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Afro Latinos

The term Latino is preferred by many in the community because it is better suited and more encompassing for the collective group rather than the term Hispanic.

By claiming that you are Latino, you are acknowledging that there are other ethnicities that you are comprised of rather than just being of European decent. The term Latino, most commonly embraces Afro and Indigenous backgrounds in combination with those that stem back to Europe. Although Latinos have come to grip with accepting that we are not direct descendants of the Europeans who conquered our lands, we still seem to have a tendency to claim that we are more White and/or European than Afro and/or indigenous.

afro latinos

I came across a trailer for a new movie called AfroLatinos Documentary. I suggest everyone  find some way to watch it. From what I see of the trailer, there are many great things that will further my education about this group of my people. As I always say, you can never know too much about anything.



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Lance is a millennial entrepreneur and founder of Being Latino, Inc and DigiBunch, LLC and partner and shareholder in Hispanicize Digital and Latina Mom Bloggers.

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  1. Fantastic artwork for the Doc., will look for it when it comes out as well.

  2. i always thought the term latino came from the fact that we as a people come from latin descent as our languages do, we all know the similarities in the spanish, french, italian, and portugese languages but what of the greeks that language also comes from latin so then are they not latinos as well? i believe there isnt really a term for us as a people, culture has led us to believe we should be classified, for god made us all equal no matter the color of the skin or the language they speak we are all his sons.

  3. beinglatino says:

    Actually Francis, here is how it is broken down:
    The term Hispanic (Spanish: hispano, hispánico) is a term, coined by the American Government, that historically denoted a relationship to the ancient Hispania (geographically coinciding with the Iberian Peninsula). During the modern era, it took on a more limited meaning, relating to the contemporary nation of Spain.

    The term Latino collectively groups those people of Latin America, including parts of the Carribean which traditionally taken over by countries of the Iberian Peninsula. The term collectively groups African, Indigenous as well as European decent.

  4. beinglatino says:

    Agreed. Spread the word. Any tips? This is my very first blog.

  5. I am happy that this being done, I feel people that look like me in Latin America are often forgotten. The Afro-Latinos numerically are more than 150 million of the Latin American population. In countries like Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Dominican Republic all have populations of 30%-50% of their population being of African blood. We as a society have forgotten about these Latinos that have contributed to the vast majority of Latin culture today. Think about it, where did the Congas come from or certain foods or howabout the song, La Bamba, all of African people…..UN GRITO PARA MI GENTE, AFRO-LATINOS!

  6. beinglatino says:


  7. Please post when you find out about Channel, Date and time…

  8. DeathStar says:

    Honestly, I’m not racist or anything, I have lots of Latino friends, but I kinda get offended sometimes when you Latinos refer to yourselves as “black” or any other variation of it. Yeah, you understand the “black culture” but you don’t have hair like us or skin like us, for the most part. (I know some of you are dark as Africans/African’Americans, but mostly you’re not. You’re hair comes from your European ancestors, and you only got a tint of our color. I tell my friends, when you talk about “blackness” don’t say “Us black people…..yady yady yady”. LOVE YOU GUYS, but you’re not black, although we all share the same root.

  9. DeathStar says:

    you’ve adopted a culture from us.

  10. Jessica says:

    Wow! This looks like an excellent documentary. I can’t wait to see it!

  11. Great first blog, there should be some emphasis of Latino’s African roots. Though slavery was the main reason for their existence in young Latin America, they still intermingled and immersed themselves as part of Latin American society. They brought music, dance, food and culture that is still rooted today in Latin American culture and society.

  12. Bob Hernandez says:

    This looks like a great documentary. Thanks for calling it to our attention, and please follow-up by letting us know where we can find it.

  13. 1) This blog is amazing! I have been an advocate for this for a long time because people don’t understand that there shouldn’t be a divide amongst African Americans and Latinos. Our separation in society especially in the United States is due to the “man” and the colonization that took place in this country. Why should someone like Christina Milian or Laz Alonso who identify as Afro-Cubano be forced on an inquiry card to choose between their blackness/identification of being from african descent and being latino???? There are forms that now say “check here for black-non hispanic, or latino/hispanic: Specify a) indigenous, (b) african, (c) european” That is ridiculous that our country forces people to choose a box. Even for people who are not latino/afro latino but are of mixed ethnicity. Why are they forced to choose? I’m really glad that they are making a documentary about this because there are TOO MANY people who are ignorant to the connections between Latinos and African Americans. People don’t understand that to be “Black” does not mean African American. However, African American is “Black”. It’s like how in math, a SQUARE IS A RECTANGLE but a RECTANGLE IS NOT A SQUARE.

