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New twists for your summer hangouts

Jessenia Martinez

Aside from the historical value, Cinco de Mayo marks a sort-of unofficial start of summer for a lot of people.  The backyard barbeques become an every weekend thing; block parties and outdoor activities help keep everyone entertained.  But as the temperatures begin to climb and each day is hotter than the last and trying to Read More

D.C. gets a taste of tamales

Photo by Antonio Hernandez of

Washington D.C. hosted its first time ever tamal festival over the weekend. Amongst all the different array of tamales showcased at the festival were those of Victoria Lopez, a master tamal maker. She specializes in a unique variety native to her hometown of Oaxaca, Mexico. “We should do as much as possible to pass on Read More

How to Make ‘Nachos de Smores’ with Honey Maid

Nachos de smores

Are you ready to flip the nacho world up on its ear? No need to worry any longer about orange fingers and cheese stains on your shirt! We’re going in a new direction here! We’re taking HoneyMaid Graham Crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate and are throwing them all together to make Nachos de Smores!! To top Read More

How to Make ‘Barras de Churro’ with Honey Maid

Barras de churros

Mexican Churros are a classic favorite, but we take this recipe to another level and give it a twist with our Barras de Churros! Ask the kids to give you a hand, but just be sure to handle the oven part yourself! Also, you’ll need to stock up on ingredients on a regular basis after Read More

How to Make ‘Bolas De Queso’ with Honey Maid

Bolas de Queso

HoneyMaid recipes are great! Not only do they include delicious HoneyMaid products, they are easy to make, but they allow us to spend time making them for and with our loved ones! Below is a Latin inspired recipe for a sweet treat: Bolas de Queso! Bolas de Queso are sure to be loved by everyone Read More

Peruvian Superfoods Diet

National Nutrition Month has begun, with the month of March, and people have started being more health conscious about their food habits. National Nutrition Month should be a month celebrated by everyone. It should be a family matter, friends should support each other when it comes to eating healthfully, and it should also be regarded Read More

Yuca fries? McDonald’s with a twist

McDonald’s is one of the most popular food chains in the world. Adults cherish McDonald’s as their favorite childhood pastime where memories were shared with their families. McDonald’s is an international chain and its famous arches are recognized everywhere. It’s sad that Venezuela is struggling to fully represent McDonald’s due to the lack of potatoes Read More

Latin run food trucks

With Hispanic Heritage Month upon us, it is a great time to celebrate the Latin food truck industry. For years, Latinos across the nation have been venturing into the rolling restaurant business and it has been booming. A food truck featuring Latin American food from our favorite kitchens could be at a street corner near Read More

Latinos love food and that’s a fact

“Latinos hate pretzels and peanut butter. It’s a fact. At least according to a report by the consumer research group Packaged Food.” stated in Fox News Latino.  Latinos do not purchase certain foods during their grocery shopping. The reasons Latinos do not favor a certain type of snack or food may vary but a big Read More

Cuisine and Afro Latina Identity

Two Latinas have stirred up the Chicago food scene in the historical Bronzeville community on Chicago’s South Side. Rebecca Dailey-Wooley and Raquel Dailey-Parham are Afro-Latinas and Puerto Rican, who are also the creators and chief bloggers of Boriqua Chicks. The sisters are lovers of their mother’s home cooking, and grew up learning how to cook Read More