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Mariela Dabbah is an award-winning, best-selling author of several books that help Latinos navigate the American system. Amongst her titles: “Latinos in College: Your Guide to Success”, “Help your Children Succeed in School,” “Help your Children Succeed in High School and Go to College,” “How to Get a Job in the US,” and “The Latino Advantage in the Workplace,” co-authored with Arturo Poire.

As a professional national speaker Mariela conducts keynote speeches, workshops and seminars for corporations such as General Electric, American Express, Exxon/Mobil, Citigroup, HBO, Goldman Sachs, Verizon, JPMorgan Chase, AIG, and McDonald’s, for professional associations such as the National Society of Hispanic MBAs, the Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting, the National Association of Hispanic Journalists and at universities such as Harvard, Yale, NYU and University of Michigan.


She is a frequent guest on TV and radio shows such as: “Good Morning America” “Today in New York”, “All things considered” (NPR), “Despierta América”, “Noticiero Univision con Jorge Ramos y Maria Elena Salinas,” News 12, and numerous other local and national shows. She’s currently the education/career online coach for AOL Latino “Tu Voz” and contributes to numerous publications and websites.

Since 2006 Mariela has been the National Spokesperson for McDonald’s Education Program for Latinos..

Mariela received her Masters degree in Philosophy and Literature from the University of Buenos Aires.

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