    #######(2) @ DEATHSTAR!!!!##########

    Firstly, after reading your comment I noticed that your reasons for getting “offended” are simply due to your ignorance and arrogance. Secondly, who are you to tell somebody how to identify themselves by saying if they’re black or not. I don’t know what your idea of what “blackness” is or what being “black” looks like but Black people come in all colors, shades, shapes, and sizes brotha. I’m embarrassed by your ignorance to that which is why I am taking this time out to educate you and diversify and expand your supercilious and erroneous ideas you have about what being “Black” is. What you may not know, which is not all your fault because our government and education system in the United States is censored and they practice institutionalized racism, but *****ONLY 4% of Africans brought to the Americas as slaves came to the United States. Which means that 96%, yes that’s NINETY SIX PERCENT went to Latin America and the Caribbean.********* How do you think Haitans, Jamaicans, trinidadians, turks and caicos islands, St. Luccian Black people, etc. got there?! You think they just magically appeared. WRONG!!!! They were brought there as slaves by the British just how the Spaniards brought slaves to Cuba, Puerto Rico, The Dominican Republic, South America, and little to your knowledge even SOUTHERN MEXICO in heavily populated areas such Acapulco and Veracruz has a high amount of Afro-Mexicans. Brazil had a high number of slaves brought there by the Portuguese which is where the art form of capoeira martial arts dance came from, it was created by the slaves to work together as a community to fight the “master” and escape. The only difference between African Americans and Afro Latinos is a language barrier in case you didn’t notice, African Americans would be speaking Spanish too if Spain colonized North America instead of the British. You should look up the term “AFRICAN DIASPORA” and then we can finish this educational conversation because you are lucidly and immensely ignorant to history which again I do not blame comepletely on you however now that you have been given some of this knowledge I hope that you make the choice now to not continue to be ignorant because from this point on you make the choice to be ignorant now that you know different. And, FURTHERMORE, about you telling people whether they’re Black or not, who gave you the audacity and power and arrogance to decide that you can tell someone whether they’re Black or not. As you mentioned, “but you don’t have hair like us or skin like us”, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?! I really encourage you to go to Cuba (now that Obama made it legal), go to the Dominican Republic, go to Puerto Rico, Panama, and tell me whether you see people that you might think are “African American” on vacation there like you but yet they might just not understand you when you try to speak English to them! Who do you think built the Panama Canal just like the railroads in the United States?!?! AFRICAN SLAVES!!! The reason why Latinos just go based on their countries of birth which is their nationality is because it is too complex due to colonialism to say well, “my grandmother was half African and Half Indigenous, my father was european and Indigenous so that makes me…”. 80% of Latinos are a Mestizo, or a mezcla (MIX) of those three different ethnic groups of people. Where do you think the instruments such as the congas, the bongos, and rhythmic movements came from in many of the latin dance styles?! Africans!!!! who were slaves in those countries and were either raped by the europeans in that country or chose to intermix and make mixed children just like what happened here in the United States. And you can’t tell someone whether they’re Black or not because of their hair texture or skin color. And if you really want to know something else, which this might “offend” you, but 80% of “Black” people/African Americans are not 100% ethnically of African Descent. Most African Americans have Native American and/or European blood running through them as well due to colonialism and slavery. So you can’t tell someone whether they’re Black or not. What about Halle Berry, you’re gonna tell me because she’s not as dark as an African immigrant fresh off the boat and has “good hair” that she’s not Black when that’s how she identifies but she’s only half Black? If your answer is, that she’s Black then you have contradicted your previous argument against Latinos saying that their hair comes from their European roots which makes them not able to identify as Black. If you say No, then you’re eliminating 75-80% of Black/African American people in the United States who are ethnically mixed with Black and something else by telling them that they’re not Black because they’re not “full”. Even Africans who were born and raised there such as in South Africa where the Dutch had colonized and you have children who were produced forcefully and by consent who are what historically in the United States would be called “mulattos”. SLAVERY happened in all of Latin America, not just the United States!!! So with that said, you cannot tell someone they are not Black because of their hair texture and skin color. You’re telling me that Tia and Tamara Mowry aren’t Black? there’s latinos darker than them, what about Vanessa Williams, Will Smith, Lionel Richie, Alicia Keys, Smokie Robinson WHO HAS GREEN EYES is not Black?! Or what about Cornell West?! You’re going to tell me that these infamous people are not Black? What about Beyonce? Did you not know that her mother is Creole (a mix of French, Spanish, BLACK, and Native American) who by your standards would not be Black because of her hair texture and color of her skin. Moreover, so it appears that you are going based off of your ignorance and inability to distinguish between a language barrier versus what people are actually ethnically comprised of which is stupid because what do you have to say about the different languages spoken in the continent of Africa, are any of them more Black than the other? What about Morocco and Egypt where people are typically lighter skinned but of which are both countries on the continent of Africa and ARE AFRICAN/BLACK? Are you going to say that they’re not Black? I really encourage you take all of this in and expand your cultural awareness because it is substantially and unfortunately limited right now. To conclude, Latina Magazine published an article in Spring 2009 after doing a genealogical study stating that “EVERY MEXICAN AMERICAN HAS AT LEAST ONE AFRICAN ANCESTOR”. So for you to tell someone who’s grandmother is African that they’re not Black because they would only be a quarter Black is OBSURD! Also, what about Angela Davis, She is light skinned, “good curly hair light brown/blonde hair”, who was also one of the prominent leaders and revolutionaries in the Black Panther Movement and was a Black Panther, are you going to say she isn’t Black? Because once again, you stated that Latinos/Afro latinos aren’t Black because they “don’t have skin or hair like us”, who is the “us” you’re referring to? “you????” I’m sorry but YOU don’t define what BLACK should look like, YOU are a part of what BLACK is but BLACK is a whole Diaspora of people (i hope you’ve looked up that term, i’ll make it easy for you, GO TO WIKIPEDIA) which would be redundant for me to say which spans across the globe (you would only understand that if you knew what the term meant). Lastly, what about the famous African American Poet Langston Hughes who was literally Half Black and Half White and was labeled a “Mulatto”. I know you’re not going to say he’s not Black right? He had extremely light skinnned with straight/wavy hair, so he could’ve easily been mistaken for Latino/Afro Latino if maybe what…all he did was SPOKE SPANISH?! I hope you learned a lot from this because you are part of the problem in our country, let me correct that, your WAY OF THINKING and FRAME OF CONSCIOUS is the problem in this country. Having a divide between Latinos and African Americans in the United States is ridiculous and stupid. Why do you think the government doesn’t teach us these things in
    school? Because they don’t want us to KNOW THE CONNECTION because if LATINOS and AFRICAN AMERICANS were to join forces WE (as one) would be an unstoppable force in the United States. And Deathstar, can you guess what I am???? Probably not.

    Thanks to the creator of this blog! Keep up the Work of Spreading this knowledge. This blog is well worthy.


  14. Nannie says:

    JC, you’re response was enlightening, informational, educational….shoot,I’m actually speechless! I wanted to address what DeathStar said, but you covered it from left to right and north to south. Thanks for sharing your vast knowledge on the topic of Afro-Latinos. It weighs heavy on my heart to know there is still such rampant ignorance on this topic….

  15. JC, very well put! An educated response.
    Deathstar, you need to realize that we also did not “adopt” a culture “us” that you speak of.
    Our culture is a celebration of ALL the colors we are made of.

  16. Tace Hedrick says:

    this looks like a great documentary. HOWEVER, there is one glaring problem: the trailer claims that “ALL” the indigenous peoples were wiped out by the Spanish. Not true; indeed they were decimated, but even in places like Puerto Rico and Cuba small numbers of the Tainos survived until today, and many people still have indigenous DNA. In places like Guatemala, 60% of the country is proudly indigenous. We need to be careful of overgeneralized statements.

