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Latinos have more friends of different races

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Few things in this world can be as comforting as a good group of friends. Generally, Latinos are a friendly bunch of people and according to a recent Reuters poll, we are most likely to have friends that are of a different race.

According to the poll, 40 percent of white Americans have friends that are primarily of their same race but not Hispanics! Nearly half of the Latinos that participated in the poll stated that their spouse or partner is non-Latino. For Latinos, only a tenth of those polled don’t have friends of a different race.

The percentage for white Americans might, at first glance, seem high but there are a few  things to take into consideration. One is that there are just  more white Americans in this country. The second reason is simply a matter of geography. If there aren’t any other races in your immediate area, it’s kinda hard to be friends with them!

When it comes to love and friendship, most West Coast states, including California, display more diversity. In the South, the percentage of people with friends of a different race is significantly lower. Even though it seems like part of the distant past, this may be in part because of the history of restrictions on interracial relationships in some parts of the country. In general, it seems that Asian Americans and Latinos are less strict about integrating.

Younger Americans are especially more likely to be in relationships or friendships with those of a different race. The Reuters poll shows that one third of Americans under the age of 30 are in relationships with someone of a different race. This number will only increase alongside the youth of the country.

It’s been said that the friends we keep are a reflection of ourselves. As our country becomes more diverse, the more that reflection will change. Racial lines will be blurred and we will all just find friendship based on what is on the inside instead of the exterior.


By Being Latino Contributor, Valeka.

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