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Tips for saving money on minimum wage

Nobody likes to spend more than they should, and if you have any tips, no one would deny the help. But sometimes it’s harder for those on a lower income than others to follow and benefit from the tips that are given. Thanks to Lina Shong, she’s found multiple ways to save on a minimum Read More

We’re Hiring In NYC At @BeingLatino!


Being Latino is a digital entertainment and marketing company located in New York, NY. We love working hard and love playing hard even better. We are seeking intelligent, energetic, self-motivated people to help take this startup company to the next level. Oh, and you gotta have a sense of humor… punto. All of our employees have Read More

Worst job ever

  So many of us have had that one particular job that we hated, I know that pain because I recently experienced that. I was working in a warehouse, so far that has been the worst job I have ever had. For me it wasn’t so much the job but the people that worked there. Read More

Undocumented Lawyer

  Sergio Garcia never imagined being anything but a lawyer. Although he reached that goal and is now a civil litigation lawyer in California, he had to fight very hard to do so. Garcia is the first undocumented lawyer in the United States. Many people supported him, and many people didn’t. They feared it would Read More

Carla Pallares: The newest in swimwear

  Carla Pallares went from being a stylist to a swim wear designer. She wanted to create swim wear pieces that are not only fashionable but comfortable as well. Carla founded and created the Yemaya line. The name is meaningful as it comes from her childhood, The word means  “mother of the fishes, mermaid or simply Read More

Is it ever too late to go back to school?

Sometimes we let age stop us from doing something we have longed to do. For example, going back to school. When I got out of high school I immediately went to college. I was unsure what I wanted to study or even if I had a vocation for school. In high school I did pretty Read More

Let’s think positive thoughts

The struggle is real. Many teens and young adults are struggling to find a job or get a better one. Many of us have responsibilities and along with that comes bills to pay. Many college grads are worried about their student loans, waiting to be paid. Getting a good job is a long process and Read More

The Magic of Cosmetology


“I love hair, I love make up, I love the creations that I make.” Picture it. Maria De Los Angeles Felix vibrantly portrayed in the year 2014. Her hair flowing with the wind and her make up exuding elegance and fame is the picture that sends melancholic admirers to remember the beauty of Mexican vintage Read More

Latinos at highest risk for death on the job

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According to a newly released report by the AFL-CIO, the death rate for Latino workers continues to be the highest in the United States. The report profiles worker safety and health for the year 2012. Take a look at these facts: There were 748 Latino workers killed on the job in 2012. Although that number is high, Read More

#ConexionesCulturales – Hispanicize (2014) Day 1


By Michael Montenegro A year ago I told myself, “I’ll find a way to be at Hispanicize 2014”.  And fortunately now, I’m here as blogger for Being Latino, the official media sponsor of Hispanicize.  The event jumped started with a pretreat networking event called #ConexionesCulturales hosted by Sherwin-Williams & Coffee-Mate. A day before the Hispanicize Read More