  17. Death Star is an idiot. I am an Afro latina from Panama and the people of Latin America have a very rich culture that has nothing to do with black Americans culture oir Anglo culture.
    As a matter of fact , our culture is a mixture of indigenous, Spanish and African customs and we are very proud of our mixed cultural heritage.
    Another thing Caribbean free blacks built the Panama Canal. The canal was built in 1914 and slavery was already abolished across Latin America and the Caribbean.
    I am always amazed at how ignorant many black people are.

    Afro latinos are very proud of their identity and we do not want to be like any other persons.

    Afro Latinos are the new black in the US. They have taken over Hollywood and baseball. Afro latinas (women) are feminine and beautiful and their men are masculine and very attactive. We are the new black here and so be it.

  18. Finally,
    My padrino (godfather) who was from Cuba, told me the difference between Latino and Hispanic. And for years I thought I was the only one that knew this. Come to find out, we black Americans weren’t exposed to any of this in our history class or any where else.

    I am very grateful for him because he opened up the world to me on numerous fronts. Good looking out.

  19. Dayanra .

    Please don’t lump all black people in one category. This divisive technique is what keeps so many of us in the Diaspora from learning and benefiting from each other.
    There is a lot of ignorance in the United States period, which is unfortunately part of the democratic way. I think if people actually were aware of all the crap that goes on, they would exercise their rights and make better decisions. But come on…that’s too hard for most “Americans”. Most want to point the finger, instead of learning for themselves. And, when they can’t learn they create fiction.

    I use to live in Fla., I have seen St. Augustine, Fla, and I went to Jamestown. Yet, in the history books over here, it says that Jamestown, VA is the oldest city in the America. When it is actually St. Augustine, Fla. So why do the history books lie? To protect a certain interest. The same reason why they keep saying Columbus discovered America.

    I did extensive research for myself and learned that the Spanish and Portuguese were responsible for bringing Africans to the Americas. In fact, the first Africans brought to the Americas were probably familiar with the Portuguese and Spanish language because they were from the Kongo.

    I am not trying to defend or offend, but another issue that has taken place in the States, which is different in the Caribbean and Latin America, is the one-drop rule. Are you familiar with that? Not trying to lecture (smile), but the rule was that if you have one-drop of black blood in you, you’re classified as being Black. This is what changed the cultural dynamics for many African Americans because it was either/or. As a result, many of us with European (Anglo or Spanish), Native American or other “ethnicities” couldn’t claim it. And, that became the norm to this day. Interesting thing, I had a neighbor growing up in Detroit named Ms. Garcia (many of us have Spanish last names by the way – I know it doesn’t make us Latino, but follow what I am saying), we never looked at her differently. Even though her and the kids knew a little Spanish and now that I learned about criolla cuisine, she cooked Puerto Rican dishes. We never asked, “What are you?” because she looked like us. She was seen as being black, a product of the one-drop rule thinking. It wasn’t until I became much older that I learned that Ms. Garcia was probably Afro-Puerto Rican.

    Sorry to be so long-winded. My point is, let’s share. By the way, I was under the impression that Africans brought from Jamaica built the Panama Canal. Not sure, but that’s as far I have gotten with my research into the subject. Let’s help each other out.

    Peace (Smile)

  20. By the way,

    Do you have a good Panamanian ceviche recipe? :)

  21. Yeah JC

    This census thing is stupid, but they will never get rid of the one-drop rule. As I was looking at this thing, I must admit…I filled it out because I didn’t want them coming back hounding me for the next two months. But, as I completed it, I was amazed at how they pigeon-hole people. I was just thinking about how many African Americans have European and Native American ancestry within them. Not to mention, not all African Americans have African ancestry from the States, some of our relatives come from the Carolinas, Florida, Louisiana, which are coastal states with a lot of diversity. This is interesting because i just discovered that my great-great-great grandmother was most likely a Geechee from the Carolinas brought to Mississippi, which is totally different from other geographical areas. Anyway, can we put this on a ballot? Not even.

    The other thing that gets me is the whole concept of Blackness. I understand why it was created but I think it is outdated and misleading. I take offense that people claim Clinton was the first Black president, that’s stupid. It’s not funny because it equates our culture with music, adultery and marijuana smoking. But, that’s the American way, I guess. People unfortunately associate the color, with the culture, with the people, which can all be wrong.

    I appreciate how my padrino (godfather) classified himself as being Black in an attempt to define his culture but Cuban. His wife, which was much lighter them him with hazel eyes, reminded me of one my childhood godmothers, classified herself the same way. It made me take a step back.

    Well, sorry to rant. Good looking out. I understand the idea Thanks

  22. Yes, everything you said is correct. The census was unbelievable. One of my roommates who is Honduran, was going down the list and as you know it asked if: “You are of hispanic/lainto origin check here”, so he checked the box. Then the next category asks “identify if you are white, Black, Asian, Native American”. This guy was gonna put down White. I had no choice but to call him out. My roommate has a drum that he plays all the time because he’s learning how to play the drum as a part of a Punta (Honduran music/dance) music group/band. I said, how the hell are you going to mark that ur latino and put white?! That drum you’re over there playing on sure as hell didn’t come from europe did it? learn where your roots are really from. After i pointed out the drum fact he realized that what i said is true. So he ended up marking black. But it’s just amazing to me in a bad way how many ppl are just like my roommate was and will mark white ont he census because they “know they’re not black” so they assume that’s the next thing they’ll associate themselves with. Crazy. But glad you’re on the same page. And I do have to say, that from my personal experience with different latinos, Cubans have always had the most pride with their african roots i they had them (meaning not including the pure spanish cubans). So i’m not surprised at all when you mentioned your padrino identified as black but cuban. It’s because we also get our terms of “nationality”, “ethnicity”, and “race’ mixed up and thrown around as meaning the same thing. But nationality means your country of birth. That’s why there’s white people who were born in south africa or wherever and say that their nationality is south african. Ethnicity means your ethnic geneological background/heritage. So that white south african’s ethnicity would really be Dutch (or somewhere else in europe). And so that’s why you can have black cubans b/c they’re born and raised from that country but ethnically they ar eof like your padrino african descent. A lot fo people just aren’t aware that nationality and ethnicity can coexist. But anyways man, that’s great you have a solid understanding. Try to educate others around when you can.

  23. OpenMinded1 says:

    LOL. And who says YOU own rights to the term “black”? There are other blacks that probably may say that you are not black or black enough!

    If Latinos in YOUR opinion are not black then who the hell is really black and what is black? Black is ambiguous. Also so called black people don’t have so called 100% black ancestry.

