Being Latino on Google Plus

Sean Penn’s racist joke

Racist remarks are definitely something that shouldn’t be taken lightly, especially if it’s witnessed by millions of people during the Oscars. Sean Penn has recently been under fire since his racist joke towards Alejandro González Iñárritu, who was being presented a award by Penn for Best-Picture for the movie “Birdman.” “Who gave this SOB a Read More

Miles Morales’ Spidey senses are tingling

Since the announcement was made by Sony and Marvel about Spider-Man and The Avengers joining forces once again, comic book  fans have taken to social media in a frenzy like manner. The fans took to Twitter within minutes of the announcement and made the hashtag #MilesMorales very popular. Who is Miles Morales? He’s the half-black, Read More

Gabriella Moses: Las Mañanitas

“Once upon a time in 1960s New York, there lived Ana Isabel, a young girl on the cusp of womanhood, tempted to lose her virginity the night of her Quinceañera, that is, until an unexpected visit from the Virgin Mary in a frying pan makes her think twice.” Deeply rooted in our Latin culture of Read More

The Boy Next Door brings home the bacon

Who wants to talk about The Boy Next Door? With a production budget of $4 million and 25 days to produce, no wonder it blew box offices away when it made $15 million on the same opening weekend as American Sniper. And who doesn’t want to talk about JLo, no matter what she’s doing… Compare Read More

Michelle Rodriguez gets real

“I’m a lone wolf.  I run by myself on most things.  I’ve got lost of really great friends, but the thought of being in a long-lasting relationship? Psh, I couldn’t last more than six months with somebody.”  – Michelle Rodriguez In a recent conversation with Interview Magazine, Michelle admitted that she has an inability to Read More

Hollywood to release fewer Latino films in 2015

Research done by MPAA shows that Latinos make up  17% of the population and 32% of that population likes watching movies on the big screen. So why is it that the number of movies targeting a Latino audience does not match these numbers? This year we only have a few movies being  released  featuring a Latino cast Read More

Almodóvar breaks his silence about Silencio

Quirky Spanish director, Pedro Almodóvar, has announced his next movie will be ‘Silencio’ making this his thirty-fourth film to hit the big screen. Although details are scant about his latest movie, Almodóvar did reveal in an interview with the Financial Times that it would be a hard-hitting drama where the silence of the lead female Read More

Older women and younger men JLo style

“Don’t call me a cougar”, says Lopez. She feels the old clichés about women dating younger men need to be undone. Times are changing and so are women. She told Self, an older woman who dates a younger man is the same as older men dating younger women, it’s no big deal. While men have Read More

Introducing The Lagging Abuela


@SomosVerizonFiOS would like to introduce to you Lagging Abuela! Each week Lagging Abuela will share with us tips from what she has learned about the struggles she has faced without having Verizon FiOS. This week Lagging Abuela’s tip to fit more people around the dinner table: tell everyone to insert one chancla in each armpit! Read More

Simon Bolivar comes to the big screen

  Do you know who Simon Bolivar is?  You know the Venezuelan politician turned military leader who helped Latin America gain independence from the Spanish Empire?  Yes, that one. Honestly, while I’ve heard the name, I really didn’t know much about him. Turns out he’s a pretty important figure in Latin America.  Bolivar helped Venezuela, Read More