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The cost of cheating

According to a new survey on VoucherCloud, a coupon and discount website, the average affair will cost you $2,664. The website reached this conclusion via a poll with the participation of 2,645 Americans, who were 25 or older and married for over five years. Nearly 24% of the polled admitted to having cheated on their spouse. Read More

Testicular cancer among Latinos

The word “Cancer” is a scary word to hear when you go to the doctor. We’re all aware that there are different types of cancer that are known and that some are more common in certain races or ethnic groups than others. There is a new study that shows that testicular cancer has become more common Read More

Your priority should be your health

Have you ever gone to the medical office for an appointment and wait those agonizing minutes until you’re called? As you’re waiting, to your left you see an elderly Latina struggling with her grandchild to fill out some paperwork in order to be treated by a doctor. Or you see patients at the receptionist’s desk waiting Read More

National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month

The month of July reflects America’s birth. Littered with fireworks and independence it’s hard to notice anything else. Especially not mental health. July, however, is also National Minority Mental Health Awareness month. Besides being a mouthful it’s also an important topic for the Latino community. There is no way around it. Latinos have holistic medicinal Read More

Educating Latinos about cancer and its rise in our communities

Health organizations are realizing that cancer is quickly becoming the number one cause of death among Latinos. Elena Roman, Chief Operating Officer of Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA), stated that it is important to educate Latino communities all over the United States and Latin America regarding the dangers of cancer. While the CTCA has started Read More

Understanding Her

Don’t you just love seeing those memes or cartoon showing how complicated women allegedly are??!! I think it’s even better when I read an article with men’s advice to women. God knew what he was doing when he made a woman; we women are the final masterpiece! Ok, ok, I won’t make this a completely Read More

Pesticides, Autism, and Latinos

How does pesticides and autism link? It has long been known that women who are expecting and are exposed to a certain degree to pesticides have a higher chance of having a child with autism. You may wonder, how does affect Latinos? Well for starters, Latino and African Americans communities tend to lack healthcare. (Yes, even Read More

Number of uninsured beginning to drop

Obama has received a lot of criticism regarding his decisions, but he can be proud of the start of his health plan. The Affordable Care Act had two goals: to cut health costs and cut down the number of uninsured people. According to three surveys, Obamacare was able to reduce the number of uninsured people Read More

Is it okay for a woman to ask a man on a date?

Everyone goes through a point in their life where they are searching for “the one”. One of the hardest parts of this search is deciding who should start the conversation. In the past, it was basically an unwritten rule: men had to come up to women if they wanted a date. As the years have Read More

The Latino Flavor of Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh #LolaTalks


This is part of a sponsored collaboration with Oscar Mayer.  However, all opinions expressed are my own. Being Latino is many things but one thing it is not is flavorless.  We like to spice things up while also keeping it light and sweet.  Since we’ve been following along the adventures of Lola – the abuela who tells it Read More