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Eva Mendes: Getting fit physically and emotionally

Eva Mendes openly shared with us, the public and her fans, that she sees a therapist. For her, it’s good to speak with someone to share her most innermost personal thoughts without being judged. Eva Mendes recently had a baby and she is getting fit too. It’s good to know that she is keeping her Read More

Measles rise in Mexico, US, and Canada

There is currently a measles outbreak across the United States boundary lines and stretches into Canada and Mexico. Its exact source is unknown, yet the CDC – Center for Disease Control and Prevention, presumes it originates from Disneyland in Anaheim. The united assumption is the outbreak began due to an unvaccinated traveler who visited Disneyland, Read More

New HIV strand in Cuba

Recent reports have found a variant of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in Cuba, which is said to be spreading faster and more aggressive than other forms of this virus. This sexually transmitted disease  and can be transmitted by other bodily exchanges, takes about 10 years to manifest into acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) in a person; Read More

Are Latinos signing up for Obamacare

Since the Affordable Care Act was launched it has been crucial to get the right people to sign up and benefit from the program. Latinos are among those who would benefit by signing up, the amount of people that sign up affects the program significantly because it can determine the prices for everyone. According to the Read More

Eating right to prevent Breast Cancer

Studies have shown that what you eat is important to your health.  Fruits and vegetables may decrease your chance of breast cancer and boost your immune system.  Many women–Latinas in particular–aren’t aware of the importance dietary changes can have when it comes to a breast cancer diagnosis. Studies have shown that Latinas, along with other Read More

Baby born blind: What’s a mother to do

Imagine going along your pregnancy thinking that everything is okay with you and your baby and when you two finally meet, you get to stare at the love of your life…but he isn’t staring back. This is the reality of new mother Kelly López who gave birth to her son, Richie who had yet to Read More

Penalty for uninsured Tax Payers

Tax Season is upon us and with that the many questions on how the lack of healthcare can affect your income tax return. President Obama made history when he introduced the Affordable Care Act, some cheered on the president while others criticized the program. According to Latin Post , “Individuals and families with no health insurance can Read More

Losing Weight as You Age

It’s almost the New Year and you might be searching for a resolution that will change your life, but how can you balance your already hectic days and sacrifice time for self-improvement? Here some ideas to get you started. As we age, losing weight seems like the furthest goal that can be reached but it Read More

Psychological issues in those with Repetitive Cosmetic Procedures

Would you ever have reconstructive surgery to change how you look?  I know many of us have body issues, but what makes a person want to completely change how they look? Recently a die-hard Ricky Martin Fan in Argentina, Fran Mariano, has gone under the knife six times to try and look like his idol, Read More

Start the new year off healthy: Get covered

The holiday season is a time to be with our loved ones, reflect on the past year, and plan for the new year. One of the traditions we have in my family on Año Nuevo, or New Year’s Eve, is to form a circle and share what we are most grateful for in the past Read More