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Spotlight Latino: Recognition isn’t just for celebrities

For good or bad celebrities get all the attention. But we Latinos are so much more than Ricky Martin or Jennifer Lopez. Many of us are successful in our own rights, and many after overcoming many obstacles. We at Being Latino want to tell those stories. The stories of Latinos Doing Their Thing.

It is time to share our stories AHORA!

If you or someone that you know is a “Latino/a Doing Their Thing” submit your or their bio to us ASAP!

A Latino Doing Their Thing is someone who has gone above and beyond to represent Latinos in a positive light, serving as a role model for other Latinos to look up to.

Examples of a Latino Doing Their Thing:

  • A Doctor who was born and raised in the projects of  “El Barrio” on welfare and has had an amazing story in between.
  • A Social Worker who has dedicated their life and profession to help a community of individuals in need.
  • A successful business owner who has worked from the ground up, has faced adversity and has survived.
  • A poet who dedicated his or her words to help inspire the youth.
  • A musician who uses music as a channel to voice political concerns to inspire a group.
  • and more…

Non-Examples of Latinos Doing Their Thing

* A person looking for a cheap form of advertising to sell a product and or service to anyone.

* A person who is looking for a way to put themselves in the spotlight for the mere possibility for fame and/or attention.

* … You get the point.

We want positive, uplifting and motivational stories that do not have limitations to a definition of “success.”

We want to be able to tell these stories from OUR perspective.

This is a great opportunity to showcase those who deserve it. We ask that you please spread the word, by updating your Facebook status, Retweeting, and/or blogs and vlogs about this initiative.

Our team will also be identifying those whom we have seen are avid supporters of the Latino community and have been active with Being Latino — So be on the lookout, we’re watching to see who is doing what and supporters will be recognized!

We look forward to hearing YOUR story.



1) Submit a 1 paragraph or less biography on the person that you are nominating.

2) Give a brief summary of why you feel this person’s story stands out and is different from the norm.

3) Please include links and contact information of the person that you feel deserves the right to be recognized.

Once submitted, the suggestion will go through Being Latino’s panel for an approval process. If approved the person will be featured in our Spotlight Latino section.

Click here to submit.

About Libby Juliá-Vázquez

Being Latino's Chief Content Officer, Libby Juliá Vázquez has been with BL since April 2010. She oversees all aspects of the online magazine's strategic direction including content and partnerships. She is also the owner of Write Media, a freelance writing and communications company. Her extensive experience has made her a sought-after expert in content, social media, and editing.

A self-proclaimed gypsy, Libby has lived in New York, Puerto Rico, and Utah, and now resides in Chicago.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author and should not be understood to be shared by Being Latino, Inc.


  1. and Jessica Lopez organizing workers in San Diego and Orange County

  2. ANd VOTE Jeremy Rosado on American Idol! Go Jeremy!!

  3. Here is a great organization that was formed by young latinos doing thier thing in Chicago…

  4. Can I sent Uleed your bio! LoL!

  5. In our company we hear about Latinos succeeding all the time! There is no doubt that Latinos are becoming more successful and influential in the United States.

  6. I’m so glad BL is doing this. I’m tired of all the #MindlessCelebrityWorship that has taken over this country!!!

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