Being Latino on Google Plus

Buzzfeed is gaining a Latino audience

One thing that Latinos enjoy is being recognized and appreciated. Buzzfeed is a popular website filled with news coverage and entertainment. May I also add how addictive their quizzes are. Quizzes like How Many Of These Movies Made You Cry, Which Super Bowl Snack Are You, and Are You A Ride Or Die Friend seriously Read More

When 15 seconds of fame is too much

Vine sensation Lauren Giraldo proves that those seeking 15 seconds of fame have it all wrong. The trick is to upload short, six-second, looping video clips via Vine – a short-form video sharing service founded in June 2012 and later acquired by Twitter in October of that same year. The 16-year-old from Florida has rocketed Read More

Parents and Social Media

As a parent, do you think twice about what you post on Social Media?  Whether your page is private or not, your social media accounts are out there forever.  Forget privacy settings, you know you can ask someone to show you another person’s page if they are friends with them.  It is important to keep Read More

Another Facebook Fool

fb fool

If you like to tally up the idiocy posted on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter- you can add one more. On October 9th, Luis Martin Rocha Perez posted a few shocking images to his Facebook page. The pictures are of Rocha Perez, who is holding a gun to the head of a child. Yes, Read More

Latinos in the newsroom

Journalism groups have been pressuring news outlets to hire more Latinos. This is nothing new. These journalism groups have been arguing this for decades and it is starting to pay off. As of 2014, 10 percent of BuzzFeed’s editors and writers are Latino. Most might say this is a low percentage. Some might say not enough Read More

MSNBC to Encourage Diversity

Phil Griffin, MSNBC President, once again apologized at the National Association of Hispanic Journalists Convention, for a discriminatory and offensive skit portrayed on the Way Too Early show on Cinco de Mayo. The skit showed a correspondent of the MSNBC Morning show drinking tequila, wearing a sombrero, dancing and shaking some maracas. More important than Read More

Comcast and Latino Owned Channels

In light of the potential merger between Comcast and Time Warner Cable, a deal that could potentially make Comcast the biggest cable provider in the entire United States; U.S. Representative Tony Cardenas (D-Calif.) and 52 other House lawmakers have sent letters to Comcast CEO Brian Roberts and Time Warner CEO Rob Marcus. In the letter Read More

Latinos Underrepresented on Cable News

Diversity is defined as the “quality or state of having many different forms, types… the state of having people who are from different races or who have different cultures in a group or organization.” The U.S. is a country rich in diversity. Different races, languages, religions, nationalities, and cultures make up this country, but if Read More

Men on Tinder

Do you “Tinder”? Or Maybe this is the first time that name crosses paths with you. Either way you know about it now, right? Tinder is yet another dating app that gives singles the option to find romance via the internet with very unique features that most app designers have failed to create in the Read More

Latinos in Media

“If U.S. Latinos were to constitute a nation, that economy would be the 14th largest in the world.” This is a powerful statement made on the executive summary of Columbia University’s report, “The Latino Media Gap: The State of Latinos in U.S. Media”. Latinos, who are the fastest growing ethnic segment in the United States Read More