    If we follow your ignorant logic of Latinos or Afro Latinos for that matter of not being black then I guess people like Zoe Salana, Faizon Love, Melissa De Sosa, Shar Jackson, Tatyana Ali, Merlin Santana, Trina, Fabolous and a host of other famous celebrities are NOT black. After all they are actually fully Latinos but at the same time racially identify as black. So by you saying that Latinos are not black or that Latinos can’t be black or that there are no black Latinos that exist you are excluding a great number of famous “black” celebrities from the black community and people. You don’t know how many countless number of people you assume in society are actually black but are actually of Latino origin. So be careful what you say.

    Also how the hell can you freaking generalize all Latinos and say they have “good” hair and that it comes from European ancestors? In that case I guess famous African Americans and West Indians and even Africans are NOT black either as many of them have European ancestry. You know AAs are not pure black.

    Think before you speak because you are speaking ignorance. There are over 200 million blacks and African descendants living in Latin America and the Caribbean. So don’t dictate who and what can be black.

    You will contradict yourself in the long run by claiming who and what is not black.

    Gilbert Arenas is actually of Cuban descent btw so is he not black?

    Carmelo Anthony is Puerto Rican descent so is he not black? Just curious.

    Learn history. HISPANIC/LATNO is NOT a race.

  24. OpenMinded1 says:

    Actually the term Latino is somewhat European based as well. Latino is essentially LATIN and that derives from Rome and the Romans which then conquered Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, and Romania so it goes back to Europe as well.

    Hispanics are only one type of Latinos or Latin based or formed people etc.

    Haitians and Brazilians are NOT Spanish speaking Latin Americans but they fall under Latin because Haiti speaks FRENCH and French creole while Brazilians speak Portuguese. Brazilians would be LUSITANIC

  25. OpenMinded1 says:

    Regarding the Republic of Panama, the majority of AFRODESCENDANTS in the Republic of Panama are descendants of African slaves brought to Panama during the Spanish colonial and Colombian periods. Panma was an integral part of Colombia until 1903/1904 and officially until 1921/1922. These usually Roman Catholic Spanish speaking Hispanic(ized) blacks/Afrodescendants in Panama are known respectively as AFRO COLONIALS, and other names related to subsets of Afro colonial groups are come cocos(coconut eaters), playeros(beach dwellers), negros coloniales, negros afro coloniales, Congos(for the Congo group, which is an Afro Panamanian brotherhood tribal/ritual like group kinship etc similar to the Congos of Villa Mella in Dominican Republic), and they are also known as negros nativos. AFRO COLONIALS can be found in EVERY province in Panama in varying degrees.

    As for the other group of Afrodescendants in Panama, the other group is called Afro Antilleans or Afro Antillanos. This is the group that descends from people that came from the English speaking Caribbean islands first for the Panama Railroad and the French Panama Canal Projects, and Bocas Del Toro banana plantations between 1840s and 1904, and the USA Panama Canal project after 1903/1904. The Antilleans/West Indians that arrived after 1904 are the ones that had more of a prescence and impact on Panama. West Indians that came before 1904 and settled in the mainly Spanish speaking Hispanic Panama which was then part of Colombia had virtually assimilated or adapted the culture and fit in as bonafide hispanos. Antilleans though today have gradually assimilated in Panama or have emigrated elsewhere etc.

    Given Panama’s strong and long connection and history as and with Colombia, many Afro/Black Colombians have migrated to the isthmus of Panama adding to the long continual flow of Afro Colonials and historical/cultural continuum.

    That is the Republic of Panama for y’all lol.

  26. @ Landofkam and @ Openminded1…simply thank you for acknowledging and educating Daynara and Death Star hoping that their ignorance is now alleviated and replaced with knowledgeable information. Let’s remember the connections between African Americans and the entire African Diaspora, especially in Latin America.

  27. Jean Pierre says:

    Latinos came from Italy and established their presence in the Iberian peninsula. If you look at a old Roman maps they called Spain Roman Hispania If you take Italian and move around the letters you get Latin the language spoke by many of Romans territories. Romantico is derived from Roman and in English is Romance.

    When the Spanish invaded the new world they were Spanish and eventually Criollo people meaning the people of Spanish decent but born in the new world. Now if you were born in the new world & not born in Spain you could be discriminated & not given high positions. The Hispanic/Latino was the new name of these people born in the new world that were born in the Americas of Spanish decent. It was just a way to trace your roots to where you were from originally. If you were noble origin many could trace their roots back to Rome in Roman Hispania and they called themselves the Latinos. Eventually it became one Hispanic/Latino but then the new Name became Espana when the Roman Empire fell and people just called themselves Spanish or espanoles.

    Example if y0u say you are Hispanic and you are from the Americas you are saying your ancestors came from Spain & if you said Latino you are saying that your roots go all the way back to Italy. Really Spanish & Italian are super similar languages and if you speak one well then many of the words can be easily identified.

    Now if you are saying that you can call Sammy Sosa & Felix Trinadad Latinos or even Hispanic you are saying that they can trace their roots to Spain or Italy & their family roots are European. Now if you say that of Selena Gomez, Ricky Martin, or Christopher Columbus it would actually make sense. Just an example Christopher Columbus offspring would need a way to connect with the homeland of their ancestors so Latino would make this connection. A lot of Roman soldiers married women from Hispania and this is another reason people make the connection to Italy & the Spanish which is how Hispanic/Latino was derived.

    Now if you say Afro Latino it makes the connection to African origin & you are from Latin America. Words are not just there they mean something. It is a way to identify where you are from. Now Just because you eat Bannas and they are called Platinos or it chicken & rice or Arroz con pollo on the same Island doesn’t mean you have the same roots. A good example of this is the Dominican Republic Sammy Sosa & Alfonso Soriano both have Spanish names but if you comapire them to Evan Longoria & Jorge Posada you see a difference. MLB will call all of them Latin Player however it is not really correct. Example many of the MLB Players from Cuba actually avoid Latino and call themselves Afro Cuban so their is no confusion. Why because of the racism that existed in the island & never being accepted as a true Latino. Afro roots African & 2nd part from Cuba.

