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Stay at home moms strike back

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In the late 19th century the United States faced one of the most prominent and persistent social movements that is still present today, Feminism. Before that, women were oppressed by males in their family and society, and were forced to live by many norms and restrictions that upon birth were imposed on them.  Women were Read More

Things to consider before getting a haircut

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The first step to finding a haircut that will flatter your face is to identify your face shape. Not everyone has the same shape; therefore not all the haircut will look good on you. Some examples of shape faces are: oval, round, square, or long. There are quizzes and models online that you can use Read More

#ConexionesCulturales – Hispanicize (2014) Day 1


By Michael Montenegro A year ago I told myself, “I’ll find a way to be at Hispanicize 2014”.  And fortunately now, I’m here as blogger for Being Latino, the official media sponsor of Hispanicize.  The event jumped started with a pretreat networking event called #ConexionesCulturales hosted by Sherwin-Williams & Coffee-Mate. A day before the Hispanicize Read More

Getting curls that rock

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With its variety of textures and curl patterns curly hair can sometimes seem like more of a curse than a blessing. We’ve all experienced waking up late and struggling to tame our hair that looks more like a lion’s mane. (Bun day, anyone?) But curly hair is a blessing; in a world full of blowouts Read More

Taming your mane

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As spring arrives and plants come back to life, so should your hair. We can change our shoes, clothes and accessories, but our hair is with us forever. Let’s make sure to treat it right so it adds that ‘wow’ factor to our look. There’s no need to fight your mane. Here are a few everyday Read More

Pizza time with la familia

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The weekend is family time in my household. Friday night is movie night, and until recently this always meant pizza and junk food. These last few weeks I have been making big changes in our diet and at first it was not received well, but now every Friday is exciting because dinner is a surprise. Read More

Is it fair to blame parents for childhood obesity

parents to blame obesity

In recent years the number of obese children in America has increased. Fast food restaurants, less exercise, and the media are contributing factors to this phenomenon. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the percent of Latino children considered obese is nearly twice the percentage of Caucasian children. Schools have tried to Read More

Single mami adventures in dating

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I was married at 22, had my daughter shortly thereafter, and divorced within seven years. My marriage did not last very long, but it did take me off the dating market for what may be a woman’s most important dating decade: my twenties. There are dating muscles developed in one’s twenties that I have had Read More

Treat Your Family To Dinner At Red Lobster On Us!


When I think back on my childhood, fond memories of large family parties come to mind.  Grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and the family members that no one could remember how they were related any more but just knew it to be fact, all gathered together to talk, drink and especially eat. Birthday, milestone or even Read More

Lobsterfest Está Aquí

Dueling Lobster Tails (Exquisito Dúo de Langostas)

Long work day, a demanding boss, a grueling schedule and the last thing anyone wants to see when they get home is an empty refrigerator.  As the usual options mentally play out – fast food, Chinese take-out, pizza – consider making it a night out with your significant other or the entire family.  Taking a Read More