Being Latino on Google Plus

When 15 seconds of fame is too much

Vine sensation Lauren Giraldo proves that those seeking 15 seconds of fame have it all wrong. The trick is to upload short, six-second, looping video clips via Vine – a short-form video sharing service founded in June 2012 and later acquired by Twitter in October of that same year. The 16-year-old from Florida has rocketed Read More

Follow your passion

Juan J. Camilo, the founder of Dyckman Beer Company is inspiring and we can learn a thing or two from him. He followed his passion of culinary arts, his imagination and experimentation allowed him to concoct different beer flavors. The most poignant part to all of this is that the real reason behind his creativity Read More

Parents and Social Media

As a parent, do you think twice about what you post on Social Media?  Whether your page is private or not, your social media accounts are out there forever.  Forget privacy settings, you know you can ask someone to show you another person’s page if they are friends with them.  It is important to keep Read More

Words of Advice for Minorities looking to break into the Tech Industry

Don’t be fooled, there are Latinos and African American candidates highly prepared for Tech jobs.  A study by USA Today, found that  Blacks and Latinos majoring in computer science and computer engineering are graduating at twice the rate compared to the amount actually being hired within the tech industry. Yet Silicon Valley, has under 5% Read More

What would life be without Google

As we near the start of 2015, the popular searches of 2014 are out. Specifically, a Latino  google search list came out. The searches that topped the list were Ebola, selfies, and Chespirito. Each of these searches are important for various reasons. I’ll tell you why, in my thoughts. Ebola really got a lot of Read More

Pilot is fired after big mistake

A Mexican pilot, employed by Magnicharters Airline, was let go after pictures of a singer and her model friend showed the two flying the aircraft they boarded. For reasons still to be determined the pilot allowed Esmeralda Ugalde, 23 and Samadhi Zendejas,19 to enter the cockpit, a place where no passenger is allowed, putting the Read More

Lack of diversity in Silicon Valley

  A recent survey by the Rainbow Push Coalition indicates that there is a lack of diversity in the technological world. Companies such as Comcast, Facebook, and Google not only have a low percentage of Latinos and Blacks but they also do not have many women working for them. Other companies like Amazon, Linked in Read More

Ladies, it’s time to wear jeweled bras

  Jeweled bras are beautiful. They are becoming a popular accessory among women of many races and of all ages. The world is filled with fashionistas and even fashionistas tend to oppose each other’s views. Jeweled bras are not a complete waste, maybe to those women who are conservative and are nervous to be a Read More

SOY by Google: A Latino web domain

Punto Soy could be Google’s next new thing for the Latino community online. Imagine typing in the search field anything you like but with .soy rather than the usual .com, .org, .net, etc. Start searching now, because it is the place for Latinos online! Many businesses are making the change to the new Web Read More

How to get low income Latinos digitally connected

With the internet being 45 years old, and the World Wide Web now 25 years of age, it is hard to imagine a world filled with families without internet service. The truth is, it is 2014 and many children are coming home without technology at their fingertips. Parents or guardians are making difficult financial decisions Read More