    Now the difference in the Dominican Republic was they need to convince the Africans to fight for on the side of the Hispanic/Latinos by convincing them they were not African but Latinos. Haiti was the first black independent nation and want to end slavery throughout the island. In order to form resistance you need man power & the rest is basically easy to figure out. This is why their is so much racism between Dominicans & Haitians. This is why Dominicans call themselves Latinos/Latinas & not Afro Dominicans. Their is a saying that if you tell a lie enough times people will actually believe it. Example Rush Limbaugh/Glenn Beck/Shawn Hannity saying Barak Obama is a Muslim. This is incorrect he is a Christian however they continue to say it & ignorant & easily manipulated people believe it. Same with the birthers saying he was born in Kenya. Their are morons in the world that believe lies that are intended to manipulate them.

    You see Tori Hunter was right Sammy Sosa is an Impostor but he has it the wrong way. If you bleach your skin to be lighter and put in green eye contacts you are then crossing the line & saying you are of a different origin. However if Tori Hunter is to stupid to understand history that is just ignorance & should maybe read a few more books about the African diaspora. Tori’s Ancestors just got sent to North America while Sammy Sosa stayed in the D.R or Hispaniola. tori doesn’t have the exclusive rights to Blackness or is he the Spokesmen for Africans since he has not real knowledge of the history of Slavery. What he may want to do is do some research and get the facts before speaking about who is black and who is not black.

    The reason Tori Hunter says Sammy Sosa is not black is because you will see Sammy Sosa attend the Latin Grammys and other Latin events however have u ever seen him attend the BET awards or other events that are for black people. Probably because he doesn’t consider himself a black person. However he is not the only one. Rosario Dawson, started a movement to vote Latino but what has she ever done to help Africans represent themselves not just in the U.S but Latin America where they are under represented and not even counted. Where racism is high and many people are not considered of Latin Orgin? The answer is nothing.
    If you were to ask people what races Rosario Dawson & Zoe Saldana look you would get African & if you asked Selena Gomez & Demi Lovato you would get Hispanic/Latina Why? Well because their is a look closely or typically associated with both that goes back centuries

    What race does Rosario Dawson look mostly?

    Compaired to Selena Gomez & Demi Lovato who mostly got Hispanic/Latino or even Mexican. With Mexican their can be
    a percent of Native American included depending on the person.
    Example Hernan Cortes conquered the Aztec was the first to have a union with a Native princess who was his translator and guide. Also some Native Americans helped and Joined in rebelling against the ruling Native American class who sacrificed many indigenous people. When they had the chance the changed side to help Europeans change their society. Of course their were abuses and even unjustified acts that were uncalled for by the Spanish Conquistadors
    What race are Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato?

    In fact the Caribbean & Brazil had the highest amount of Slaves imported. Each has 4 to 5 million range where America only had around half a million. Slavery was already practiced in Africa when the Europeans or Portuguese came to Africa. The first slaves were captured in war and made to work but once they were sold or exchange to Europeans they could be kidnapped or stolen against their will.

    If you were to DNA test Torri Hunter & Sammy Sosa you probably find their are more related to each other than. Sammy Sosa & Oscar De La Hoya or Sofia Vergara I just wonder how many Julius Caesers or I mean Julio Cesars were named after the after the Roman Emperor in Spain when he reigned over the Roman Empire?

    If you get a chance I recommend this telenovela if you understand Spanish. La Pola

  28. Jean Pierre says:

    Latin is a Lenguage that originated in Europe Italy to be precise. This is why Latinos have European traits & share similar genetic features. I guess to put it simple a Latino/Latina could go to Spain, Portugal or Italy and be mistaken for a citizen due similar features. Example Sofia Vergara She could go to Italy, Spain or Portugal and blend in? quite easy. Now if Sammy Sosa or David Ortiz went they would think he is African even Rosario Dawson or Zoe Saldana would be classified as African in those countries no one would consider these people as people who originated from these countries our even Latino or Latinas.

  29. Jean Pierre says:

    Here is a good documentary on Afri Latin Americans

  30. Jean Pierre says:

    Black Beauty – Afro Latinos – Belleza Afro Latinos

  31. Jean Pierre says:
  32. Jean Pierre says:

    Why is it that Antonio Banderas, Penolope Cruz who are Spanish get mistaken

    for Latino & play Latino parts? Why is it that Tiziano Ferro & Laura pausini who are Italian can cross over so? easily& sing in Spanish? Why because Latino has a typical look! I read where Lala Vasquez who doesn’t even say here name correctly was stating that she would not be consider for the typical Latina parts. Well their is a reason for that she is not a typical Latina Zoe Saldana made the same statement. It is crazy

  33. Jean Pierre says:

    ArLenis Sosa Dominican Model
    Ok just to add more credibility to what I have said listen to this if you under stand Spanish I will also translate for you both in English & Spanish
    Let me translate to English for the people who don’t understand Spanish. They called her the Black Princess. They also said she was the? first Black person to win a contract with Lancome & to bad people she all ready has a boyfriend. Go to this site if you want to know what Hispanic/Latino is
    The don’t call here latina they call here La Princessa Negra la primer Negra para trabajar por esta firma Lancomb. She is super hot & any man would be lucky to have her but she is not consider Latina or Hispanic. Having a Latinized name doesn’t make you Hispanic or Latino/a Speaking Spanish doesn’t make you Hispanic/Latino either. African Americans speak English & they are not Caucasian. Eating? Arroz con Pollo doesn’t make u His/Latino Everyone eats pizza & it doesn’t make us all Italian.
    I don’t even think they called her Afro Latina or atleast i didn’t hear it.

  34. Jean Pierre says:

    To say that Arlenis Sosa or Sessilee Lopez or even or Luis Felipe Cortes have to be mixed is an insult to black people. You are saying that in order for a black person to be beautiful they must be mixed. That is total bs. I here that every one in Puerto Rico & Cuban & Dominican is mixed but this is false. Oh yeah & if you get a chance check out Luis Felipe Cortes in this telenovela.

    La Pola he is Juliano

  35. Jean Pierre says:

    Fogot to add Juliano marries un Princessa Negra or Black Princess in the story.

  36. Jean Pierre says:

    People say that their is no racism in Latin America but that is not true. Here is the video to prove it.

  37. Jean Pierre says:

    Osmel says their are no black Venezuelans & thats why they can participate in the beauty contest but their are Colombian black beauties. No hay Venezuelan Negras Bonitas en Colombia si.

