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Playing “The Other Woman” and what it means for Latinas as a whole

What do Cameron Diaz, Alexa Vega, and Eva Mendes have in common? Well, they have all been the other woman. No, not in terms of infidelity, but these Latinas, along with a few others, have played the roles of mistresses in some popular Hollywood films. Cameron Diaz stars as Carly Whitten, protagonist of the upcoming Read More

What do you believe…A Miracle in Spanish Harlem

miracle in spanish harlem

“Look at me driving a cab. Where am I going? I sell mangoes for a living. I got the kids. I got the girl. Great! But what’s the point, I’m never going to see her. I’m working all the time. I got no money to be a boyfriend. Unbelievable!” Tito Jimenez, a widower and father Read More

See Your Passions in a Different Way by Using the Nissan #PassionGenome


Latinos are VERY passionate in many aspects of our lives and we use social media as an expression of our passions. For the first time, we can see a collective list of our passions in a fun and unique way, using the Nissan #PassionGenome! Nissan Versa created this program to connect you to the things Read More

Some Latin flavor has been added to Fifty Shades of Grey

David Edwards,

Victor Rasuk, a Dominican-American actor, has joined the cast of the potentially  successful, erotic romance movie “Fifty Shades of Grey”. But what do we know about him? Well The 29 years old actor was on the series  “How to make it in America” where he played Cam Calderon. He’s also acted in movies such as “Stop-Loss”, Read More

Biodegradable: Nada será como antes!


“Nothing will be as before” is the logline of a new Dominican Republic-produced film release, Biodegradeable, by long-time music video producer and first-time feature film director, Juan Basanta. It refers to the changes for the characters and the society depicted in the new movie which stars Rayniel Rufino and Liz Gallardo. Biodegradeable is set in Read More

Big screen Latinos: Breaking stereotypes or fighting back


We are all familiar with the machista stereotype. The silent, semi-bossy male who believes that his word is law and the little woman is in charge of hearth and home. Dinner is on the table and the children are clean and well-mannered with no work on his part. There is some effort being put forth Read More

Machete Kills… Bad guys & barriers


(Movie-Guy Voice) In a world where evil and injustice reign, only one man has the cojones to fight back and save el mundo… That man… Is… Machete!   (Normal Voice) Danny Trejo is back as our favorite folkloric one man fighting machina in Robert Rodriguez’ much anticipated sequel “Machete Kills“ and it’s about bloody time Read More

In Search of the American Dream


In Search of the American Dream is the newest Latino film to make it to the big screen. The movie exposes the experience of children who are left behind and torn away from their families when their parents are deported. The story is told through the eyes of a brother’s fight to keep his family Read More

Spanish-language film, “Instructions Not Included” hits it big at the Box Office


Reuters reported that Spanish-language film, “Instructions Not Included” was one of the top grossing movies of its opening weekend, ranking fifth in U.S. theaters over the Labor Day holiday weekend. This English-subtitled movie raked in $10 million in ticket sales for its four-day opening, which was record breaking for a Spanish-language film in the U.S. Read More

Opening today: 36 Saints


What happens when you have a serial killer in NYC, operating under the misconception that if he kills 36 righteous people the world would become chaos. This is the premise behind the new thriller, “36 Saints”. Starring Franky G and Jeffrey De Serrano, as the detectives searching for the killer, “36 Saints” has been described Read More