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Lung cancer research advancements

  A drug trial was recently conducted with patients who have been receiving chemotherapy as a result of being diagnosed with  lung cancer. The Korean study has shown that by measuring the expression levels of an enzyme involved in DNA synthesis can help predict the response of lung cancers to certain treatments which would be a Read More

Immigrant youth and Affordable Care

We all know that it’s smart to practice safe sex but at times, the numbers shown in studies tell us otherwise, which of course sets off an alarm. It also brings an attention to what type of sex education the Hispanic community getting. There are different levels of sexual risk behaviors amongst Hispanics. A study Read More

Latinos: Ancestry matters

According to the U.S. Department of Health, one in ten Latinos are diagnosed with type two diabetes. Not only is type two diabetes is a problem for the Latino community, but also more specifically, diabetic retinopathy. “Diabetic retinopathy occurs when blood vessels in the eye’s retina are damaged”. By damaging the retina, vision loss can occur Read More

Smoking and immigrants

It’s not much of a surprise when smoking and immigration are being connected. Smoking, especially in the Latino and Asian communities has risen. Many researchers have found that immigration is the connection. “We know that after migrants come to the [United States], their health behavior and health status changes the longer they live in the Read More

Diabetes epidemic

It is upsetting to learn that Latinos are some of the most affected individuals with diabetes in the United States. One might ask how could this be ? With so many supplements and different exercises available Latinos should be much healthier. The Latino population is ignorant as to what can cause the disease and how Read More

More Latinos becoming organ donors

Becoming an organ donor is an important decision and we must educate ourselves about the importance of organ donation. Most young people at the DMV who are awaiting their state id or license have the option to become a donor. Most are unaware of the benefits of such decision and think to themselves, “I don’t Read More

HIVolution: How Truvada could change how we prevent HIV

Could a pill revolutionize how we think about and have sex? No, I’m not talking about the birth control pill; rather I’m referring to the pill Truvada approved by the FDA in 2012 for use in the prevention of HIV. Called Pre-exposure Prophylaxis or PrEP, Truvada is a once a day pill said to be Read More

Vaccinations and Latinos

In the state of California, pertussis, better known as whooping cough, has been on the rise with 5,400 cases as of July 8th. Most of these cases come from children and teens ranging from 7-16 years old and hospitalization was required for 156, more than half of the patients were younger than four months old. Latinos Read More

Acne tips

Facial acne by itself is already embarrassing, but having body acne just adds to the frustration. Body acne is most common in parts such as the back, shoulders, chest, and buttocks. “Though genetics are likely involved, no one knows the exact cause for body acne. What experts do know is (that) body acne is easily Read More

Testicular cancer among Latinos

The word “Cancer” is a scary word to hear when you go to the doctor. We’re all aware that there are different types of cancer that are known and that some are more common in certain races or ethnic groups than others. There is a new study that shows that testicular cancer has become more common Read More