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Girl Who Requested Euthanasia Dies of Cystic Fibrosis

There is a saying that states, “A parent should never have to bury a child.” Yet, that is exactly what the family of Valentina Maureira have had to do, twice. After losing her young brother to the same disease that plagued her, Valentina made a special request to the Chilean government. In a YouTube video Read More

Genetic’s role in obesity for Latinos

One of the things that make us proud to be Latino is the incredible diversity in our cuisine.  From delicious chilaquiles to Colombian empanadas, chicharrones, Mexican tamales, pupusas, horchata, and an array of flavored soda drinks; the list of delicious food goes on and on.  However, these same foods that we enjoy and are a Read More

Why fat is not a feeling

Caroline Rothstein shares  her views and personal experiences about feeling fat in her awesome video called Why Fat Is Not A Feeling, Latina. What struck me the most throughout the almost four minutes of the video was the “intuitive eating” that Caroline learned, which helped her for so many years. She’s the one in control Read More

First CDC publication on Latino Health

In Washington D.C, the first national study on Latino health was released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). CDC does post their finds on “Vital Signs” on the first Tuesday of every month, with this being the first published concerning the Latino population. This describes the leading causes of death, risk factors, and health Read More

Cheap plastic surgery killing women

Another incident occurred in the Dominican Republic, a woman has died after her plastic surgery. The Caribbean is being referred to as a medical tourism destination because people travel to different parts of the Caribbean to have a vacation and receive medical treatment. We’ve heard instances of plastic surgeries on the news, either a person Read More

Eva Mendes: Getting fit physically and emotionally

Eva Mendes openly shared with us, the public and her fans, that she sees a therapist. For her, it’s good to speak with someone to share her most innermost personal thoughts without being judged. Eva Mendes recently had a baby and she is getting fit too. It’s good to know that she is keeping her Read More

Measles rise in Mexico, US, and Canada

There is currently a measles outbreak across the United States boundary lines and stretches into Canada and Mexico. Its exact source is unknown, yet the CDC – Center for Disease Control and Prevention, presumes it originates from Disneyland in Anaheim. The united assumption is the outbreak began due to an unvaccinated traveler who visited Disneyland, Read More

New HIV strand in Cuba

Recent reports have found a variant of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in Cuba, which is said to be spreading faster and more aggressive than other forms of this virus. This sexually transmitted disease  and can be transmitted by other bodily exchanges, takes about 10 years to manifest into acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) in a person; Read More

Are Latinos signing up for Obamacare

Since the Affordable Care Act was launched it has been crucial to get the right people to sign up and benefit from the program. Latinos are among those who would benefit by signing up, the amount of people that sign up affects the program significantly because it can determine the prices for everyone. According to the Read More

Eating right to prevent Breast Cancer

Studies have shown that what you eat is important to your health.  Fruits and vegetables may decrease your chance of breast cancer and boost your immune system.  Many women–Latinas in particular–aren’t aware of the importance dietary changes can have when it comes to a breast cancer diagnosis. Studies have shown that Latinas, along with other Read More