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Being Latino on Google Plus

Spanglish is Taking on a Mobile Movement


By Lance Rios I live in the Bronx – which if you don’t know, is New York City’s most heavily Latino populated borough. According to the most recent Census, more than 54% of the borough’s entire population is Hispanic, despite the entire city of New York having an average Hispanic population of 18%. So yeah, the Bronx. You’d think Read More

Jesus Huerta, Shot In The Head While Handcuffed In Cop Car


Last month, Jesus Huerta, was shot in the head in the back of a North Carolina Police cruiser. The police claim that Huerta, not only slipped a gun  passed  their search before entering the police car, but also took that gun (that he snuck in) and used it to kill himself as he was handcuffed Read More

16 People Killed When Bus Overturns in Peru


A tired bus driver and a very dangerous turn in the Andes mountains led to a devastating accident., leaving 58 people injured and 16 dead. Our prayers go out to all of the victims.

Mexican Manta Ray And Mermaid Model Swim Happily Together


Ocean environmentalist, Hannah Fraser (AKA Hannah Mermaid), goes swimming with a Manta Ray in Mexico, which happened to be 5x her size! Below are some of the shots from her escape, swimming with what she describes as a “gentle giant.” And no, these photos are not photoshopped. Check out some of the live footage also Read More

Fidel Castro Is Still Alive


The ailing Cuban leader, loved by many (including the late Mandela) and hated by many (pretty much every Cuban in Miami), made a public appearance last week when he interviewed with a Spanish news reporter. Picture of the interview is below. Just last week, David Letterman interviewed Barbara Walters about some of the most interesting Read More

Elian Gonzalez Grown Up, Leaves Cuba, Speaks About ‘Uncle Fidel’


Fourteen years after he made headlines as the subject of a bitter international custody battle, Gonzalez spoke to the media on Tuesday. It’s his first trip abroad since the U.S. government removed him at gunpoint from his relatives’ home in Miami and, after a legal battle, sent him back to Cuba to live with his Read More

White Teen Gets No Jail Time After Killing 4 People. But What If He Were Latino?


I’m sure that you all have heard about the Texas Anglo teenager, Ethan Couch, who stole beer from a store with his friends, got hammered and then got behind the wheel of his pickup truck and shortly after killed 4 innocent people as a result. If not, please see this video below: Well, Ethan Couch Read More

White Woman To Be Deported Makes National News


The Obama administration has been criticized heavily over the past few years by the Latino community due to the strict regulations and active pursuit of deporting people living in this country illegally. This is no different from the thousands of incidents of immigrants being deported, except this time the victim is a white woman. Cile Read More

Wisconsin Gov, Rumored To Run For President In 2016, Fires Aide Over Anti-Latino Racist Tweets


Scott Walker, the Wisconsin Governor, has been silently preparing for a run in the 2016 Presidential Election for some time now. At the same time his campaign’s Finance Director, Taylor Palmisano, hasn’t been so silently displaying her dislike for Hispanics on her personal social media accounts. Walker claims to have recently found out about Palmisano’s Read More

BREAKING NEWS: Mexico: Stolen container of radioactive material found empty


Multiple sources have picked up the breaking news story. According to Huffington Post, this story was just made public moments ago with very little answers. We’ll keep you posted as we find out more.