  38. Jean Pierre says:

    Here is an interview with Sammy Sosa & at the end they ask him if he is proud of being black and he kind of looks away in disbelief. Es Sammy Sosa Orgulloso de ser Negro

  39. Jean Pierre says:

    People who are of African Descendentes that could go to Africa & blend in but not Spain, Italy, Portugal, as people of origin. Sammy Sosa, David Ortiz, Don Omar, Tego Calderon, Lala Vasquez, Zoe Saldana, Rosario Dawson, Arlenis Sosa, Super hot model, Sessilee Lopez, Manny Ramirez, Alfonso? Soriano, Carlos Delgado, Kalimba,(Mexico) actually claims his heritage one of his albums it title. Negro Claro, Pedro Martinez, Anyway U all get the point. Why are people confused. Just cause they speak Spanish

  40. Jean Pierre says:

    What is Hispanic/Latino. if u can go to Spain, Portugal, Italy and blend in and look like a citizen then u r most likely Hispanic/Latino. Example Sofia Vergara, (Colombia), Selena Gomez, (USA), Ninel Conde (Mexico), Maite Perroni, (Mex), William Levy, (Cuba), Anahi Giovanna, (Mex)? Gabriela Spanic (Ven) Jimena? Navarrette (Mexico) Juanes ( Colombia)

    U get the point. Some Mulattinos/Mulattinas can pass for Hispanic/Latino & also Mestizos as well. These people can’t pass as Afro Descendentes

  41. Daniel Ruiz says:

    @ Jean Pierre:

    What you fail to grasp in your numerous rants is that there is a huge difference between being Hispanic and being Latino. Being Hispanic means to be from Spain or the descendant of Spaniards. When applied to Latin America, being Latino is not about race or ethnicity. Just like anyone can be American, anyone can be Latino. There are Latinos who are asian, black, indigenous, white, and mixed. Further, there are also many Latinos who don’t have Spanish or Portuguese last names and who don’t speak Spanish or Portuguese. Stop applying European standards of being Latin (Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Romanian) on Latin America. They are two different standards. Just like there are different standards for being Indian (from India or Native American).

    Now is there a historical reason why some Afro-latinos refuse to solely call themselves black, yes. It is social racism which varies in different countries. Think of those who are in denial in the same way as how some Louisiana Creole refuse to just say they are black.

    However, in other nations Afro-Latinos have no problem declaring themselves black. You mention Tego Calderon, have you ever listened to his lyrics? The man sings constantly about having pride in being black, having African features, and being Puerto Rican.

    Remember being Latino is not about your skin color, the language you speak, or your last name. If you believe that then you were misinformed.

  42. Jean Pierre says:

    Yes, actually Tego Calderon actually has never denied being Afro Latino and I forgot to put that down like Kalimba. I guess you fail to see what I am saying. Maybe in America you can go by and be seeing as Latino, but Latinos in Latin America don’t call people of color Latino. and even some mulattoes & Mestizos can’t get by and are called Indio & not Latinos. This oh I am from Latin America is bs no one cares if you are from Latin America. I could list example after example. Trust me Japanese people form Peru are not consider Latino they are considered Asian. People just claim it to try and fit in. The mixed is where it gets very tricky. If they have the Latin look which is light skin then they can fit in with out being noticed then they can pass as Latino/Latina

    I will display another example to prove what I am saying is true. Negro means black. This is why Black Cubans were one of the first to call themselves Afro Cuban and not Latinos even though they are a part of Latin America
    Pitbull US/ Cuban.

  43. Jean Pierre says:

    Celia Cruz- La Negra tiene tomba. She is talking to her people saying be proud of who you are. Listen if you want to be Latino/Latina adelante call yourself that. I am just saying their is a difference between Reality & Pretend.

  44. Jean Pierre says:

    Ok I will stop what you call my so called rants and just add vdeo evidence. Only in America United States is where Sammy Sosa & the African Island of Dominican Republic he is viewed as Latino however all over Latin America he is not viewed that way. Just because you become a baseball star and make a lot of money it doesn’t change the lives of the majority or how they are viewed and treated. Remember it was Latin Media who jumped all over the Sammy Sosa skin bleaching scandal it was bigger than the Latin Grammy’s.

    This video may be offensive to some so do not play it, however it is a reality that blacks have to deal with in Latin America.

  45. Jean Pierre says:

    The sad part is that Dominican Republic actually believe they are white and believe they are Latino that they treat Haitians with racism. Haitians are in Latin America and they are not Latino but I guess their is a double standard or something.

    I can’t believe that the Dominican Republic is so racist that they don’t give this guy a contract so he can help his family. Hypocrits. He is as black as Alfonso Soriano, or Sammy Sosa, or Arlenis Sosa, or Sessilee Lopez. ‘

  46. Jean Pierre says:

    It is an a illusion! However to Brazil credit they acknowledge their is not racial equality & that they are not viewed the same. They were one of the first to acknowledge Afro descendentes & Afro Brasilieros to acknowledge their roots and not sweep them under the rug or hide them.

  47. Jean Pierre says:
  48. Jean Pierre says:
  49. Jean Pierre says:

    I guess I have been misinformed you are right Daniel I made it all up.

  50. Jean Pierre says:

    Their are lies and their is the Truth. The truth is harder to swallow then lies and its up to each man to decide what he would rather believe in. The real world or the illusion of it. You their are examples of people living in the world of illusion and embrace it & deny their ancestors and millions of people trying to fight for equality. In the American black community it is called Sell out or Uncle Tom in Spanish Tio Thomas.

  51. Jean Pierre says:

    Hispanic/Latino is not forced people choice it on the Census form & to my knowledge their is no gun to peoples head. Michael Jackson had issues as well like many African Americans do and he had a song called Man in the Mirror.–qXTqNw&feature=related

  52. Daniel Ruiz says:

    Yes there is racism and racist jerks in Latin America who say blacks are not Latino. Just like how here in the US there are racist jerks who say that African-Americans are not Americans just blacks who happen to be here. But fyi those same racist jerks in Latin America don’t just discriminate against blacks, they also discriminate against Indigenous people, Jewish people, Asians, homosexuals, Arabs, etc.

    Are you seriously defining what it is to be Latino by what our most racist and vile members believe? That is like defining what it is to American based upon what idiotic white supremacists believe.

