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We make it work

Some say being in a long distance relationship is difficult, because you don’t see your significant other all the time. Yes it’s not easy being in a relationship with someone who is on the road across the country but, if the love is there, you make it work. True love doesn’t know distance or time, Read More

Move out of your comfort zone

Life is hard enough, in order to survive we need to make a good income to enjoy life and pay the bills. The more your standard of living rises, the more money you will want to spend, and the better pay you will want. At the end of the day, there is never enough money Read More

I’m divorced, now what?

Some believe that once the divorce is done their life is done as well but, it only just begun. Obviously a divorce is a life changing event, no one wants to go through so much pain. When I went through it, I felt like part of me was gone, that life didn’t make sense without my ex-husband. Read More

Smoking and immigrants

It’s not much of a surprise when smoking and immigration are being connected. Smoking, especially in the Latino and Asian communities has risen. Many researchers have found that immigration is the connection. “We know that after migrants come to the [United States], their health behavior and health status changes the longer they live in the Read More

Diabetes epidemic

It is upsetting to learn that Latinos are some of the most affected individuals with diabetes in the United States. One might ask how could this be ? With so many supplements and different exercises available Latinos should be much healthier. The Latino population is ignorant as to what can cause the disease and how Read More

Cuisine and Afro Latina Identity

Two Latinas have stirred up the Chicago food scene in the historical Bronzeville community on Chicago’s South Side. Rebecca Dailey-Wooley and Raquel Dailey-Parham are Afro-Latinas and Puerto Rican, who are also the creators and chief bloggers of Boriqua Chicks. The sisters are lovers of their mother’s home cooking, and grew up learning how to cook Read More

More Latinos becoming organ donors

Becoming an organ donor is an important decision and we must educate ourselves about the importance of organ donation. Most young people at the DMV who are awaiting their state id or license have the option to become a donor. Most are unaware of the benefits of such decision and think to themselves, “I don’t Read More

Would you forgive an affair?

It is my belief that couples should talk about everything and anything, but what happens when they do talk and it’s something a little difficult to talk about, for example, an affair. Wife: Hunny, if I had an affair would you forgive me and still be with me? Husband: Yeah, I would… Would You?? Wife: Read More

Latino travel: By the numbers

It’s no surprise that everyone loves to get away and go on vacation, whether it’s to their homeland, ancestral home or a country new to them. In a recent study, 79% of all Americans said that they vacation once a year. Studies have also come to show that 47% Latinos are more likely to fly Read More

Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Salsa Lunch Taco Recipe


This is part of a sponsored collaboration with Oscar Mayer. However, all opinions expressed are my own.   It’s almost time to send the kids back to school and the age old question remains: what to put in their lunch boxes?   When I was a kid, it was the same exact sandwich every single day. Read More