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Meet Urban Jibaro & Papo Swiggity

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We are a grassroots house of poetry and performing arts in New York City, formed in Brooklyn. Founded in March 2007, Capicu has already made it’s presence known in NY by featuring both veteran as well as up and coming performers of spoken word, prominent visual artists, up and coming entrepreneurs, comedians and select musical guests. We’re a partnership between the cutting edge event coordinator PaPo Swiggity and established online entity (Urban Jibaro), also supported by some of NYC’s most powerful artists & musicians including some of the elders from Nuyorican Poets Cafe.


We welcome all styles and poets, though our showcase is themed around our Nuyorican origins. We also develop open mic and featured artists events all across NYC and Long Island. We have a bi-weekly online radio show for the global community, you can listen to some of our archived shows.

Our current team is comprised of Papo Swiggity, Urban Jibaro, Boricua Goddess, The Guy, La Chica Que Pica, Ol SoUl, Dj Sambarella, Blaze-A-Page, Media Jester, and Evie Quintana and Divino DeNegro.

We use the principles of Edutainment to culturally enrich and empower our community. Here is a rundown of some of our proudest moments.

Opening night, March 2007. An audience of near 200, with over 20 open mic poets in a 3 hour event at Area51 Lounge in Brooklyn, a venue that had never seen poetry in its space before.

In December 2007, 2008 and 2009 we hosted the Pa’L Pueblo Toy Drive, which helped bring toys to over 100 children at a Bushwick United Headstart school. Here, we also formed a lasting relationship with world class artisans Taino Spirit, whose work you may see featured at the Museum of Natural History, the United Nations, and as the featured artists for Comite Noviembre 2008.

In February 2008, we brought legendary author Piri Thomas (of Down These Mean Streets) to our venue for the people of Brooklyn. Selected poets paid homage to Piri for his lifes work.

In March 2008, we brought Ernesto Quiñones to our anniversary show, who read a passage from his critically acclaimed book, Bodega Dreams.

In October 2008, we had the honor of featuring Jesus Papoleto Melendez, best friend of the late Pedro Pietri and one of the founding fathers of the Nuyorican Movement.

Later that month, in collaboration with Phi Iota Alpha Latino Fraternity we also featured Chi-town spoken word phenomenon Mayda Del Valle at Long Island University.

In November 2008 and June 2009, we coordinated the Casa Ana charity event featuring rising stars of spoken word and comedy for Orphans International World Wide, to benefit their project in formation in the Dominican Republic. Pulitzer Prize winning author Junot Díaz contributed a message of hope to the children of Azua in the Dominican Republic, the community of Washington Heights and Dominicans around the world.

Capicu Poetry has been featured on an opening segment of HITN TV’s Dialogo De Costa en Costa with Malin Falu in 2007, Latin Beat Magazine (May 07 Edition)

Our visitors have come from as far out as California to perform or catch our shows.. Come see why! We’ve been reaching out to all spoken word poets across the nation (established and on the rise), College students and many others we thought would like to lend support.

Artists/ General Contact:

Juan “PaPo Swiggity” Santiago
Cofounder & Talent Curator
Capicu Cultural Showcase
(718) 954-1066

PaPo Swiggity on Facebook

PaPo Swiggity on Twitter

Media/ Partnership Contact:
George “Urban Jibaro” Torres
Cofounder & Business Manager
Capicu Cultural Showcase
(347) 403-6898

Urban Jibaro on Facebook

Urban Jibaro on Twitter

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