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Latinos love food and that’s a fact

“Latinos hate pretzels and peanut butter. It’s a fact. At least according to a report by the consumer research group Packaged Food.” stated in Fox News Latino.  Latinos do not purchase certain foods during their grocery shopping. The reasons Latinos do not favor a certain type of snack or food may vary but a big Read More

Have you ever wanted to be on TV?

I know I’m not the only one who would have loved to be on TV. Living that glam lifestyle and going to all those fab parties.  One of my favorite shows is “Sex and the City”. I believe Sarah Jessica Parker is such an amazing actress. I have followed her for the years. I’ve even Read More

Chilean sailor makes history

“En la vida no hay nada mejor que ser uno mismo, ser autentico, mirar a la gente a la cara y esa persona que uno esta viendo sepan lo que uno es..” This was the beginning of a brave announcement from Chilean navy sailor Mauricio Ruiz, who on August 27th announced he was gay. After Read More

Latinos: Ancestry matters

According to the U.S. Department of Health, one in ten Latinos are diagnosed with type two diabetes. Not only is type two diabetes is a problem for the Latino community, but also more specifically, diabetic retinopathy. “Diabetic retinopathy occurs when blood vessels in the eye’s retina are damaged”. By damaging the retina, vision loss can occur Read More

Do you believe in best friends

Ever since we were children, we are taught to make friends whether it’s at school, park or the neighborhood. When you’re shy this literally becomes a mission impossible. But yet, at school they would put us in groups so we could work with other kids and break out of our shell. Still to this day, Read More

Spanish beauty queen comes out

Patricia Yurena Rodriguez, 24 year old Miss Spain 2013, came out via Instagram. The gorgeous 5 foot 10 inches beauty queen posted a picture of her girlfriend gazing into her eyes as she lay with her in bed with the caption, Romeo and Juliet. She received over 7,000 likes and comments with an amazing outpouring Read More

We make it work

Some say being in a long distance relationship is difficult, because you don’t see your significant other all the time. Yes it’s not easy being in a relationship with someone who is on the road across the country but, if the love is there, you make it work. True love doesn’t know distance or time, Read More

Move out of your comfort zone

Life is hard enough, in order to survive we need to make a good income to enjoy life and pay the bills. The more your standard of living rises, the more money you will want to spend, and the better pay you will want. At the end of the day, there is never enough money Read More

I’m divorced, now what?

Some believe that once the divorce is done their life is done as well but, it only just begun. Obviously a divorce is a life changing event, no one wants to go through so much pain. When I went through it, I felt like part of me was gone, that life didn’t make sense without my ex-husband. Read More

Smoking and immigrants

It’s not much of a surprise when smoking and immigration are being connected. Smoking, especially in the Latino and Asian communities has risen. Many researchers have found that immigration is the connection. “We know that after migrants come to the [United States], their health behavior and health status changes the longer they live in the Read More