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Chile faces financial scandal

Michelle Bachelet is the President of Chile and an advocate of one of the least corrupt nations. It wasn’t until scandal  reached Chile that the 63 year old pediatrician met the criticism and controversy that rarely confronted the nation. Bachelet’s goal for her second term as president was to reduce inequality, yet it seems some Read More

Marines take a trip to Honduras

Marines are an important part of keeping us safe when trouble arises, especially when it comes to wars. Marines also are beneficial in keeping other countries safe. The Marines are headed to Honduras to carry out a special task forces exercise but there seems to be opposition with their impending arrival due to military actions Read More

Mixed reviews on Cuba’s removal from the terrorist list

Many have been following President Obama as he mentioned his plans to help remove Cuba from the terrorist list. With Obama adamant about this decision, and the recommendation of the U.S. Department of State, it seems as if it is smooth sailing. However, not everyone is in agreement with the President’s plan. Senator Robert Menendez Read More

Obama and Castro: The next step

President Obama continues to push for a better relationship with Cuba as he sets out for a summit meeting that includes Cuba after almost fifty years of isolation. There has been buzz as to whether or not to remove Cuba from the list of state sponsors of terrorism. This removal can also help efforts to Read More

Graffiti artists turn Mexico City walls into a protest

Several graffiti artists have been protesting once again throughout the City of Mexico. No, not the usual protest where people have signs, chanting for justice, but instead by creating murals on several different buildings across the city. This significant protest was brought together by Manifesto MX, according to Fusion this “manifesto seeks to make the Read More

Scanning fingerprints for groceries

Imagine living in a world that made you scan your fingerprints each time you bought groceries from the grocery store. Weird right? Venezuela will start the process of installing over 20,000 fingerprint scanners at supermarkets across the nation in a effort to stop the black market sales and panic buying which is believed to be Read More

Castro’s tacky home design

Have you ever stopped for a moment,  looked around your house or apartment and noticed you have random types of furniture with random colors that have no business being in the same room together? Well, maybe for some of us this might be the case, but what if you are filthy rich and have access Read More

Pelosi leads Democratic delegation to Cuba

U.S. Representative Nancy Pelosi will be holding a press conference in Havana from the diplomatic U.S. Interests Sections concerning relations between the U.S. and Cuba. Since President Obama and Cuba’s president, Raul Castro agreed to commence changes to normalize relations amongst the two nations on December 17, 2014, it brings hope after the relationship was severed Read More

Is slave reparation working in Brazil?

Slavery was abolished in Brazil in 1889. With many countries still dealing with racial separations and discrimination, Brazil is home to one of the largest slave reparations program.  “Quilombos” is term that describes the land occupied by runaway slaves. “Most of the inhabitants of quilombos (called quilombolas) were escaped slaves and, in some cases, later these escaped Read More

Terror in Paris

The woman behind the Paris attacks, Hayat Boumeddiene, had been seen crossing the Atlantic on more than one occasion, as confirmed by immigration authorities in Dominican Republic. She was spotted with her husband Amedy Coulibaly in Punta Cana on vacation. Dominican authorities stated that they had no way of knowing a passenger’s status as wanted Read More