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Vacation Breasts

  Getting breast implants used to be a huge decision because of cost and the almost permanent procedure. Now, plastic surgeon Norman Rowe has invented a way for women to try out breast implants for a temporary time period. Dubbed “vacation breasts,” Rowe will give women the option to go up a cup size with Read More

Worst job ever

  So many of us have had that one particular job that we hated, I know that pain because I recently experienced that. I was working in a warehouse, so far that has been the worst job I have ever had. For me it wasn’t so much the job but the people that worked there. Read More

Positive thought = A happier life

  It’s normal to have a bad day at times (hey we all have had those morning where we wake up on the wrong side of the bed), but having a negative mentality on top of it is just too much.  Sometimes some of our own friends or even family can have an effect on Read More

Do Over: When life gives you a second chance

Have you ever wished upon a shooting star? Wishing that you can go back to a certain day or a certain year and you could redo it all over again?  I can honestly tell you that I have. There are so many things I have wanted to redo in my life that if I had Read More

Latinas in Texas and Abortion

Surveys are suggesting that abortions should be a woman’s choice and that Texas Latinos are in agreement with the matter, according to the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health and the non-partisan research firm PerryUndem. The survey was conducted to better understand the values and perspectives of Texas Latino voters in comparison to those of Read More

Undocumented Lawyer

  Sergio Garcia never imagined being anything but a lawyer. Although he reached that goal and is now a civil litigation lawyer in California, he had to fight very hard to do so. Garcia is the first undocumented lawyer in the United States. Many people supported him, and many people didn’t. They feared it would Read More

Carla Pallares: The newest in swimwear

  Carla Pallares went from being a stylist to a swim wear designer. She wanted to create swim wear pieces that are not only fashionable but comfortable as well. Carla founded and created the Yemaya line. The name is meaningful as it comes from her childhood, The word means  “mother of the fishes, mermaid or simply Read More

Take risks to reach your full potential

Get rid of toxic people in your life. That’s the first step to becoming a better version of you. Sometimes we let our surroundings affect us when making choices in life. If we live in a bad neighborhood we might think that’s where we belong. The truth is we can do as we please with Read More

Attitudes about marijuana are changing

Marijuana has been an issue for many years. It seems like that green plant is becoming more acceptable in society. CNN’s Sanjay Gupta changed his views about marijuana, he now sees it as something beneficial for medicinal purposes where he was previously opposed to the idea. It was a situation where he had to see Read More

Is it ever too late to go back to school?

Sometimes we let age stop us from doing something we have longed to do. For example, going back to school. When I got out of high school I immediately went to college. I was unsure what I wanted to study or even if I had a vocation for school. In high school I did pretty Read More