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The Estefans spawn another singer

Latino singer, songwriters, and producers, Gloria Estefan and Emilio Estefan, have announced that their daughter Emily will be making a musical career for herself. Emily Estefan is a talented singer and also plays the guitar. She is fully aware that “the reality is they’re amazing golden footsteps to follow in.” She appeared with her mom Read More

El Rey Diversity Council to emphasize Latinos in Hollywood

Last Thursday, chairman and Founder of El Rey Network, Robert Rodriguez announced the creation of the El Rey Diversity Council, an advisory group put together by leading national Latino advocacy groups who have supported El Rey since its launch in 2011. The Council’s anticipations is to change the entertainment industry by helping it advance, become Read More

Black-Latinos not a myth in baseball?

When the color barrier was broken by Jackie Robinson in 1947, it ensured that all individuals would have the opportunity to participate in the game of baseball. The significance of racial integration played a role in not only African American inclusion, but also black Latinos. During early integration a significant majority of Latino stars were Afro-Latinos. Today, we Read More

Juan Gabriel gets his own show

Juan Gabriel is known as a person full of charisma that captures  people through his gentle, kind, and exciting nature. On stage, he has a welcoming presence and enjoys his fans joining him in singing his tunes. Listening to Juan Gabriel will take your mood to a better place with his upbeat songs. His fashion Read More

(WATCH) JLO, Pitbull & Prince Royce “Back It Up” In Front Of America


Whether you like the combination or not, you must admit that it’s pretty cool seeing three Latinos on national television doing their thing. After watching this clip, I kinda wanna “back it up”!

Luis Silva delivering more than goals

“I have a big thing about giving back every time. I always said, if I ever make it, even if it’s not in a big way, I am always going to do something any way I can.”  – Luis Silva Growing up in the inner city, Silva knows exactly what it is to struggle to Read More

A farewell to ‘Cristela’

The Latino TV comedy ‘Cristela’ is announced cancelled after its first season. According to the ABC network, “despite it’s promising debut, audience ratings failed to live up to the companies expectations”. The series follows the life of Cristela Hernandez, a Mexican-American law school graduate living in Dallas, Texas. Cristela must balance between her chance to Read More

Pitbull: A mother’s lessons come to fruition

On location in Miami, while talking with Maria Celeste Arrarás for the TODAY show, “Mr. Worldwide” shared one of his biggest passions. One that surprisingly has very little to do with music, but not unsurprisingly has been incredibly successful. He also opened up about his mother and her role in his life. His passion? Nine Read More

Jennifer Lopez y Los Dinos pay tribute to Selena

The anticipated night began, the Latin Billboards 2015 and the most memorable performance left many with tears of joy. Jennifer Lopez reenacted the role that brought her to stardom and paid tribute to the one and only Selena Quintanilla, accompanied by the original Los Dinos; A.B. Quintanilla, Suzette Quintanilla, and Chris Perez. You can hear Read More

Pacquiao facing disciplinary action and lawsuit

It was supposed to be the “Fight Of The Century,” the most anticipated sports event in recent history, the fight that would determine once and for all who is the greatest fighter of this generational. Almost six years in the making, the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight turned out to be a dud. Mayweather “fought” exactly as he’s Read More