Being Latino on Google Plus

Contributing to Latino stereotypes

Sofía Vergara made the cover of Women’s Health magazine May edition. In her interview with the magazine she revealed some secrets regarding her image and Latinas as a whole. Sofía declared that although many people admire her figure, she believes her breasts take all the attention away from the rest of her body. Vergara also Read More

Playing “The Other Woman” and what it means for Latinas as a whole

What do Cameron Diaz, Alexa Vega, and Eva Mendes have in common? Well, they have all been the other woman. No, not in terms of infidelity, but these Latinas, along with a few others, have played the roles of mistresses in some popular Hollywood films. Cameron Diaz stars as Carly Whitten, protagonist of the upcoming Read More

All Hail the Sun – Coachella

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By Michael Montenegro The first day of Coachella: it’s hot! People come from around the world. The beautiful women are diverse in style and cultures. The Bro uniform: be hairless, have a six pack and wear wayfarers. Luckily I didn’t want to be main-streamed, so I boasted my manly hairy chest, proudly . Camp at Read More

Late Night Lucheria: Can a Latino entertain us without stereotypes or cheap humor?


Oh how the late night TV show tides have turned, from Jimmy Fallon’s ascension to The Tonight Show replacing Jay Leno and bringing the show back to its original home New York City – that of course creating the void for SNL’s Seth Meyers to fill. Which never would have happened if Conan O’Brian wasn’t Read More

Cristian Castro does it again

A few months ago Mexican singer, Cristian Castro made headlines due to a controversial photo he uploaded on his Twitter account. The image showed Castro getting a massage with only a small cloth covering his body. Cristian seemed carefree with the comments made and declared he did to amuse his fans. Finally, after several weeks Read More

Latinos in American Media

Image by: BecauseIAmFabulous

The past few years have come with much success for Latinos in the media, particularly in films and television. In August 2013, Instructions Not Included, a film produced by Mexican director and actor Eugenio Derbez, became the highest-grossing non-English language film in the United States, accumulating a total of $38.6 million. At the beginning of Read More

George Lamond is back with Salsa del Barrio

Cover art credit: George Lamond

Known for his freestyle hits from the 90s, such as “Bad of the Heart”, and “Look into my Eyes”, George Lamond is now coming back strong with his soon to be released salsa single, “Tengo Celos”. After spending some time out of the spotlight, George says he is ready and excited to give the public Read More

Challenging Latina stereotypes


Latinas are often portrayed as sex symbols or damsels in distress. These roles make Latinas look weak, unintelligent, submissive, and dependent. However, male roles have evolved from the stereotypical Latin lover. Actors such as Antonio Banderas and Andy Garcia have helped change this image. Rosie Perez was one of the first Latinas to challenge this Read More

Top 5inco


Spring has sprung, well it’s trying to, although quite slowly. As the buds grow on the trees, the crocuses push their colorful heads out of the soil, and we contemplate putting our coats back in storage, thoughts turn to the latest rhythms that will be played at the upcoming BBQs and outdoor parties. With that Read More

Bringing rhythm to the World Cup with Pitbull, JLo, Ricky, and more….

2011 American Music Awards - Show

Latino artists Pitbull, Jennifer Lopez, and Ricky Martin will take the world stage along with soccer superstars during the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, as they are set to release new hits to be included in the official album of the big soccer event. Pitbull and J-Lo are set to perform with Brazilian popstar Read More