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Late Night Lucheria: Can a Latino entertain us without stereotypes or cheap humor?


Oh how the late night TV show tides have turned, from Jimmy Fallon’s ascension to The Tonight Show replacing Jay Leno and bringing the show back to its original home New York City – that of course creating the void for SNL’s Seth Meyers to fill. Which never would have happened if Conan O’Brian wasn’t Read More

Master Your Game With @SomosFiOS


If you’re like me, sometimes you need to find ways to disconnect from work, friends, responsibilities and life once in a while. Many folks have different ways of breaking away and relaxing the mind, but one of my favorite things to do is play some good ole Xbox.  One of the reasons that I am Read More

See Your Passions in a Different Way by Using the Nissan #PassionGenome


Latinos are VERY passionate in many aspects of our lives and we use social media as an expression of our passions. For the first time, we can see a collective list of our passions in a fun and unique way, using the Nissan #PassionGenome! Nissan Versa created this program to connect you to the things Read More

Enrique Iglesias EXCLUSIVE Being Latino #LatinGrammys Interview Via 7UP (VIDEO)


We got the chance to catch up with Enrique Iglesias at his Live It Up concert to ask him a little bit about what he’s doing there, his partnership with @7UP as well as some questions from the Being Latino audience. Below, you’ll see a few brief sound bites as well as one video response!     Read More

Living it UP with Enrique Iglesias at the #LatinGrammys 2013


Last night @7UP invited me to experience their pre-Latin Grammys festivities, in Las Vegas, including an exclusive Live It Up concert with the legendary Enrique Iglesias ( video interview to soon follow). To give you a little taste of the experience, I’ve provided some pictures below: We also posted the following video to our instagram Read More

TV host Christian Vera on career consejo, citizenship and celeb interviews

Latino Weekly Review

Since starting her entertainment career as reporter in the Bay Area, writer, producer, correspondent, and host Christian Vera’s been all over our flat-screens (or old school TVs with bunny ears).  Whether you’ve seen her on “E! News Now”, Mun2,  SiTv, CNN En Español covering the L.A. Lakers, “On the Red Carpet” interviewing celebs at The Read More

Breaking Bad – The Colombian version

  “Who are you talking to right now? Who is it you think you see? Do you know how much I make a year? I mean, even if I told you, you wouldn’t believe it. Do you know what would happen If I suddenly decided to stop going into work? A business big enough that Read More

When The Family Meets La Familia #WTTF

Welcome to the Family - Season 1

Let’s face it, Latinos are EVERYWHERE in this country. Even if you’re not Latino, someone in your family is. Welcome to the Family, a new show on NBC, is an American show about an American family… who happens to be half Latino. How you ask? Well here is the breakdown. The show documents the lives Read More

What is the line between funny and offensive?


Let’s be clear. Nothing is funnier than Monty Python’s Flying Circus. The combination of the surreal, the obtuse, and the plain vulgar is still hilarious decades later. The Python comedy troupe was well-known for skewering religion, social class, and other touchy subjects. But even these brilliant Brits had an Achilles’ heel. Python’s few forays into Read More

“Latino Americans”: Documentary on our history airing tomorrow


“Latino Americans” is a three part PBS documentary series chronicling the colorful and diverse history of Latinos. The documentary was created by Cuban-born filmmaker Adriana Bosch as a means of educating those Americans that think that Latinos “just got here the day before yesterday” that nothing could be further from the truth. The documentary, that Read More