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Father accused of trying to sacrifice son in cemetery

A father is accused by police of attempting to sacrifice his 8 year old son. Police said that Joseph Ramirez, 30, took three of his children to the  Mount Hope Cemetery in San Diego and starting slicing the forearms of his 8-year-old son. Ramirez reportedly had been hearing the voice of his dead grandmother in his head.

The incident began while Jaymisha Pires and Corey Granberry, both 21, were visiting the cemetery to visit the grave of Granberry’s godson. Pires confronted Ramirez, begging him to release the boy.

Pires said Ramirez kept saying, “We’re going to Jesus, we’re going to Jesus.”

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  1. Seriously !!!

  2. wow.. smh

  3. He HAD been hearing voices yet recieved no psychiatric attention until he hurt his children. Smh

  4. Omg!! How horrible!:(

  5. Omg!! How horrible!:(

  6. Can we please sarcifice him?

  7. It’s called not taking his medication for being schizo… Those poor kids!

  8. Dats just sick poor lil boy :@(

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