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One size doesn’t fit all

How many times have we seen the label “one size fits all”; we’ve seen the article of clothing and it’s hard to believe it can fit you. It’s my belief that label should not exist. I believe it’s false and just a cheap way to make women and men buy things that can fit a twelve Read More

Thinning hair myths

Have you noticed a difference in the amount of hair you have? There are facts and myths to guide you in answering your questions and worries. Don’t suffer in silence. Most people will notice their loss when they are taking a shower or styling their hair. It is either falling out in your hand or Read More

Tips for first time parents: Welcoming your baby

Welcoming a new baby into your family is a joyous time. And while the excitement of meeting your new baby far outweighs the sleepless nights and round-the-clock feedings, the stress that comes with caring for a newborn changes everything in a new parent’s life – especially their finances. According to a recent Truven survey, the Read More

Yuca fries? McDonald’s with a twist

McDonald’s is one of the most popular food chains in the world. Adults cherish McDonald’s as their favorite childhood pastime where memories were shared with their families. McDonald’s is an international chain and its famous arches are recognized everywhere. It’s sad that Venezuela is struggling to fully represent McDonald’s due to the lack of potatoes Read More

Penalty for uninsured Tax Payers

Tax Season is upon us and with that the many questions on how the lack of healthcare can affect your income tax return. President Obama made history when he introduced the Affordable Care Act, some cheered on the president while others criticized the program. According to Latin Post , “Individuals and families with no health insurance can Read More

We’re Hiring In NYC At @BeingLatino!


Being Latino is a digital entertainment and marketing company located in New York, NY. We love working hard and love playing hard even better. We are seeking intelligent, energetic, self-motivated people to help take this startup company to the next level. Oh, and you gotta have a sense of humor… punto. All of our employees have Read More

Losing Weight as You Age

It’s almost the New Year and you might be searching for a resolution that will change your life, but how can you balance your already hectic days and sacrifice time for self-improvement? Here some ideas to get you started. As we age, losing weight seems like the furthest goal that can be reached but it Read More

Psychological issues in those with Repetitive Cosmetic Procedures

Would you ever have reconstructive surgery to change how you look?  I know many of us have body issues, but what makes a person want to completely change how they look? Recently a die-hard Ricky Martin Fan in Argentina, Fran Mariano, has gone under the knife six times to try and look like his idol, Read More

How do you communicate?

 Do you remember how you communicated with people back in the day? The few ways I remember communicating were by snail mail and by house phone. The whole social media thing didn’t happen till later on in life (like around 2003) it’s the new thing that everyone has. But truth be told we (yes I Read More

Start the new year off healthy: Get covered

The holiday season is a time to be with our loved ones, reflect on the past year, and plan for the new year. One of the traditions we have in my family on Año Nuevo, or New Year’s Eve, is to form a circle and share what we are most grateful for in the past Read More