    As for the Asians in Peru not being Latino, one of them has already been President of the country and another is currently running for President. Are you telling me that the Asians currently holding Political office here in the US don’t consider themselves American? That all Asians in the US actually hold no allegiance to this country?

    I think I understand your sad beliefs now, in your mind being since there is racism in Latin America being Latino must mean being white or mixed with some European blood (mulatto or mestizo). All Asians, Black, Indigenous, Jewish, Arabs and mixed people with no European blood should leave an entire section of the world they have been in for hundreds of years (in the case of Indigenous people for thousands). By extension, according to your logic all non-whites should leave America since there are some racist in this country as well.

    Do you realize how misguided that is? Again there is racism in Latin America (an issue some of are trying to address), but saying blacks can’t be Latino because of racism is the equivalent of me saying blacks can’t be American because KKK says they are not. Stop basing your beliefs on what racist morons preach.

  53. Jean Pierre says:

    Obviously you have some insecurities cause I have never pushed White Power or the KKK or the Aryan race. I simply stated facts that I have supported with plenty of evidence to support what I have been stating. Where Latinos come from. It is actually people like you who keep the black race down by filling their heads with you are Latino or you are Hispanic, or you are from the White race like in the Dominican Republic & then discriminate against Haitians or African Americans & try to act like you are better then them.

    The Mediterranean race is actually added to the White race but a lot or true Latinos Latinas don’t claim to be from the true white Race (Nordics) Scandinavians but they don’t claim to be black race either(Sub Saharan African) either. I guess it was added to the White race because its features are more predominately white features because its in Europe so this is where most of its people come from. Also Mediterranean people and can have children with white skin & blue eyes, green eyes ect ect. .

    The Roman Empire to protect itself from the Muslims had to take North African away from the Muslims. It also protected against Sub Saharan Africans & acquire key ports in the Mediterranean sea. The Muslims no doubt mixed & their is no doubt that slaves were taken to Rome to serve their Mediterranean masters. Also Rome had to secure the West Roman Hispania & east all the way to Turkey & Syria. Romans were even in the holy land of Jerusalem where crusades were taken place. It also took hold of France Roman Britannia in order to guard itself from Nordic/ White invasion.Slaves were taken from every part and Rome invaded & took back slaves from each of its conquest. You also have the Holy Roman Empire as well which united western Europe. The moors also invaded Spain & Portugal & pushed back the Spanish almost to France. Their was a reconquista to expell them from Spain and the last strong hold surrendered in guess what year 1492. Source

  54. Jean Pierre says:

    Again I never said African Americans were not American and I am not talking about Nationality You can be American of any race. You know their is a saying if you are in Rome do as the Romans do. Japanese Peruvians know their identity but to get elected they refer themselves as Latinos and just cause I don’t consider them Latinos doesn’t make me a racist. After all many of these people fled from Japan once the U.S was closing in on Japanese soil to avoid being captured & tried for war crimes. Also these people take indigenous people from Peru and make them work in car factories for low pay & they also are treated badly. I know i was in Japan and some of my friends were Peruvian & they told me stories as did Japanese people. They told me they bring in Peruvians to do a lot of labor in the factories to cut down cost and not have to pay Japanese citizens higher wages which cut into the profits. Amazing right. Also I believe the former President was referred to as the Peruvian Japanese President. Alberto Fujimori He also fled to Japan because of corruption charges. I guess even he know who he is because it states he is a Peruvian of Japanese Decent. Source wikipedia. I knew who he was cause and I never for one moment in my life thought he was Latino & this doesn’t make me racist cause I thought he was an Asian because he was. It is factual.

  55. Daniel Ruiz says:

    Jean Pierre I seriously pity you, you are filled with so much hate and anger. I despise racism which could easily be read in my posts. Further, I personally hate the label Hispanic and again if you read my posts you will see that I use the word Latino not Hispanic to describe people from Latin America. Also, I have been to DR and was disgusted by the racism I saw against Haitians and black Dominicans which is why I will never return to that island.

    Further I never said you were pushing white supremacy, I said you were basing your beliefs of Latinos on the nonsense spouted by white supremacist. Do you know the difference?

    The Roman Empire? Muslims? Nordics? Do you hear yourself? I write this not for a debate but because I am concerned for your mental health, get help.

  56. Jean Pierre says:

    Ok regarding the video above when it gets to about 1;30 she talks about being Hispanic because she is from the Island of Hispaniola which is no longer called Hispaniola & now called the Dominican Republic. The island was named for Spain & meaning was La isla Espanola. I also wonder or if she knows their are light skin Africans in Africa & that much of the coast of Africa the Continent had European visitors. I would have thought she was Somalian or Ethiopian Example In fact Ethiopian Royalty claim to be the offspring of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba Source Wikipedia

    Ethiopian vs Somalian

  57. Jean Pierre says:

    Ok thanks Daniel I didn’t know you were a doctor & thanks for your through evaluation of my mental state. I didn’t know that I was mentally ill for stating facts & by providing evidence to back it up. You may want to also want to tell Carlos in DC about his mental state for bringing awareness to the Indigenous people of America because he also must be mentally ill for doing that. Also trust me when I say this the KKK does not like Latinos & Mediterranean people. I know they hate Jews that is for sure. I can assure of this and secondly this is not based off white supremacy beliefs. Did you know Jesus was also Mediterranean of Jewish decent of course & that he was not blonde hair blue eyes. OMG what am I pushing here. I thought I was suppose to be pushing white supremacy beliefs and here I got state more facts.

  58. Jean Pierre says:

    Dominican Identity and Migrations to la Hispaniola

  59. Jean Pierre says:

    Diversity in the Dominican Republic
    I think this is a response to everyone is mixed in the Dominican Republic & Puerto Rico which we all know is not true. This definitely the minority of the population in the Dominican Republic but again it fights that we are all mixed videos in DR & PR. The majority are of Spanish/Portuguese/Italian lineage. To be fair it did include Mulattoes & a few Afro Dominicans in the pictures where u can spot them.?

