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The first hat has been thrown

The first term senator from the great state of Texas, Ted Cruz, has officially announced that he will be running for president. The senator made the expected announcement on  Twitter early Monday morning with a link to a 30 second video. “I’m running for President and I hope to earn your support!” Ted Cruz is Read More

HiIlary Clinton and the Latino Vote

We’re seeing many changes and opportunities for change in the upcoming 2016 elections for president, both in gender and ethnicity. The potential candidate for the 2016 presidential election Hillary Clinton is set to name the first Latina Chief of Staff to her campaign team for the White House. A name that Clinton plans to have Read More

Graffiti artists turn Mexico City walls into a protest

Several graffiti artists have been protesting once again throughout the City of Mexico. No, not the usual protest where people have signs, chanting for justice, but instead by creating murals on several different buildings across the city. This significant protest was brought together by Manifesto MX, according to Fusion this “manifesto seeks to make the Read More

Law vs executive order: Jeb Bush speaks

President Obama has addressed the nation on several executive orders permitting millions of undocumented immigrants that are currently living in the U.S. the chance to remain in the country without fear of being deported. The Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents (DAPA) and the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) programs Read More

Scanning fingerprints for groceries

Imagine living in a world that made you scan your fingerprints each time you bought groceries from the grocery store. Weird right? Venezuela will start the process of installing over 20,000 fingerprint scanners at supermarkets across the nation in a effort to stop the black market sales and panic buying which is believed to be Read More

Castro’s tacky home design

Have you ever stopped for a moment,  looked around your house or apartment and noticed you have random types of furniture with random colors that have no business being in the same room together? Well, maybe for some of us this might be the case, but what if you are filthy rich and have access Read More

Latinos in the world of political donations

Fundraising season has kicked into high gear recently and Latino donors are raising money to back up their political interests. In Washington, D.C., many off record campaigns are underway for next year’s elections and the nation will never know it until the red and blue themed commercials begin on your TV screens. The president of Read More

Janet Murguia and the Republican Party

Janet Murguia has been in the spotlight before, with her comments about the President calling him a “deporter-in-chief”. It is considered to be a highlight for some as a moment that reflects the frustrations of many people that feel negativity towards the Republican party. The Republicans have been targeted many times because they seem not Read More

Family fights for mother’s stay of deportation

“I served in a war in Afghanistan only to come back and fight another war with my own country?” A strong statement made by Army veteran, Sergeant Eric Narvaez has recently spoken to President Obama in the case of his mother being deported.  Eric’s mother, Esther Alvarado, returned to Mexico in 2007 to legally apply for Read More

Obama versus Hanen on immigration

Federal Judge Andrew Hanen, has delivered a deferred act towards President Obama action programs. Hanen has delayed the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and the Deferred Action for Parental Arrivals.  These two acts allow immigrants the opportunity to avoid deportation for three renewable years.  Hanen’s standpoint on the two is that the U.S. government does Read More