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Uruguay and marijuana

Marijuana legalization isn’t only affecting the United States. Uruguay boasts the first government controlled marijuana market; they’ve been trying to suppress their marijuana trafficking in many different ways. Similar to the United States’ “war on drugs”. Even as Uruguay fights this trafficking it continues to increase. Giving up on fighting marijuana trafficking, Uruguay has turned to Read More

Census shows economic divide

How much are you worth? The U.S. Census Bureau has been keeping records of your net worth every year. The reason the U.S. keeps track of your annual income is because it is an important indicator of the nation’s economic well-being. Household wealth is determined by the total market value of assets of every member Read More

Make voting a priority

The Latino vote is important and hard to convince. According to Fox News only 11 million Latinos voted in the 2012 elections. Sounds like a decent number. Not when compared to the 28.8 million Latinos that will be eligible to vote by November. With the new immigration battle it’s expected that more Latinos will vote Read More

Border crisis about character, not politics

Emma Lazarus writes “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free” in her famed sonnet New Colossus, or more commonly known as the Statue of Liberty poem. Lazarus, the daughter of Portuguese Jews, would be rolling over in her grave if she could see the humanitarian crisis at the U.S. Read More

Equal protection under the law (except Latinos)

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Custom & Border Patrol (CBP) can deport what they call “recent border crossers” that bypass deportation hearings before a judge. What they fail to mention is that ‘recent’ can mean up to three years living in the U.S. and ‘border’ can mean 100 miles from any land or sea Read More

Summer internships: DC style

Many Summer internships involve young college students running around getting coffee and filing papers. For two young Latinos, Jonathan Alvarez and Alfonso Toro their internships were a little different. The two spent the Summer in Washington, D.C., where they interned with political figures such as Gloria Negrete McLeod. The young men were able to sit in Read More

Covert operation revealed

The Associated Press is reporting on an ongoing investigation into US Agency for International Development’s contractor program, which involves young Latin American recruits posing as tourists. Nearly a dozen young Latino revolutionaries were sent to Cuba in an attempt to identify “potential social-change actors” in the country. The young operatives served as democratic voices for USAID’s mission. The Read More

Immigration affects us all in the end

Charles Dharapak, AP

Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill stated, “I remember the president talking about people who have been here, people that have (followed the) rules, people that have American citizen children, that have established businesses, that have been in this country for years, that they deserve to stay in this country”. Many immigrants and supporters of immigrants want Read More

Republicans leave a bad taste

The Republican Party (GOP Grand Old Party) leaves a bad taste in the mouths of most Latinos. Proof?  In 2013, one poll found that 48% of Latinos relate “negative associations” with the GOP. Most of it has to do with immigration. Go figure. Latinos are willing to work with Republicans, however. Another poll says 61%, Read More

The Resigned Truth

Republicans and Democrats have long battled between immigration reform and immigration enforcement, especially when attempting to resolve the influx of thousands of kids from immigrant families that are here without their parents and siblings. History shows that throughout the sixties, the effort to address illegal immigration was continuously opaqued by crucial issues such as “civil rights, Read More