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The winds of change blow through Cuba


The migration of many Cubans from their homeland to the U.S. mainland left the island nation less than complete. But the dictatorship under Fidel Castro, once very single minded, has shown signs of flexibility under his brother, Raul. So much so that where once entrepreneurial pursuits were not allowed, the opportunity for private enterprise is Read More

Ever Find a $20 on the Ground?

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One of the best feelings in the world is when you find a crisp $20 on the ground and no one in sight to claim it. Think about it, even if it were a $1 on the sidewalk in the morning could literally change your day, make you feel lucky… be a little more optimistic about Read More

By 2030 immigrants will represent about 85% of workforce growth


The U.S. workforce is undergoing a major demographic shift. Currently, the Baby Boomer Generation– born between 1946 and 1964– makes up about 40% of our workforce. However, over the next 15 years the Baby Boomer generation will be leaving the workforce en masse. Because this generation represented the largest wave of workers entering the workplace Read More

Facebook: The Largest Social Network for Hispanics, the Most Untapped for USH Brands


  You gotta give it to Zuckerberg, despite all of the controversy, skepticism and challenges Facebook has gone through over the years, it remains the number 1 social networking destination in the world. While I do feel that Facebook has entirely changed the ways people socially communicate, it still has a ton of growth to Read More

#ANAMulti Recap w/ Tweets


The ANA Multicultural conference this year was one of the best to date.  This year at the JW Marriott in LA there was a heavy-hitter line-up of brands and marketers lined up to present case studies and talking points and just as many brands and marketers Tweeting away.    Why it was one of the Read More

Why Digital Marketers Should Consider Latin America Infographic (via @Mashable)


  Read the full story here.

Bank hosts Latino financial educational media summit

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TD Bank recently hosted a Latino financial education media summit, with the expectation of empowering the Latino community to make sound financial decisions with their earnings and savings. The three-hour long summit attracted the Latino media and bloggers, and addressed Latino buying power and financial education in the community. It was revealed in TD Bank’s Read More

Latinos a niche no more: How businesses can target US Latinos


When it comes to piquing the interest of America’s fastest growing purchasing power, advertisers will have to think again. A new study indicates that Latinos not only do not view themselves as a niche, they also resent being lumped into a general category that’s defined merely by cultural background. The Study A new study conducted Read More

Successful Latino Businesses

The power of setting a good example is sometimes all that it takes to trigger the right kind of motivation and action to get things done or start a fresh project. Finding the right inspiration and witnessing the success of others around us will automatically make us want to accomplish similar things. Today we will Read More

How are businesses reaching the Hispanic consumer?


In a recent New York Times blog post, a question on the minds of many Latinos was discussed: In spite of the figures, the projections, the potential, why aren’t all businesses courting what will soon be the biggest ethnic group in America? It’s not that there is no interest in doing so. On the contrary, Read More