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The Rhythm Is Going To Take Broadway

“Come on, shake your body baby, do the conga, I know you can’t control yourself any longer” – Miami Sound Machine Conga, one of the songs that helped put Gloria Estefan on the music map will now have its day under the stage lights. Gloria and Emilio Estefan, the Cuban-born power couple is looking for Read More

Anticipation building for “Book of Life”


Two more months until “The Book of Life” hits theaters on October 17th. Are you as excited about this animated film as I am? From the minute I saw the preview, I started a countdown. Oohing and aahing, my eyes bright and excited, the colors, the lighting in the movie, the cartoon architecture, the stars, Read More

Ariana Grande’s Break Your Heart Right Back

Ariana Grande has excelled in her career since her debut in 2008. The Florida native is half Sicilian and half Abruzzese. As of 2014, Ariana has earned a total of 19 awards from 47 nominations.  On August 25th, Ariana Grande will be releasing her second album filled with secret mementos in her personal diary. The singer Read More

More Latinos on the big screen, Por Favor

Is there a movie that you are planning to see this weekend? That movie might include your man crush or favorite lady. There needs to be an increase in leading roles for Latinos, we simply haven’t seen enough. We’re used to the stereotypical characters we’ve been exposed to from a young age. Therefore, if something Read More

Zoe Saldana: Latina in Hollywood

Zoe Saldana is currently starring in the film Guardians of the Galaxy. It is a sci-fi film where she plays Gamora, who is selected to help Peter Quill in saving the universe. Saldana tells MTV that she is excited about this film because, it’s “a new way to view superheroes”. Not only will the film show a different Read More

Latinos losing their edge in WWE

As of the time of this writing, Alberto Del Rio (better known in Mexican lucha libre as Dos Caras, Jr.) has been officially terminated of his contract with WWE. The “Mexican Aristocrat” achieved a moderate level of success during his short WWE tenure: four world heavyweight championships, a Royal Rumble victory and even a 2011’s Read More

Latinas in Hollywood

Off the top of your head, can you name Latinas who hold leading roles in movies? Once you think of one, think back to their roles. Do their roles require them to be partially or fully naked? According to a recent study, it wouldn’t be surprising if the Latina you thought of had a role Read More

There will only be one Don Francisco


Don Francisco  is a name most of us have heard in our households for many years. Most people can remember sitting in the living room with their parents or grandparents just to watch Sabado Gigante.The show has become an integral part in the lives of many Latinos, and the show along with the host Don Francisco Read More

Latino identity seen through our music Part 2

As summer begins to wind down and we look back at all the family gatherings, asados at the lake or heading out to the beach for some fun in the sun, one of the things that help mark these outings is the soundtrack for the day. As we talked about a few weeks ago, music Read More

Zoe bares all

Zoe Saldana has been on the cover of many magazines. In Style, Allure, Cosmopolitan, and Glamour are a few of the magazines that Zoe has graced. With her new movie “Guardians of the Galaxy” hitting theatres this weekend, you may have expected to see her next magazine cover as the deadly green assassin Gamora. Instead, Read More