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Dreamers should be given the same privileges

Why does Governor Brewer not want Dreamers to get driver licenses? I’m a firm believer that most people deserve chances and Dreamers definitely do. “The state of Arizona must issue driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants who came into the U.S. as children, known as “Dreamers,” the U.S. Supreme Court ruled Wednesday.” Fox News Latino. Dreamers have Read More

Unrest in Cuba

According to documents obtained by the Associated Press, a U.S agency has been secretly infiltrating Cuba’s underground hip-hop movement, recruiting rappers to spark a movement against the government over the past two years. The goal was to use these musicians “to break the information blockade” and build a network that were seeking social change, but Read More

We need more Latinos in politics

The truth is that we need more Latinos in power in the political realm. City Hall is the place to be and Latinos need to start stepping up and representing our cities and the people who live in these cities. It can happen, just think about this. Have you ever had a conversation with a Read More

Mexico protests continue

Protesters in Mexico City took to the streets on December 1st to demand answers about the 43 students from Guerrero who went missing in September as well as demonstrating their anger towards the crime and corruption in their country. The protest included students and adults carrying signs in a peaceful manner. On their way to Read More

Obama’s Legacy

  Barack Obama is set on leaving a legacy for his second term as President and the others in the Democratic Party. Obama’s executive order on immigration that has now been announced and has caused a major uproar in the world of politics. Many Senators do not approve of Obama’s move, deeming it a major risk Read More

Why the power of the Latino vote is limited

Since 2010, an estimated 3.9 million Latinos have been eligible to vote. However, the impact they will make is limited due to geography and the competition in political races. According to a recently released report from Pew Research Center, Latinos make up 11% of eligible voters nationwide, and are a small part of voters in Read More

Border checkpoint does more harm than good

Population 700 (not counting all the U.S. border patrol agents) the town of Arivaca lies 60 miles south of Tucson and just 11 miles north of the Mexican border. In what’s called the militarized zone of the border region, the people of Arivaca routinely encounter federal agents on their property, in town, on the road, Read More

Flawed polling in Georgia

With elections right around the corner, plenty of people are looking to the polls to see the projected outcomes. These polls can be crucial to determining the path an area will take. Polls are also important to watch to see what areas will be red or blue. Problems with polls arise when they do not Read More

Wilmer Valderrama talks Latino politics

There are countless Latino celebs who are using their fame in order to reach millions of other Latinos in our nation during trying times. Celebrities can be voices for Latinos in ways that many of us can’t express as one person. If one celebrity has the same passion as we do, it is easier to Read More

Accepting Gays and Lesbians in the Catholic Church

In the 2,000 years since the Catholic Church was created, a lot has changed with the ideas and thoughts people have. One of the major issues within the Catholic Church was the acceptance of gays and lesbians. With acceptance becoming the social norm, the church had a hard time standing their ground on the issue. Read More