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Sueña Sin Limites – scholarships for mothers and high school seniors [video]

We all know education is the key to advancing in modern society, but the question that remains on the minds of many pursuing higher education is: how am I going to afford it?

The Clorox Company, in partnership with the Hispanic Scholarship Fund, aims to ease this burden for six mothers and six high school seniors planning on attending an accredited U.S. university for the 2013-2014 academic year.

These twelve recipients will benefit from the “Sueña Sin Limites” Scholarship Program, which provides individual $10,000 scholarships.

“I come from a modest family, yet by focusing on my education and believing in myself I have been able to bring many of my dreams to fruition. It is that shared spirit of ‘reaching beyond the stars’ and the belief that education is the key to a great future that makes me so proud to partner with Clorox for this initiative,” writes “Pequeños Gigantes”  TV show host Galilea Montijo in a press release.

This amazing program aims to help those who would benefit most from continuing their studies. One person who knows the value of an education is Pegine Echevarria. Echevarria is the first Latina inducted into the Motivational Speakers Hall of Fame, having worked with various companies, including Citibank Collections Unit, PepsiCo World Headquarters, and the Mayo Clinic.

But this success only came after hardship. Echevarria was “a former gang member who transformed her life,” moving to Europe at the age of eighteen, starting and selling two businesses for profit before moving back to the U.S. to complete her education and eventually become a successful motivational speaker. She is now working with Sueña Sin Limites, sharing her story as well as motivational and career tips, available on the program’s website.

Applicants must submit an essay explaining how they plan to achieve their biggest life goals.
For more information, including eligibility, please visit the Sueña Sin Límites website.
You can access the application here: Sueña Sin Límites Scholarship Application.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author and should not be understood to be shared by Being Latino, Inc.


  1. Thanks for posting, I am a mother & student : )

  2. my son is a senior looking for a college and we need help

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