Being Latino on Google Plus

Landline phones aren’t ringing anymore

Remember that device regular families used to own that would connect to their wall allowing them to pick up a receiver while pounding on buttons that would magically make someone available to chit chat with? Well those days are slowly but surely coming towards an end according to a recent study by the Centers for Read More

My #VayamosJuntos Experience


By Edwin Reyes It’s my second year at Hispanicize enjoying beautiful Miami, and this time I was especially excited at the opportunity to go because Toyota furnished me with an eco-friendly brand new Lexus ES300h for my stay. To top it off, for the second day at Hispanicize, I was invited on a ride-and-drive. I, Read More

Undocumented Geeks Hacking For Immigration Reform


Via Kurt Wagner at Mashable It is hour 22 of a 24-hour hackathon, where coders join together to build new products and programs from scratch in a short amount of time. The scene is not uncommon in Silicon Valley. Every startup and tech company worth its weight in code has hosted at least one internal hackathon. Read More

Latino high-tech entrepreneurs have math in the blood

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  “Age discrimination in Latin America is the reason why so many people start their own business.” This is the opinion of some which I won’t argue either way. I’d rather focus on a trend here in the U.S.  Rates for Hispanic or Latino owned businesses  between the years 2002 and 2007, increased by 43% Read More

LinkedIn, what did you expect? Does technology replace ‘Palancas’?


 I first heard of LinkedIn at a technical conference in 2007. A colleague sent me an invitation to connect after hearing my presentation. I was hesitant; at the time I only used email to stay in contact. I joined because my current method was inefficient. I lost track of more people than I actually knew. Read More

Latinos: Evolution Beyond Low-Riders and Hoopties (Part 2)


By Lance Rios In my 1st part to this series, I discussed a more realistic vehicle for modern-day Latinos, a vehicle that was NOT a tricked-out low-rider. The automobile that I’ve had the luxury of doing a great deal of research on was the Nissan Pathfinder, an automobile that holds elegance, class and functionality for Read More

Latinos: Evolution Beyond Low-Riders and Hoopties (Part 1)


Latinos are by far the most diverse single ethnic group in the United States. Despite our rapid growth and HEAVY influence on culture in the United States, when it comes to automobiles, we are often portrayed in main-stream media as a group of people who drive around in low-riders suped up with hydraulics and Virgin Read More

5 Gift Ideas for Music-Lovers Under $100


Who doesn’t love music? No matter what your personality type, music is the one thing all humans have in common. This holiday season, our friends at RadioShack were kind enough to let us try out some of their latest music-lover technology and we’ve come today to tell you all about it. Listed below is our Read More

Be a superhuman with a super smartphone


The superhero world seems like a dynamic place. There’s Spider-Man and Batman and Catwoman. But the DC Comics/Marvel Universe is noticeably void of one type of person: Latinos. (Batman archenemy Bane was originally on a fictional island located somewhere in the Latin Caribbean, but the character in Dark Knight Rises had a distinctly West London Read More

OMG! Latino teens text the most while driving

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A recent study by AT&T revealed that 54 percent of Latino teens “admit to texting while driving compared to 41% of Caucasians and 42% of African-American teenagers.” They also ranked higher when asked if they texted while stopped at a red light, or glanced at their phone, either driving or stopped at a red light. Read More