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Education: Does One Size Fit All?

Written by: Libby Julia

Is a college education for everyone?  A small, though influential, group of economists and educators say not necessarily.   80% of college students who ranked in the bottom quarter of their high school class have a lower chance of obtaining a bachelor’s degree and even an associate’s degree.  Many of these students begin their quest for a degree, spending time and money with no degree for their efforts.

Though counseling these particular students towards a path different than the traditional college may be seen in a negative light, it could be a viable alternate plan for students who want a career but are not able to make it through college for financial or academic reasons.

There are many vocational programs that can prepare students for careers or provide a learning stepping stone towards the next phase in academic pursuits.

“Among the top 10 growing job categories, two require college degrees: accounting (a bachelor’s) and postsecondary teachers (a doctorate). But this growth is expected to be dwarfed by the need for registered nurses, home health aides, customer service representatives and store clerks. None of those jobs require a bachelor’s degree.” ~ NY Times

As the demands in the workforce change, so should educational alternatives.

New York Times

The Atlantic


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