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Joga Bonito, life after the World Cup

As we wrap up the 2014 FIFA World Cup and we all go back to our normal lives, one of the most talked about question in the U.S. is: Will the fútbol fever we’ve all felt, over this past month, remain or will it fade away into the background? As Latinos fútbol is a big part Read More

Latinos cheering for more than one team

Being a Latino soccer fan living in the United States shouldn’t be that complicated right? Wrong! For some it really can be, and cheering for the team from your country of origin is a must in the soccer world even if you are now a U.S. citizen. But why? Why can’t we cheer on two Read More

Fútbol and underwear

Ever had one of those long, hard days at work that made you feel like you deserved a pat on the back but instead you get yelled because of undergarments you decided to wear that day? That certainly was the case for Brazilian fútbol star, Neymer who has been a target in media outlets this past Read More

Respect the Sport

Soccer is a beautiful sport. It is one of the only competitions the majority of the world can agree on. Soccer has a deep history and involves intense competition. This emotionally ties countries to the sport. At times, blurring the line that separates pride and tradition from poor sportsmanship. FIFA has a history of this. Read More

Colombia celebrates goals Carnaval style

In a country known for hosting the biggest party on the planet, it is only natural that one of the most talked about things coming out of the World Cup in Brazil is the goal celebrations, mainly the choreographed celebrations by teams such as the Colombian and Ghana national teams. Goal celebrations are a great Read More

Latinos lacking on US Soccer Team

  With the World Cup in full blossom, many Latinos are rooting for their home countries or teams that their parents and grandparents supported. Many American Latinos are even rooting for the U.S. Men’s National Team (USMNT). Sadly, Latinos aren’t represented very well on the USMNT. There are currently only three Latinos on this year’s Read More

Do men like soccer more than they like women

Do men like soccer more than they like women? According to recent polls, provided by Durex, most men do. Forty percent of men would actually turn down sex to watch a match,  while 27% of men have had thoughts about soccer in the middle of having sex. The icing on the cake though is the Read More

Latinos and Fútbol

As many are aware, the FIFA World Cup started on June 12th. With the World Cup, soccer, also known as fútbol, thrives throughout its course. Many who are interested in the World Cup are Latinos. It is one of the biggest sports for Latinos. Fútbol is rooted in the Latino culture. For example, soccer stars Read More

The MLB, diversity, and hiring practices

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Major League Baseball, better known as the MLB, is striving to make great efforts in recruiting and retaining racial and gender diversity within the field of baseball. For instance, the MLB hosted the Diversity Business Summit for the first time in 2012. The program has continued to grow for the past three years, and they Read More

Bring the Stadium a la Casa


Futbol is in the air. When it comes to Latinos, soccer is a stable in our lives, connecting friends, families and competitors. For many of us, being able to enjoy futbol, in any capacity, allows us to strengthen bonds or bust chops of our friends who root for opposing teams. Either way, we’ve come to Read More