Being Latino on Google Plus

The winds of change blow through Cuba


The migration of many Cubans from their homeland to the U.S. mainland left the island nation less than complete. But the dictatorship under Fidel Castro, once very single minded, has shown signs of flexibility under his brother, Raul. So much so that where once entrepreneurial pursuits were not allowed, the opportunity for private enterprise is Read More

My #VayamosJuntos Experience


By Edwin Reyes It’s my second year at Hispanicize enjoying beautiful Miami, and this time I was especially excited at the opportunity to go because Toyota furnished me with an eco-friendly brand new Lexus ES300h for my stay. To top it off, for the second day at Hispanicize, I was invited on a ride-and-drive. I, Read More

Join Us for the Heineken #ShareTheSofa Twitter Party


On the road to the UCL Final, Heineken is giving fans the opportunity to #ShareTheSofa with legendary futbol players virtually through Twitter during each stage of the tournament.  They’ll be hosting live Q&A’s with the footballer including tweets, Vines and live streams. And, your tweets may even earn you signed memorabilia. #ShareTheSofa  VIDEO Being Latino Read More

Ever Find a $20 on the Ground?

great deal

One of the best feelings in the world is when you find a crisp $20 on the ground and no one in sight to claim it. Think about it, even if it were a $1 on the sidewalk in the morning could literally change your day, make you feel lucky… be a little more optimistic about Read More

By 2030 immigrants will represent about 85% of workforce growth


The U.S. workforce is undergoing a major demographic shift. Currently, the Baby Boomer Generation– born between 1946 and 1964– makes up about 40% of our workforce. However, over the next 15 years the Baby Boomer generation will be leaving the workforce en masse. Because this generation represented the largest wave of workers entering the workplace Read More

Join us for the Red Lobster #BestLobsterfest Twitter Party

Ultimate Surf and Turf (Delicia de Mar y Tierra)

This Twitter Party is part of a paid campaign with Red Lobster. It’s that time again.  Red Lobster’s Lobsterfest is back and better than ever with nine new and classic lobster selections.  The restaurant is giving us even more reasons to take the entire familia for a night of lobster.  In addition to our favorites Read More

Facebook: The Largest Social Network for Hispanics, the Most Untapped for USH Brands


  You gotta give it to Zuckerberg, despite all of the controversy, skepticism and challenges Facebook has gone through over the years, it remains the number 1 social networking destination in the world. While I do feel that Facebook has entirely changed the ways people socially communicate, it still has a ton of growth to Read More

‘Twas the night before Navidad


‘Twas the night before Christmas And all through the casa, Not a creature was stirring. Caramba! Que pasa? Los ninos were all tucked away in their camas, some in vestidos and some in pijamas. While mama worked late in her little cocina, El Viejo was down at the corner cantina. The stockings were hanging with Read More

Jesus Huerta, Shot In The Head While Handcuffed In Cop Car


Last month, Jesus Huerta, was shot in the head in the back of a North Carolina Police cruiser. The police claim that Huerta, not only slipped a gun  passed  their search before entering the police car, but also took that gun (that he snuck in) and used it to kill himself as he was handcuffed Read More

16 People Killed When Bus Overturns in Peru


A tired bus driver and a very dangerous turn in the Andes mountains led to a devastating accident., leaving 58 people injured and 16 dead. Our prayers go out to all of the victims.