Being Latino on Google Plus

If Only Getting Fast Internet Was Fast… Oh Wait, It Is!


Technology. It’s supposed to make our lives easier, but sometimes it does the complete opposite. As an entrepreneur, running several media companies, I cannot afford to waste time and am always looking for ways to make my life, and business processes faster. And as an internet-based entrepreneur, I need reliable fast internet to assure that Read More

Sofia Vergara’s still got it

If you tuned into the Emmy award show this year, you would have seen Sofia Vergara embracing the stage on a rotating base flaunting her beauty and curves while the CEO and chairman of the Academy gave a speech. It garnered a lot of attention on social media especially on Twitter. “The move was slammed Read More

There will only be one Don Francisco


Don Francisco  is a name most of us have heard in our households for many years. Most people can remember sitting in the living room with their parents or grandparents just to watch Sabado Gigante.The show has become an integral part in the lives of many Latinos, and the show along with the host Don Francisco Read More

How the MiTú network came to be

Beatriz Acevedo started her road to success in Mexico in the 1990s, with a program similar to E!. It was on the this show that she met with Robert Rodriguez, an up and coming director who gave her some life changing advice. He told her off the air that she should sell her car and Read More

What’s going on at Mun2?

Mun2, the bilingual cable network continues to go through staff changes as Hanna Bolte, the VP of Media and Talent Relations, is no longer with the network. Her departure adds to the growing list of employees who have left for other opportunities or whose contracts were not renewed. Mun2 target audience has been young adult Latinos Read More

Kristina Guerrero leaves E! News

After six years, trailblazer Kristina Guerrero is saying goodbye to E! News. After beating the path for Latinas trying to break into the industry, Guerrero is now moving on to pursue other opportunities. In 2009, Kristina Guerrero garnered national attention as E! News’ first and only Latina host. Looking back on the experience she describes Read More

Guillermo Del Toro’s “The Strain”

Guillermo Del Toro, known for his sci-fi/horror movies and books has created another frightening production. The Mexican film director who has directed and produced many well known films such as Pan’s Labyrinth, Hellboy, Mama, and The Orphanage along with many others, has now released a TV series that will give his fans a look into Read More

“Los Jets” fútbol documentary

Jennifer Lopez’ new series “Los Jets” premiered Wednesday July 16 on NUVOtv. Jennifer and her sister Lynda are co-executive producers of the six part documentary. “Los Jets” is the story of an almost all Hispanic soccer team in the rural town of Siler City, North Carolina, with a population of about 8,200, about half of Read More

Devious Maids: A success despite the criticism

Devious Maids just closed out its second season on the Lifetime Network. The show which is produced by Marc Cherry, who also produced the very much known “Desperate Housewives” and Eva Longoria, who starred as one the characters, has been a great success despite the criticism it received in the beginning. Much of that criticism came Read More

The Leftovers: Pilot Review

Millions of people have suddenly vanished into thin air. Babies, children, adults, the elderly. All ages, all colors, all creeds. Whisked away from existence in a flash, as the first few minutes of The Leftovers lets us know, in a chilling scene that will grab any parent by the throat and never let go. Lost’s Read More