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Snack Attack!

It’s no surprise that in the fast pace lifestyle most of us live in, sometimes there just isn’t time to sit down and have three meals a day.  For most of us, snacking has become the norm.  Whether you pack some fruit or yogurt to help tie you over between meals or you are replacing Read More

Unhealthy trends that need to stop

Most people want to fit in with the crowd and follow the latest trends, even when it comes to health and fitness. Social media and celebrities would have to be the biggest factors in influencing us to follow the trends. It’s all a competition and we want to come in first place. All popularity and Read More

Body Shaming: Lessons from Lauren Conrad

Talks about female empowerment and femininity are not new ones, there has always been certain expectation from the media to uphold certain standards. The perfect flawless face, the small waist (but not too small!), the belief that women should look and act a certain way. We see it, everyday, in television, magazines and online. The Read More

Seeking a healthy balance

We become busy with our careers, getting an education or raising a family. Each of us leads a different lifestyle and we become occupied in our own ways. It’s always healthy to set aside some alone time, that way we can keep ourselves sane throughout the rush of life. Jordana Brewster sets a perfect example Read More

Hispanic insights on easy home improvements

Sonia Velazquez

In a recent national survey commissioned by Sherwin-Williams for its National Painting Week, it revealed that Hispanics are more proactive than non-Hispanics when it comes to home improvements. As we approach summer, there are some great (and cost effective) ways to improve your home’s curb appeal. I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Read More

Girl Who Requested Euthanasia Dies of Cystic Fibrosis

There is a saying that states, “A parent should never have to bury a child.” Yet, that is exactly what the family of Valentina Maureira have had to do, twice. After losing her young brother to the same disease that plagued her, Valentina made a special request to the Chilean government. In a YouTube video Read More

New twists for your summer hangouts

Jessenia Martinez

Aside from the historical value, Cinco de Mayo marks a sort-of unofficial start of summer for a lot of people.  The backyard barbeques become an every weekend thing; block parties and outdoor activities help keep everyone entertained.  But as the temperatures begin to climb and each day is hotter than the last and trying to Read More

Genetic’s role in obesity for Latinos

One of the things that make us proud to be Latino is the incredible diversity in our cuisine.  From delicious chilaquiles to Colombian empanadas, chicharrones, Mexican tamales, pupusas, horchata, and an array of flavored soda drinks; the list of delicious food goes on and on.  However, these same foods that we enjoy and are a Read More

Why fat is not a feeling

Caroline Rothstein shares  her views and personal experiences about feeling fat in her awesome video called Why Fat Is Not A Feeling, Latina. What struck me the most throughout the almost four minutes of the video was the “intuitive eating” that Caroline learned, which helped her for so many years. She’s the one in control Read More

First CDC publication on Latino Health

In Washington D.C, the first national study on Latino health was released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). CDC does post their finds on “Vital Signs” on the first Tuesday of every month, with this being the first published concerning the Latino population. This describes the leading causes of death, risk factors, and health Read More