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Is it fair to blame parents for childhood obesity

parents to blame obesity

In recent years the number of obese children in America has increased. Fast food restaurants, less exercise, and the media are contributing factors to this phenomenon. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the percent of Latino children considered obese is nearly twice the percentage of Caucasian children. Schools have tried to Read More

How to stay healthy during Latino holiday parties

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The holidays are a time of family, fun and far too much food.  With so many functions to attend and delicious foods to nosh on, it can seem like the idea of sticking to healthy habits or making fitness and nutrition a priority is simply out of the question. Plan time for exercise in advance.  Read More

Colombian Woman With Stomach Ache Finds 40 Year-Old Fetus In Her Stomach (VIDEO)



Fast food habits start in childhood especially for Latinos


The messages are everywhere:  a healthy diet high in produce is key to developing habits that result in long term overall good health.  Despite the attempts by large fast food chains to create healthier options – more salads, grilled chicken instead of fried, apples and milk in kids’ menus, etc – fast food still tends Read More

Addiction or adoration?

Is your relationship an addiction or adoration? Do you know the difference between them? Human relationships are often complicated. What is sometimes mistaken for love is a sick, damaged relationship. Have you ever said to yourself any of these questions? • Why do I always attract women who are broken? • Why am I attracted Read More

Saber para la Gente: A Latino approach to healthcare whose time hasn’t come

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It began with a state government report. The Health Department of the State of Wisconsin came out with its first Minority Health Report. The list of indicators showed that the health of Latino residents was not as good as that of other population groups. The report also indicated that more information was needed. What was Read More

Cancer Mortality Rates on the decrease in several Latin American countries

A report released at the Fifth International Cancer Control Congress this past week indicates that deaths from cancer have declined in seven different Latin American countries including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Nicaragua, Paraguay, and Venezuela.  Mexico, Nicaragua, and El Salvador lead the region in having the lowest mortality rates while Cuba and Argentina (despite the Read More

Higher BMIs may lead to early puberty in girls


The list of effects that obesity has on a person’s physical and mental well-bring continues to get longer and longer. These issues are much more serious for children.  Researchers have recently discovered yet another reason why obesity is especially troubling for girls:  it could send them into puberty earlier. Dr. Frank Biro – a pediatrics Read More

Why be romantic? The last six reasons men should be romantic

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  In this series I’ve given you 36 reasons to be romantic. Here are the last six. 37. You’ll have a chance to live up to your potential. There is no heavier burden than great potential. But you can throw off that heavy burden by living a memorable life. Remember all the teachers who wrote Read More

Why be romantic? More reasons men should be romantic

Romantic men are happy men. Want to be happy? Turn up the romance! Here are six more reasons you should be romantic. 1. You’ll build a mature relationship. All of those silly teen-aged dating games will go out the window. You and your lady will have respect for each other, love for each other, truly Read More