Being Latino on Google Plus

Pilot is fired after big mistake

A Mexican pilot, employed by Magnicharters Airline, was let go after pictures of a singer and her model friend showed the two flying the aircraft they boarded. For reasons still to be determined the pilot allowed Esmeralda Ugalde, 23 and Samadhi Zendejas,19 to enter the cockpit, a place where no passenger is allowed, putting the Read More

Ladies, it’s time to wear jeweled bras

  Jeweled bras are beautiful. They are becoming a popular accessory among women of many races and of all ages. The world is filled with fashionistas and even fashionistas tend to oppose each other’s views. Jeweled bras are not a complete waste, maybe to those women who are conservative and are nervous to be a Read More

Business struggles

Latino entrepreneurs are on the ball with a new study that found that Latino owned businesses are growing at more than twice the national average since 2007. The Hispanic Businesses & Entrepreneurs Drive Growth in the New Economy study by Geoscape proves that Latinos are becoming a major source of growth for the United States economy. Read More

Wage theft

Walmart, Schneider, McDonalds, FedEx, DoubleTree, Forever 21, baseball’s San Francisco Giants, Subway, Farmer’s Insurance, various contracting agencies, and the list can go on but does it need to? These companies are under investigation for wage violations or have already been cited over the past several years. Kim Bobo, a Chicago workers’ rights advocate and author Read More

Labor Day and Latinos

To most people, Labor Day is just an extra day to relax and sleep in. For others, Labor Day holds true meaning. Labor Day was created to honor the social and economic achievements of American workers. But as Raul A. Reyes wrote, “Latino officials and labor leaders state Hispanics increasingly represent the workforce of the Read More

Mexican oil: New decisions

Oil, and being an oil producing country, has been a world wide issue for many years. It continues to be an issue for not only the United States, but also for Mexico. Recently Mexico announced that they want to open their oil reserves to private investors. This is a new development for a country that has self Read More

From picking crops to running the farm

When it comes to farming it’s almost impossible for the word “immigrant” not to come to mind. In the United States, Latino immigrants seem to be the popular choice of migrant worker. Most take this an opportune situation to take advantage of those in a dire situation. Sadly, these farms don’t exactly encourage legal migration. Read More

Upscale and affluent Latinos are tech savvy, bilingual, and big spenders

The number of wealthy Latinos is on the rise. The number of Latinos with a household income of over $75,000 has been on a steady incline since 2002 (doubling by 2010), while non Latinos’ households are not seeing the same steady growth. This phenomenon has caused marketers to take note of this new clientele: the Read More

Marketing en Espanol

Latinos have become an important demographic in the growth of social media. According to, “there are approximately 23 million Latinos active on Facebook”. Since more and more Latinos are using social media every day, social media is beginning to make accommodations. Branding is becoming a very important part in today’s marketplace. Many sites are used to Read More

Toyota seeks a bigger share of the market

All of us want that fancy whip to show off to our family and friends or even cruise down the block while blasting the radio. Everyone who is car savvy knows which cars are the best, or which is the most popular model. Toyota is the most popular car among Latinos and it seems like it’s Read More