Being Latino on Google Plus

Lack of diversity in Silicon Valley

  A recent survey by the Rainbow Push Coalition indicates that there is a lack of diversity in the technological world. Companies such as Comcast, Facebook, and Google not only have a low percentage of Latinos and Blacks but they also do not have many women working for them. Other companies like Amazon, Linked in Read More

SOY by Google: A Latino web domain

Punto Soy could be Google’s next new thing for the Latino community online. Imagine typing in the search field anything you like but with .soy rather than the usual .com, .org, .net, etc. Start searching now, because it is the place for Latinos online! Many businesses are making the change to the new Web Read More

How to get low income Latinos digitally connected

With the internet being 45 years old, and the World Wide Web now 25 years of age, it is hard to imagine a world filled with families without internet service. The truth is, it is 2014 and many children are coming home without technology at their fingertips. Parents or guardians are making difficult financial decisions Read More

Online Love

How many of us have ever thought of dating online? I know I’m not the only one. There are too many single men and women out there that never get married because they feel like the train passed them by. They feel it’s too late for them, especially the ones who are over 40 years Read More

The days of remembering passwords are over

Passwords are like the keys to our home. There are numerous websites, that we are all affiliated with, and a password is a way to log into our profiles to connect with the virtual world. You’ve all been in that situation before when you forgot your password and you must create one for the tenth Read More

Share Your Passions, Work And Creativity In A Flash


Remember these days? Glad that those are the days of the past! Once again FiOS has empowered us with the ability to compliment our fast-moving lives with even faster internet!   To find out more about this, check out their Facebook post below!

Landline phones aren’t ringing anymore

Remember that device regular families used to own that would connect to their wall allowing them to pick up a receiver while pounding on buttons that would magically make someone available to chit chat with? Well those days are slowly but surely coming towards an end according to a recent study by the Centers for Read More

My #VayamosJuntos Experience


By Edwin Reyes It’s my second year at Hispanicize enjoying beautiful Miami, and this time I was especially excited at the opportunity to go because Toyota furnished me with an eco-friendly brand new Lexus ES300h for my stay. To top it off, for the second day at Hispanicize, I was invited on a ride-and-drive. I, Read More

Undocumented Geeks Hacking For Immigration Reform


Via Kurt Wagner at Mashable It is hour 22 of a 24-hour hackathon, where coders join together to build new products and programs from scratch in a short amount of time. The scene is not uncommon in Silicon Valley. Every startup and tech company worth its weight in code has hosted at least one internal hackathon. Read More

Latino high-tech entrepreneurs have math in the blood

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  “Age discrimination in Latin America is the reason why so many people start their own business.” This is the opinion of some which I won’t argue either way. I’d rather focus on a trend here in the U.S.  Rates for Hispanic or Latino owned businesses  between the years 2002 and 2007, increased by 43% Read More