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The days of remembering passwords are over

Passwords are like the keys to our home. There are numerous websites, that we are all affiliated with, and a password is a way to log into our profiles to connect with the virtual world. You’ve all been in that situation before when you forgot your password and you must create one for the tenth Read More

Mexican oil: New decisions

Oil, and being an oil producing country, has been a world wide issue for many years. It continues to be an issue for not only the United States, but also for Mexico. Recently Mexico announced that they want to open their oil reserves to private investors. This is a new development for a country that has self Read More

From picking crops to running the farm

When it comes to farming it’s almost impossible for the word “immigrant” not to come to mind. In the United States, Latino immigrants seem to be the popular choice of migrant worker. Most take this an opportune situation to take advantage of those in a dire situation. Sadly, these farms don’t exactly encourage legal migration. Read More

Speed of Life with Cox Communications & Phoenix Influencers


This article was written as part of a collaboration with Cox Communications. What would you do if internet went at the speed of life? Cox Communications and Being Latino partnered with Phoenix influencers to answer just that question and spread the word about Cox Communications One GIG Internet speed.  Through a series of Vines, blog Read More

MSNBC to Encourage Diversity

Phil Griffin, MSNBC President, once again apologized at the National Association of Hispanic Journalists Convention, for a discriminatory and offensive skit portrayed on the Way Too Early show on Cinco de Mayo. The skit showed a correspondent of the MSNBC Morning show drinking tequila, wearing a sombrero, dancing and shaking some maracas. More important than Read More

Upscale and affluent Latinos are tech savvy, bilingual, and big spenders

The number of wealthy Latinos is on the rise. The number of Latinos with a household income of over $75,000 has been on a steady incline since 2002 (doubling by 2010), while non Latinos’ households are not seeing the same steady growth. This phenomenon has caused marketers to take note of this new clientele: the Read More

Marketing en Espanol

Latinos have become an important demographic in the growth of social media. According to, “there are approximately 23 million Latinos active on Facebook”. Since more and more Latinos are using social media every day, social media is beginning to make accommodations. Branding is becoming a very important part in today’s marketplace. Many sites are used to Read More

Share Your Passions, Work And Creativity In A Flash


Remember these days? Glad that those are the days of the past! Once again FiOS has empowered us with the ability to compliment our fast-moving lives with even faster internet!   To find out more about this, check out their Facebook post below!

Comcast and Latino Owned Channels

In light of the potential merger between Comcast and Time Warner Cable, a deal that could potentially make Comcast the biggest cable provider in the entire United States; U.S. Representative Tony Cardenas (D-Calif.) and 52 other House lawmakers have sent letters to Comcast CEO Brian Roberts and Time Warner CEO Rob Marcus. In the letter Read More

Share at the Speed of Life #CoxGIGLife Twitter Party


Did you know… women’s hearts beat faster than men’s? sound travels 4.3 times faster underwater than in air? the peregrine falcon is the fastest member of the animal kingdom at 242 mph? the average speed of a skydiver is 124 mph? And, you can now stream, sync and share at the speed of life with Read More