Being Latino on Google Plus

Former Miss Universe cries out “Your Voice Is Your Power!”

The media is a platform on which people’s voices can be heard from other parts of the world. In this case, it is the voice of Miss Universe 2009 that needs to be heard. In her latest photo shoot, she is gagged, tied up, crying tears of blood for a campaign aimed at human rights Read More

Uruguay’s Mujica makes moves on marijuana and same sex marriage

Huffington Post

Arguments on both sides have been made. All that can be said, has been. Now it has been decided. Uruguay found itself in international headlines after President Mujica legalized government-controlled production and sale of marijuana while also touching  upon the legalization of same sex marriage. His reasoning for both appears clear and concise. Uruguay’s unparalleled Read More

“I’m Glad I Got Blown Up” Says Boston Bombing Victim


Well this is interesting, to say the least. James Costello (seen below), a Boston bombing victim, has gone across multiple media outlets saying that he can see the positive in his life having been injured during the terrorist attack. No, Costello hasn’t completely lost his mind. In fact he claims that he’s gained something more Read More

Sometimes a handshake is just a handshake!

Associated Press

The photo of President Obama shaking the hand of Cuban President (only because his older brother became too ill to do the job and the family business had to continue for a few more years) Raul Castro at the funeral service for the late Nelson Mandela reopened the question of U.S. engagement with one of Read More

Lillian Gomez, Accused of Feeding Autistic Boy Hot-Sauce Laced Crayons, Rehired (VIDEO)


In defense of Junot Diaz and love of la patria

By now we’ve all heard about the recent Dominican court ruling which intends to strip thousands of Haitian-descended Dominicans of their citizenship.  Not surprisingly, author Junot Diaz, Dominican to his core, has stood up in opposition to this ruling, calling it a “racist” act instituted by politicians, who are nothing more than “corrupt thieves.”  In Read More

Jay Z keeps his ‘rap’ shut on the wrong issue!

Ramon Espinosa, AP

Some Republican legislators having an issue with Jay Z and Beyoncé visiting Cuba, for their fifth wedding anniversary, is not a big deal on its own. It really doesn’t merit too much discussion. The embargo with its travel ban for average citizens is silly after fifty plus years of existence and is an easy way Read More

Is the price of freedom and safety—Vigilantes?

Global Post

Exact numbers of Mexican nationals killed in the fighting among rival drug cartels, the police, and government soldiers since the beginning of that nation’s War on Drugs are hard to come by. By the end of Felipe Calderon’s administration (2006–2012), the official death toll of the Mexican Drug War was at least 60,000, although unconfirmed Read More

Defining citizenship in the Dominican Republic

Ezequiel Abiu Lopez, AP

In a much anticipated ruling today, the U.S. Supreme Court on a vote of 5-4 decided that the children of undocumented immigrants born in this country do NOT qualify under the terms of the 14th Amendment as U.S. citizens. Further, the Court majority ruled that they, along with their parents, are eligible for deportation and Read More

Are Cuban doctors being forced into modern-day slavery?

Getty Images

The United Nations Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) has facilitated a deal between the Brazilian and Cuban governments, whereby 4,000 Cuban doctors will be sent to work in Brazil, partly due to Brazil’s dire physician shortage. In 2009, Brazil had only 15.1 physicians for every 10,000 people. In contrast, Cuba had 66.3 doctors for every Read More