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Finding purpose by connecting with our roots

Jessenia Martinez

As a psychic, when 2013 was approaching you would have thought I had a direct line to the Aztecs the way my email and phone were blowing up. I found an increase of both apprehension and excitement – was the world ending, ascending, changing? What was happening? Those who knew I was a bruja, but generally ignored that quirky piece of my personality once emboldened with a few holiday drinks of liquid courage wanted to know what the future held? They were feeling a little out of sorts, unfulfilled? What did I see? Since I always “see” a theme among my readings and meditations, not too mention my general conversations over a week.

Something one of my greatest teachers, Wayne Dyer, always discussed continued to float to the top of every reading and conversation “the shift from ambition to meaning.”  We are hardwired to work hard. Be the first one in and last one out, work harder, stronger, faster, but what happens when that doesn’t mean what we thought once we get to the top? As Latinos, our culture is grounded in meaning, in spirit and as we lose that connection we lose the connection to ourselves. Yet we also know the sacrifices of our parents and grandparents for us to do better and dream bigger—so we struggle. Sometimes I think we are fumbling around in the dark trying to figure out exactly what that means once we measure it against an Americanized culture, which is also finding itself fractured.

We sit in fear, chained to the golden handcuffs we have worked diligently to create. Trapped in the anxiety of rent, mortgages and credit card payments while yearning to act upon our creative urges. Knowing we have a deeper life purpose outside the walls of a cubicle or middle management, but not quite sure how we break free. We want to be with our spouses more, our families – spend more time in nature or quiet contemplation, but we have now tricked ourselves into thinking it’s a waste of time when we have one more email, phone call or meeting to schedule.  Upon meditating, spirit clearly said to me ‘once we shift from fear to liberation we will be filled with expectation, wonder and excitement because state of mind is where the power lies – state of heart is where the power comes from.’

We come from islands and lands where our ancestors connected to nature, to the drumbeat of their hearts. They listened to the signs in the wind, the sounds of the animals. They healed themselves from the roots of the lands and the crystals in the caves.  Of course, it is not in all of our purviews to find the beat of the islands in a concrete jungle, but even a hawk finds a ledge in a skyscraper to give birth to her next generation. Perhaps you can offer yourself fifteen minutes a day walking from the subway to your job to shut off the music and be present to listen to what spirit is saying. Hear what the next small steps are on your journey as you break the chains and find your own meaning.


By Being Latino Contributor, Robin Santos.

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  1. Barbie says:

    Ms.Santos – You NAILED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Gracias for the message. It will be Absorbed.

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