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Slavery reparation in Brazil

The world is well past the enslavement of the African society. A shameful era of human history. As we get farther away from the generation of slavery, some countries are still trying to spread equality amongst their people. Certain societies make this a difficult situation for their government. Brazil is one example. According to the Read More

US drug policy blamed for migrant surge

More than 52,000 child immigrants from Central America have been detained at the U.S. border since October 2013. In June, pending deportation cases reached an all time high of 375, 503. According to Honduran President Juan Hernandez, U.S. drug policy is to blame for the recent surge in immigration. In a recent conference Hernandez called Read More

Republicans and Latinos

Some say that Republicans hate Latinos. Between the two major parties in the U.S., the Democrats usually seem to win the Latino vote, but still, there are plenty of Republican Latinos. Lately, with the immigration reform on everyone’s minds, the two parties are trying to compete for the Latino’s votes with legislation. Recently, it came to Read More

Mexico’s fight against the Knights Templar

Mexico’s President Enrique Peña Nieto took office in December of 2012. Peña Nieto vowed to suppress the gang violence in Mexico. Near the end of 2013 the statistics proved it. According to Insight Crime, in a year’s time the total murders linked to organized crime had dropped by 20%. Some states saw over a 45% Read More

Bolivia’s child labor age lowered

Remember the time, when you were younger, and couldn’t wait to get a job to save up as much money as possible so that you could buy whatever it is that you ever wanted? Well for many children in Bolivia this childhood dream will become a reality but sadly they will not be working for the Read More

Obama must woo Latinos

In this day and age politicians have little to no chance of winning any type of election without gaining the support of the Latino community. Democrats in particular have a simple decision to make, either act on immigration reform and deliver or just burn the bridge you have with Latino supporters. A new poll by Read More

Few Latinas in law making positions

Raleigh, North Carolina is facing an interesting problem, one that plagues the rest of the United States; but, statistically, has hit Louisiana harder than others. Female representation in legislation is extremely low. Occupying a mere 22% of seats, females in legislation have a long way to go. The underrepresentation in legislature at the federal and Read More

Jerry Brown and Latinos

Jerry Brown , the current governor of California, has opened doors that some may deem impossible for immigrants who reside in the state . He has allowed immigrants to obtain drivers licenses, apply for scholarships, and has given them the right to study law. Jerry Brown has accepted that the Latino population will continue to Read More

Should DREAMers be stripped of protections

As immigration reform continues to gain momentum in the political landscape, legislators and congressmen, both in favor or against reform, are seeking alternatives to the undocumented immigrant influx in the United States. Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.), chair of the House Judiciary Committee, is especially against the protections offered by President Barack Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Read More

Younger Cuban-Americans trading in Republican red for some Democratic blue

According to the U.S. Census report, Florida has become the third most populous state, right behind California and Texas. Research shows that Florida residents have also gotten older, making Florida the state with the highest rate of residents aged 65 and above. With the number of aging Floridians who have long influenced the swing-state politics, Read More