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San Antonio elects an African-American Mayor

The interim mayor, Ivy Taylor, defeated Leticia Van de Putte in the spring election by 52%. Van de Putte lost the race as San Antonio’s first Latina to be elected Mayor by a mere 4% vote. More than 60, 000 people voted in a city that has a majority of Latinos. Ultimately, the win went Read More

Mexico’s Supreme Court facilitates same sex marriage

Same sex marriages are becoming more accepted in society. For a long time, marriage has been seen as a union between a man and a woman. Now, it is seen as a union between two people that care deeply about each other. Latin American countries are on the rise as places to legalize unions between Read More

Ethnic purging in the Dominican Republic

The day that many Haitians feared has come, the law that the Dominican Republic passed to effectively denationalize Haitians living in the DR has gone into effect.  Starting June 18th, the Dominican government started its plan to deport possibly hundreds of thousands of Haitian residents or those with Haitian heritage. The Dominican government has prepared Read More

Virginia Democrats sue to overturn voter ID law, claiming minorities singled out

The Democratic Party of Virginia’s lawsuitsuit “seeks specifically to undo the states law requiring voters to show photo IDs. This specific suit argues that the rules make it more difficult to vote and targets specifically African Americans, Latinos, the young and poor.” It is said that this is a reelection of discrimination in Virginia dating Read More

Clinton continues high level Hispanic appointments

Latinos from New York to California are the fastest growing voting bloc in the U.S. according to CNN and will be crucial to securing a presidential bid and White House win for Hillary Clinton in 2016. Part and parcel to the Clinton campaign strategy is placing Latinos in leadership positions, which finally pay more than Read More

Elián González: Political Pawn or PR Darling

Elián González was a household name in the United States at the turn of the 20th century. Plucked from a life raft in the middle of the sea, González became the face of democracy versus communism in one of the most memorable political (and emotional) battles of the new millennium. It pitted the U.S., and Read More

Hilary Clinton’s immigrant history criticized

Census records show that one of Hilary Clinton’s grandparents are not immigrants. In fact, only her father’s father, Hugh Rodham, Sr., who emigrated from England to Pennsylvania is the immigrant. Days into Clinton’s presidential campaign, she was quoted saying “All my grandparents, you know, came over here and you know my grandfather went to work Read More

Chile faces financial scandal

Michelle Bachelet is the President of Chile and an advocate of one of the least corrupt nations. It wasn’t until scandal  reached Chile that the 63 year old pediatrician met the criticism and controversy that rarely confronted the nation. Bachelet’s goal for her second term as president was to reduce inequality, yet it seems some Read More

Cuomo advocates for immigration reform

Advocacy for immigration reform continues, this time coming from Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.  He stated all of the positive attributes of the issue, and also spoke about those who are trying to stop President Obama’s progress, calling them the “very loud and powerful” voice in D.C. Cuomo said that New York has immigrants Read More

Marines take a trip to Honduras

Marines are an important part of keeping us safe when trouble arises, especially when it comes to wars. Marines also are beneficial in keeping other countries safe. The Marines are headed to Honduras to carry out a special task forces exercise but there seems to be opposition with their impending arrival due to military actions Read More