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Let’s think positive thoughts

The struggle is real. Many teens and young adults are struggling to find a job or get a better one. Many of us have responsibilities and along with that comes bills to pay. Many college grads are worried about their student loans, waiting to be paid. Getting a good job is a long process and Read More

The Magic of Cosmetology


“I love hair, I love make up, I love the creations that I make.” Picture it. Maria De Los Angeles Felix vibrantly portrayed in the year 2014. Her hair flowing with the wind and her make up exuding elegance and fame is the picture that sends melancholic admirers to remember the beauty of Mexican vintage Read More

Latinos at highest risk for death on the job

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According to a newly released report by the AFL-CIO, the death rate for Latino workers continues to be the highest in the United States. The report profiles worker safety and health for the year 2012. Take a look at these facts: There were 748 Latino workers killed on the job in 2012. Although that number is high, Read More

#ConexionesCulturales – Hispanicize (2014) Day 1


By Michael Montenegro A year ago I told myself, “I’ll find a way to be at Hispanicize 2014”.  And fortunately now, I’m here as blogger for Being Latino, the official media sponsor of Hispanicize.  The event jumped started with a pretreat networking event called #ConexionesCulturales hosted by Sherwin-Williams & Coffee-Mate. A day before the Hispanicize Read More

Going to her office party? Seven tips to make her proud

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If you’ve been reading my articles for any amount of time, you’re already getting to be a better lover. I hope your lady has already been bragging you up to her office friends. But now she wants you to go to her office party. That’s a whole new dynamic. Now you’re at a party where Read More

Risking lives to earn a living

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Would you put your life at risk day after day in order to earn an income?  Well, that’s a reality that many Latino immigrants must face on a daily basis and not by choice. Media and government reports suggest that immigrants are more likely to hold jobs with dangerous or poor working conditions than U.S. Read More

New professional horizons for Latino men

Career Gear -Alex Sensation by Ana L. Ruedaquintero

When you go to a job interview, your appearance is one of the most important aspects. How you look is going to determine if that future employer will give you the opportunity for a follow up interview, or the job. Many experts, in the career couching field, recommend that people wear their best and most Read More

New Year’s Resolutions Tips For Hispanic Small Businesses


With the holiday season officially upon us, there are resounding themes of New Year’s resolutions regarding health, personal finance and family matters. Small business owners are no different. With economic pressures likely to continue, it is a perfect time of the year for Hispanic small business owners to make positive changes. Here are some essential Read More

Solo: The Latino Professional in Public Service

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Generally speaking there are a lot more Latina professionals than there are Latino professionals; a topic which has been written about ad nauseum. But what happens when you become a Latino professional and find yourself pursuing a field where, traditionally, more women work in? Often times many perceive a Latino professional as a success story Read More

Real life America: What really happens after college

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Graduation approaches. The moment you have been waiting for the last four (or five, or six) years is here, and now everyone’s eyes are set on you. The dreadful question keeps coming up in all conversations: “So, what are you doing after college?” Your immediate answer is either “Get a job” or “Go to grad Read More