  60. Jean Pierre says:

    Ok due to my mental illness diagnosed by Doctor Daniel Ruiz I have decided the best way to treat this state with some comic relief.
    Puerto Ricans, Dominicans and Jamaicans We are a funny people Rasheed Thurmond Tells all

  61. Jean Pierre says:

    Tego Calderon on Afrikans in the Americas, hip-hop’s influence in Spanish speaking countries

  62. Jean Pierre says:
  63. Jean Pierre says:
  64. Jean Pierre says:

    EL General The God Father of Reggaeton before Biggie Smalls released Juicy

    El general con Anika- Rica y Apretadita

  65. Jean Pierre says:

    El General Muevlo he was about a decade and half ahead of his time. He is the King of Reggaeton like MJ is the King of Pop

  66. Jean Pierre says:

    Every once in a while he would “remind” me that I wasn’t really Latino, that he was. He never accepted my Afro-Latina “status” because he believed Latinos were the descendants of the Spanish or the Spanish-Indian “mixture”.
    When he dated African-American women, he never had to address this issue, but with me, his feelings of superiority became apparent. To say I was disappointed is an understatement. I was devastated by his feelings of supremacy over Afro-Latinos.
    I wish I could say this was an isolated incident with other non-Afro-Latinos, but it’s not. There have been many times when I’ve explained my “Latina-ness” to other Latinos, only to be told I’m not really Latino. Or not as Latino as they are.” – Ivy Farguheson

    I recommend this article if you get a chance to read it go to.

  67. Jean Pierre says:

    Black in Latin America: Negro Mama

  68. Jean Pierre says:
  69. Jean Pierre says:

    I’m not really trippin over Blacks in Latin America

    I’m not really trippin over Blacks in Latin America

  70. Jean Pierre says:

    I’m not really trippin over Blacks in Latin America

  71. Jean Pierre says:

    Latino people can pass for white but are not true whites in the sense. They are not Nordics or Aryan. They are actually Mediterranean orgin and if you look at a map of the Roman Empire and the Holy Roman Empire you will Rome Italy its head quarters all da way Roman Brittania Roman Hispania 2 Turkey North Africa above Sub Saharan Africa & also in Egypt & the Holy? land In fact many Europeans went crusading 2 the Holy Lands for Christianity. The moors were Arabs who mixed with Africans & convert

    The Arabs had slaves as well and converted them to Islam like many in Latin America of African Ancestry got converted to Roman Catholicism. The Romans in invaded North Africa & took key ports and of course took slaves as well. However they still had to defend from attacks from Arabs, Sub Saharan Africans, Nordic? Whites to the North Scandinavia & all the lands they conquered by local tribes. We are talking about the Mediterranean people who actually controlled one of the biggest empires.

    What happen was that Africans in the new world got Latinized when they got to the new world. The first thing is they learned a new Language. Spanish,? Portugese, They also got Latinized names like Julio Angel Ceasar or Octavio Roman or Romeo Augustin. Many also were introduced to Roman Catholicism & became Roman Catholic. People in Europe Portuagal Spain France Romania & Italy are Latin, and even Roman Britannia was as well this is why their was a division between Catholics & Protestants.

    If? you were Latino that means you belong to this Mediterranean group that culturally shared a language based of Latin & were Loyal to the Holy Roman Catholic Church. Now if you look up Negro Ladino or Black Ladino in wikipedia it means Latinized black The Mediterranean is in the Center of Civilization & even though they are Predominately White looking they had to fend off Nordic(Scandna) Whites from the North Arabs & Asians from the east & Sub Saharan Africans from the South of North Africa.

  72. Jean Pierre says:
  73. Jean Pierre says:

    Black and Brown love: Platanos and Collard Greens

  74. Jean Pierre says:

    Platanos & Collard Greens EPK 1st 9min

  75. Jean Pierre says:

    Platanos & Collard Greens EPK 2nd 6min

  76. Jean Pierre says:

    Scenes from Platanos Y Collard Greens

  77. Jean Pierre says:

    SLQH: Patricia se pone negra con el Barça-Madrid

  78. Jean Pierre says:

    CNN Census Race Followup: Negros, Latinos and Whites Oh My!

  79. Jean Pierre says:

    2010 Census: Write In Your True Race!

  80. Jean Pierre says:
  81. Jean Pierre says:

    Jhonny Ventura ((Llama RARITO a Sammy SoSa)) ??JrProductiOns??

  82. Jean Pierre says:

    SuperXclusivo 11/9/09 – Sammy Sosa se aclara la piel

  83. Jean Pierre says:

    It is not just Dominicans that shun their African ancestry as we see this can effect even African Americans as well. However this can give you an insight into the thinking of those who choose to be Lighter or White like Sammy Sosa & reject their roots.

  84. Jean Pierre says:

    if you read the history and look at images pictures paintings you will get a clearer picture & not be confused. It just takes some research and reading on a person part to really understand the truth.

    Who do you think the Latinos who founded Latin America were? White. Example Christopher Columbus, Hernan Cortes, Caveza de Vaca, Ponce De Leon,ect ect. Just look at pictures of the King and Queen of Spain. Ferdinand II of Aragon & Isabel of Castile and you will see they are White Europeans.

    Why do you think Antonio Banderas & Penolople Cruz get mistaken for Latinos even though they are Spanish.
    Examples of the Typical Latino are
    Sofia Vergara, Eva Longoria, Danna Garcia, Ricky Martin, Ana de la Reguera

    Afro Latinos or more correctly Afro Descendants are
    Roaario Dawson, Zoe Saldana, Sammy Sosa, David Ortiz, Shar Jackson, Titiana Ali, Vanessa, Christina Milan

    Its not that complicated I don’t understand how people are so confused. Ready some history books please.

  85. Jean Pierre says:

    The region of the Americas which received its strongest European cultural influence from Latin Europe came to be called “Latin America” in the 19th century. The French Emperor Napoleon III is often credited with this naming.[2] The term usually refers to Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking nations, namely Hispanic America and Brazil, but the French-speaking countries and regions are sometimes included. Most Latin Americans have biological descent from Romance speaking Europeans, particularly from the Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Italians. Source Wikipedia

  86. Jean Pierre says:
  87. Jean Pierre says:
  88. Jean Pierre says:

    Afrodescendientes en el Censo de Costa Rica 2011 – Parte 1

  89. Jean Pierre says:

    Comité Consultivo de Pueblos Indígenas y Afrodescendientes de Nicaragua CCPIAN – SNU

  90. Jean Pierre says:
  91. Jean Pierre says:
  92. Jean Pierre says:
  93. Jean Pierre says:

    Visión Siete: La comunidad afrodescendiente en el Censo 2010

  94. Jean Pierre says:
  95. Jean Pierre says:

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