Being Latino on Google Plus

Stop pandering to Latinos

Raúl De Molina of Univision’s El Gordo y la Flaca says Latinos are going to Spanish TV networks because major American TV media underrepresent Latinos in front of the camera. In a recent HuffPost Latino Voices article by Rahel Gebreyes, she highlights excerpts from an interview De Molina participated in on HuffPost Live where he Read More

Settlement being sought in Jenni Rivera crash lawsuit

Families of those killed in the plane crash with Jenni Rivera are attempting to settle lawsuit. This lawsuit is a tragedy within itself. After that horrible plane crash, close to two years ago, that killed La Diva de la Banda and her hairstylist, makeup artist and her publicist, resulted in the families of those involved Read More

Latino talent in Hollywood

Latinos in Hollywood are hard to come by. Of course, studies back up that idea because Hispanics had less than 5% of speaking roles in major films. This is something famed actor, now director, Demian Bichir knows all too well. Bichir knows how important Latino talent is to the industry. He also believes that more Read More

Kennedy Center under fire

The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts is yet again facing criticism from Latino activists after nominating a list of talented individual which failed to include Latinos. Every year the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C honors actors,singers,dancers and other performers with awards handed out by the President of the United States. The Awards have been around Read More

Soccer dream comes true

With the FIFA World Cup happening just this summer, soccer is currently on every kid’s mind. They imagine playing for thousands of fans in huge stadiums. For most kids, this does not end up happening, but thanks to Chevrolet’s “What Do You #PlayFor” campaign, Jasmine Padilla, 11, was able to experience what actual players feel Read More

Today’s Latino Directors and Producers

It it not often that we pay attention to the credits that follow a great movie or television show but you might want to start, as more Latinos are bringing their talents to light. Latinos like Alfonso Gomez-Rejon, from Laredo, Texas and was brought up in a household where Spanish was the primary language and where Read More

Robert Rodriguez’ inspiring speech

When you think of Latinos in Hollywood, they can be hard to recall. That would make sense since Latinos had less than 5% of speaking roles in major films. This is a familiar scene for famed director, Robert Rodriguez. Rodriguez is most known for “Machete”, “Machete Kills”, and “Sin City: A Dame to Kill For”. Read More

If Only Getting Fast Internet Was Fast… Oh Wait, It Is!


Technology. It’s supposed to make our lives easier, but sometimes it does the complete opposite. As an entrepreneur, running several media companies, I cannot afford to waste time and am always looking for ways to make my life, and business processes faster. And as an internet-based entrepreneur, I need reliable fast internet to assure that Read More

Latinas and sexism

At the 2014 Emmy Awards, Sofia Vergara stirred up quite the controversy when she stood on a rotating platform showing off her curvy body while the Chairman of Televisions Arts & Sciences spoke about the diversity of storytelling on television. While Sofia is on a major television show in Hollywood, many would say that Hollywood Read More

Sofia Vergara’s still got it

If you tuned into the Emmy award show this year, you would have seen Sofia Vergara embracing the stage on a rotating base flaunting her beauty and curves while the CEO and chairman of the Academy gave a speech. It garnered a lot of attention on social media especially on Twitter. “The move was slammed Read More