinos hablan Español; Latinos . . . not so much

As the child of Cuban exiles, I am ashamed to admit that my own daughter’s Spanish-language skills are . . . ¿como se dice? . . . not good.  I’ve spoken to her in Spanish her entire life (okay, more like Spanglish), so she understands the language well, but speaking it is a different story.  Read More