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Inequality among Black and Latino Workers in retail

We’ve all heard about discrimination among races in the workplace, but many would not expect to see it in the retail industry. Skin color influences the raises and promotions. According to an analysis by NAACP, white workers in retail make $15.32 an hour, whereas African Americans and Latinos make $11.75 on average. The reason is Read More

#GanaleAlaMañana with belVita Twitter Party

Invitacion 25 June

Join Us and celebrate morning wins with belVita for the #GanaleAlaMañana Twitter Party  Lunches packed, kids dressed and the car keys are in your pocket! There are a lot of things we have to get done in the morning. And one of the most important things you can do is eat breakfast. With everything going Read More

#CelebratingPapi Orgullosa Twitter Party

Happy Fathers Day-3

Join Us and Celebrate Papi with Orgullosa during our Twitter Party Dads have a special place in their daughter’s hearts. Dads are the first men in their lives, the protectors, advisors, teachers, supporters and role models. One of our favorite dads, musicians and influencers Jorge Narvaez, who has two girls of his own, is joining Read More

American public should demand more from media

According to NBC news, federal agents have uncovered an alarming secret that biker gangs seek out and induct U.S. soldiers. In fact, many of the outlaw motorcycle gangs (OMGs – yes, you can’t make this stuff up) fly their biker colors while serving in the military overseas and commit crimes on U.S. soil. It’s no Read More

Pope Francis and The Harlem Globetrotters

The Harlem Globetrotters named Pope Francis the ninth honorary Harlem Globetrotter. Only eight other people have been given this title and one other pope, Pope John Paul II. The Globetrotters president, Kurt Schneider, felt humbled when the pope was presented his personalized and framed “Pope Francis” No. 90 jersey. He said, “His tireless work for Read More

Join Us for Coca-Cola #JerseyExchange Twitter Party


Soccer is a universal sport that spreads excitement and unites fans across the world, no matter who you cheer for. Coca-Cola is spreading happiness by encouraging soccer fans to set their team rivalries aside and come together to share a Coca-Cola and their love for the game.           Coca-Cola wants to Read More

5 Tips for Keeping Up with Active Children


This is part of a sponsored campaign with Honey Maid. However, all opinions expressed are my own. Active is an understatement for my kids.  Volleyball, dance, soccer, speech therapy, Science camp, birthday parties…the list goes on and on and on…I admit it is exhausting but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  My active children are happy Read More

Salma Hayek: Social media newbie

If you felt as if there was someone missing from social media, we have the pleasure of welcoming a new and long awaited member, Mexican actress Salma Hayek. This week she made her debut by sharing her first post on Facebook, as well as posting a group selfie on Instagram. Her Facebook has been up Read More

Rodner Figueroa: Foot in mouth disease

Ever wonder what goes through someone’s mind the moment before a racial remark comes out of their mouth? Especially the remarks that are said by people that are part of a national television show. Racism has been in the mainstream light more than usual lately, more recently with Univision host Rodner Figueroa who was terminated Read More

Media matters to combat Latino stereotypes

The Research group Media Matters  is taking small but very relevant steps to ensure that the Latino audience is no longer misinformed on subject matters that sway their decisions through mass media, decisions that significantly impact their lives on a daily basis. If you are like me and dissect everything the media says, you might Read More