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New HIV strand in Cuba

Recent reports have found a variant of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in Cuba, which is said to be spreading faster and more aggressive than other forms of this virus. This sexually transmitted disease  and can be transmitted by other bodily exchanges, takes about 10 years to manifest into acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) in a person; Read More

Escaping the winter blues

While the southernmost states of the U.S. have snow birds, Latin America has U.S. ex-pats wanting to retire abroad. With the attractiveness of year round warm weather, beaches, and low cost living, it is no wonder ex-pats are fleeing the U.S. to the top destinations in the world. According to International Living in 2015, the Read More

Are Latinos signing up for Obamacare

Since the Affordable Care Act was launched it has been crucial to get the right people to sign up and benefit from the program. Latinos are among those who would benefit by signing up, the amount of people that sign up affects the program significantly because it can determine the prices for everyone. According to the Read More

Congrats, you are pregnant

Hearing the words, “congrats you are pregnant “are the most beautiful words in the English language, in my own opinion. As of right now, I am not pregnant but I hope to someday soon be. Ever since I can remember I have loved the idea of being a mom. Seeing babies in strollers being pushed Read More

Eating right to prevent Breast Cancer

Studies have shown that what you eat is important to your health.  Fruits and vegetables may decrease your chance of breast cancer and boost your immune system.  Many women–Latinas in particular–aren’t aware of the importance dietary changes can have when it comes to a breast cancer diagnosis. Studies have shown that Latinas, along with other Read More

Querido Juan: The art of the breakup letter

We all have felt like this maybe once or twice in our lifetime, or possibly more, a break up is hard but not impossible. But when we break up with someone we feel like we still had a lot to say so, what should we do if we don’t want to see that person anymore? Read More

Baby born blind: What’s a mother to do

Imagine going along your pregnancy thinking that everything is okay with you and your baby and when you two finally meet, you get to stare at the love of your life…but he isn’t staring back. This is the reality of new mother Kelly López who gave birth to her son, Richie who had yet to Read More

One size doesn’t fit all

How many times have we seen the label “one size fits all”; we’ve seen the article of clothing and it’s hard to believe it can fit you. It’s my belief that label should not exist. I believe it’s false and just a cheap way to make women and men buy things that can fit a twelve Read More

Thinning hair myths

Have you noticed a difference in the amount of hair you have? There are facts and myths to guide you in answering your questions and worries. Don’t suffer in silence. Most people will notice their loss when they are taking a shower or styling their hair. It is either falling out in your hand or Read More

Tips for first time parents: Welcoming your baby

Welcoming a new baby into your family is a joyous time. And while the excitement of meeting your new baby far outweighs the sleepless nights and round-the-clock feedings, the stress that comes with caring for a newborn changes everything in a new parent’s life – especially their finances. According to a recent Truven survey, the Read More