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An argument for Puerto Rican Statehood

photo credit: Eva Fontañez

“I am not afraid to fail. I dare to ask questions. I will never resign myself to injustice. I believe in equality for all Puerto Ricans. I bow only before God and my conscience.”   Bold and passionate words from spokesperson, educator, and civil rights activist, Edwin Pagán Bonilla. Born and bred in Paterson, NJ, Read More

Latinos environmental and electoral impact

It’s no secret that Latinos hold power in determining how our political system will change. Latinos are a key force if politicians want to make a change, simply due to the amount of Latinos. While immigration, education, and the economy are usually seen at the top of the list, conservation and the environment have also Read More

Uruguay’s Mujica has strong sentiments about Guantanamo Bay detainees

Uruguayan President Jose Mujica said that he is continuing to work with the Obama administration to have those imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay transferred to his country. President Mujica went on to comment further and felt the need to add that this is a disgrace. These are strong comments. These comments were made when he was Read More

Things to consider in Obama’s immigration reform delay

By now you must have heard that President Barack Obama has yet again delayed executive action on immigration.  Obama previously promised to make a change by the end of summer.  He will now wait until after the November Congressional elections.  Some are saying this was a political move, as if it could be anything other Read More

A Latino heart

New Mexico Attorney General Gary King has been asked to issue an apology for saying that Gov. Susana Martínez “does not have a Latino heart”, a statement that was captured on video. Both King and Martínez are competitors in the gubernational race, with King holding a private fundraiser on Saturday, quoting activist Dolores Huerta about Read More

For Congressional candidate, immigration issues “hit home”

For California Senator Norma J. Torres, identifying with the thousands of Central American children pouring into the United States couldn’t feel more personal. After all, she was born in Guatemala and immigrated to the United States as a child. Senator Torres was just a little girl when her parents told her she would be visiting Read More

Latino stop-and-frisk

Testimony from New Orleans residents Yestel Velazquez and Wilmer Palma about being arrested along with 11 other Latinos by ICE, a nightmare Velazquez knew would eventually become reality, is just one of the many accounts regarding ICE seeking Latinos to deport, especially in New Orleans, have men like Velazquez fearing going outside. New Orleans has Read More

Uruguay and marijuana

Marijuana legalization isn’t only affecting the United States. Uruguay boasts the first government controlled marijuana market; they’ve been trying to suppress their marijuana trafficking in many different ways. Similar to the United States’ “war on drugs”. Even as Uruguay fights this trafficking it continues to increase. Giving up on fighting marijuana trafficking, Uruguay has turned to Read More

Census shows economic divide

How much are you worth? The U.S. Census Bureau has been keeping records of your net worth every year. The reason the U.S. keeps track of your annual income is because it is an important indicator of the nation’s economic well-being. Household wealth is determined by the total market value of assets of every member Read More

Make voting a priority

The Latino vote is important and hard to convince. According to Fox News only 11 million Latinos voted in the 2012 elections. Sounds like a decent number. Not when compared to the 28.8 million Latinos that will be eligible to vote by November. With the new immigration battle it’s expected that more Latinos will vote Read More