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Power to the booty

There are always two opposing sides to any issue and people are noticing the booty trend, which is becoming an issue depending on your views. Women are beginning to embrace their booty and it all begins with the influence that powerful female celebrities have over us. Most women deal with insecurities and a big one  Read More

Mis Primeras Mañanitas


Planning your baby’s first birthday can cause stress between planning and working to make it perfect.  Thankfully, Fisher-Price has tips on how you can achieve the perfect first birthday party for your baby! Simplicity works best.  To make the party less hectic for you there are small adjustments that can make the party stress free. Read More

Terms of endearment….Aye Papi

When you are in a relationship, it is common to use sweet or cute nicknames with your significant other. The most common one I use with my fiancé is papi. Some people will say “hey you shouldn’t call your significant other that because you only should call your dad papi.” The first time my mom Read More

Lung cancer research advancements

  A drug trial was recently conducted with patients who have been receiving chemotherapy as a result of being diagnosed with  lung cancer. The Korean study has shown that by measuring the expression levels of an enzyme involved in DNA synthesis can help predict the response of lung cancers to certain treatments which would be a Read More

Latin run food trucks

With Hispanic Heritage Month upon us, it is a great time to celebrate the Latin food truck industry. For years, Latinos across the nation have been venturing into the rolling restaurant business and it has been booming. A food truck featuring Latin American food from our favorite kitchens could be at a street corner near Read More

Let’s think positive thoughts

The struggle is real. Many teens and young adults are struggling to find a job or get a better one. Many of us have responsibilities and along with that comes bills to pay. Many college grads are worried about their student loans, waiting to be paid. Getting a good job is a long process and Read More

Immigrant youth and Affordable Care

We all know that it’s smart to practice safe sex but at times, the numbers shown in studies tell us otherwise, which of course sets off an alarm. It also brings an attention to what type of sex education the Hispanic community getting. There are different levels of sexual risk behaviors amongst Hispanics. A study Read More

Latinos love food and that’s a fact

“Latinos hate pretzels and peanut butter. It’s a fact. At least according to a report by the consumer research group Packaged Food.” stated in Fox News Latino.  Latinos do not purchase certain foods during their grocery shopping. The reasons Latinos do not favor a certain type of snack or food may vary but a big Read More

Have you ever wanted to be on TV?

I know I’m not the only one who would have loved to be on TV. Living that glam lifestyle and going to all those fab parties.  One of my favorite shows is “Sex and the City”. I believe Sarah Jessica Parker is such an amazing actress. I have followed her for the years. I’ve even Read More

Chilean sailor makes history

“En la vida no hay nada mejor que ser uno mismo, ser autentico, mirar a la gente a la cara y esa persona que uno esta viendo sepan lo que uno es..” This was the beginning of a brave announcement from Chilean navy sailor Mauricio Ruiz, who on August 27th announced he was gay. After Read More