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Latinos and the Civil Rights Act of 1964: How much has really changed?

The Guardian

This year, Americans are set to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act. Prior to the effectiveness of the landmark legislation, Latinos and African-Americans had to face, on a daily basis, the consequences of legally-established racism. Five decades later, it is time to reflect on how much it has accomplished and how much Read More

Roman Catholic Church comes out for immigration reform

Photo: Wathiq Khuzaie / Getty Images

The immigration question has long been heavily contested here in the United States. The issue is one that Latinos and others wanted resolved. The Catholic Church, more so now that they have a Latino pope, in Pope Francis, has pushed the issue here as well. The polls taken on the topic say that Americans have Read More

The cultural shift strikes the Republicans

Charles Dharapak, AP

In 2004, George W. Bush was re-elected President of the United States after receiving more than 40 percent of the Hispanic vote. Eight years later, in 2012, Mitt Romney faced an embarrassment and only 27 percent of Latinos, eligible to vote, supported the Republican candidate. What happened during those eight years to make Republicans perform Read More

Former Miss Universe cries out “Your Voice Is Your Power!”

The media is a platform on which people’s voices can be heard from other parts of the world. In this case, it is the voice of Miss Universe 2009 that needs to be heard. In her latest photo shoot, she is gagged, tied up, crying tears of blood for a campaign aimed at human rights Read More

Obama and Congress continue pointing fingers on immigration reform

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“The blame and responsibility to end this crisis that is ripping apart 1,100 families each day falls on individual House members who can sign the petition and move legislation to the floor. We know the votes exist in the House to pass immigration reform. We expect everyone who’s been saying they support a path to citizenship Read More

Latinos are flexing their political muscle in California

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The growing Latino population has been a key talking point for politicians in recent months, and with good reason. This month California joined New Mexico as the second state in the union where the Latino population surpassed whites. The Latino population in California has risen to 39 percent leaving non-Hispanic whites in a close second Read More

Are there enough Latinas in government?

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In recent years Latinos have made themselves present in politics and business in the United States. Latinas however, consist of only one percent of U.S. Senators and House Representatives, or two percent of U.S. Congress. In the history of the United States, there has never been a Latina to hold the position in the U.S. Read More

Uruguay’s Mujica makes moves on marijuana and same sex marriage

Huffington Post

Arguments on both sides have been made. All that can be said, has been. Now it has been decided. Uruguay found itself in international headlines after President Mujica legalized government-controlled production and sale of marijuana while also touching  upon the legalization of same sex marriage. His reasoning for both appears clear and concise. Uruguay’s unparalleled Read More

The wearing of the green is a bit dry this year

St. Patrick’s Day parade organizers for two of the country’s largest parades have been given huge wake up calls. New York City and Boston, cities with large Irish-American populations, have parades which will proceed without their mayors and without their larger sponsors, beer companies. Both city’s parade organizing committees have been under fire, for many Read More

Is Ann Coulter afraid of the “browning” of America?

Ann Coulter

Republicans seem to lack the ability to learn from past mistakes. After losing big the last presidential election partly due to a shameful voting performance among Latinos, it seemed clear that appealing to the Hispanic community and minorities in would be a top priority. Apparently, they forgot to inform the Republican majority in Congress. They Read More