Being Latino on Google Plus

Upscale and affluent Latinos are tech savvy, bilingual, and big spenders

The number of wealthy Latinos is on the rise. The number of Latinos with a household income of over $75,000 has been on a steady incline since 2002 (doubling by 2010), while non Latinos’ households are not seeing the same steady growth. This phenomenon has caused marketers to take note of this new clientele: the Read More

Marketing en Espanol

Latinos have become an important demographic in the growth of social media. According to, “there are approximately 23 million Latinos active on Facebook”. Since more and more Latinos are using social media every day, social media is beginning to make accommodations. Branding is becoming a very important part in today’s marketplace. Many sites are used to Read More

Toyota seeks a bigger share of the market

All of us want that fancy whip to show off to our family and friends or even cruise down the block while blasting the radio. Everyone who is car savvy knows which cars are the best, or which is the most popular model. Toyota is the most popular car among Latinos and it seems like it’s Read More

Using the Latino Trifecta to engage millennials

In Spanglish Is Taking On A Mobile Movement, Lance Rios says Spanglish is used far and wide by U.S. Latinos because of their ability to use both languages with ease. This, combined with the adept ambiculturalism of Latinos, sets them apart from their one-dimensional counterparts. Robert Schoon’s, AT&T, Vice Launch ‘Between Two Worlds’ Campaign to Reach Read More

JLo bug

You know those times when you feel a little bit lazy about finishing your school work, and you decide that you are going to put on your favorite singer’s music that you know really motivates you and helps you concentrate better? Well that is certainly the way things turned out for this group of scientists that Read More

Good Fit?

The ad for the 2015 Honda Fit, from Santa Monica-based Orci ad agency, starts off with comedian Felipe Esparza categorizing Latinos as versatile, comparing them to the car. As the ad continues, it shows shots of two young Latinos driving around in the car, to get groceries and later to work. The idea for this ad Read More

Financial Racism

Racism is a hard fire to put out. Even when the blaze is out it smolders for decades. Racism doesn’t come in the same form it used to, this makes it harder to realize sometimes. The Urban Institute has recently released a few reports exposing financial racism. This is a form of racism most of Read More

A tip of the cap to Jeter (and Nike)

Admittedly, I don’t know baseball. I played one season as a little leaguer and the last pro game I went to was in late 90s in Cleveland where the Indians’ game was rained out. What I do know is brand marketing. Earlier this year, New York Yankee’s shortstop, Derek Jeter, announced his retirement and just Read More

Puerto Rico can overcome its financial crisis

America’s savvy investors are fearing tax hikes in their sector since Bush left office. According to Bloomberg, Peter Schiff, a former U.S. Senate candidate, says he’s worried about taxes. Those who wear blue collars would probably scoff at this comment. In the man’s defense some estimate these tax hikes will reach 70%. This fear combined Read More

Latino developer plans to restore Packard plant

Brian Kaufman/ Detroit Free Press

The Packard automobile plant in Detroit, built in the early 1900s and now a relic, was bought by Latino developer Fernando Palazuelo. Thirty five acres of abandoned concrete and steel remain that have attracted urban explorers and was even used in the Movie Transformers 3. Residents are hopeful that the eyesore will finally be updated, representing growth Read More