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Psychological issues in those with Repetitive Cosmetic Procedures

Would you ever have reconstructive surgery to change how you look?  I know many of us have body issues, but what makes a person want to completely change how they look? Recently a die-hard Ricky Martin Fan in Argentina, Fran Mariano, has gone under the knife six times to try and look like his idol, Read More

How do you communicate?

 Do you remember how you communicated with people back in the day? The few ways I remember communicating were by snail mail and by house phone. The whole social media thing didn’t happen till later on in life (like around 2003) it’s the new thing that everyone has. But truth be told we (yes I Read More

Start the new year off healthy: Get covered

The holiday season is a time to be with our loved ones, reflect on the past year, and plan for the new year. One of the traditions we have in my family on Año Nuevo, or New Year’s Eve, is to form a circle and share what we are most grateful for in the past Read More

Keeping Latinos healthy and informed

Marking World AIDS Day on your calendars each year imprints a memory in our minds of what remains important. The theme for 2014 World AIDS Day is “Focus, Partner, Achieve: An AIDS-Free Generation.” Awareness is key for keeping people informed and healthy around the world, please visit HIVaware for an interactive website and more information Read More

Obesity and Latinos

Studies have shown that Latinos don’t tend to see themselves as obese when they in fact are. Researchers surveyed 1,076 women in 2010 and Hispanic and African-American women were more likely to consider their weight normal when in fact they were overweight.  We have to stay awake to the dangers of obesity and the health Read More

Do you need it or simply want it

  If someone gave you a check for $500 dollars what would you do? Would you save it or would you spend it? In most cases we would spend it. Why? Because it’s money and it’s there. But why is it that we first think about spending, then of saving? Is it because it’s in Read More

Latinos lag under health law

  The results are coming in and the government’s census data reports that Latinos are falling behind under Obama’s Affordable Care Act. According to the 2014 census reports, one quarter of Latinos do not have health insurance. On average, 18% of Latinos between 18-24 years of age are not insured while 30% of Blacks in Read More

How to deal with a bad break up

  “Breaking up is hard, whether it is mutual or one party does the dirty work. Any serious relationship that ends will leave one or both people heartbroken” The Art Of Manliness In his most recent single, Big Sean makes it a point to let us know how he feels about his ex, Naya Rivera.  Read More

Vacation Breasts

  Getting breast implants used to be a huge decision because of cost and the almost permanent procedure. Now, plastic surgeon Norman Rowe has invented a way for women to try out breast implants for a temporary time period. Dubbed “vacation breasts,” Rowe will give women the option to go up a cup size with Read More

Worst job ever

  So many of us have had that one particular job that we hated, I know that pain because I recently experienced that. I was working in a warehouse, so far that has been the worst job I have ever had. For me it wasn’t so much the job but the people that worked there. Read More