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Latin Women: The good girls vs. The hoochie mami’s!!


This is a hot topic with my Latina girlfriends, they have been talking about this for some time now. It always starts out with “have you seen what these hoochie’s are wearing to the club or on the street”! According to the urban dictionary a “couchie” is adapted from the french word “coucher” for “to go to bed,” (like our word for “couch,” which you can lie down on). Around the turn of the century in gritty clubs and circuses and for many years after that, women who danced suggestively, rolling their hips were called, “hootchie coutchie” dancers. These women were not morally accepted in the general public. To quote another definition, “the ghetto version of a gold digger.”

Those of us Latina’s that are hardworking and many educated feel that these girls or women give us good girls a bad name and reputation. To other races or nationalities we have been known to be “hot”, “caliente”, “fiery tempered”,etc.. We don’t need to have those from other races or nationalities thinking that we Latina’s are all hoochie mami’s cause obviously we are not. As Latinas we are known as some of the most beautiful women in the world and for being strong and will have our man’s back anytime. We are fierce protectors of our families as well. Unfortunately, many of these young girls feel this need to show practically everything they have and behave in a way that is embarrassing to the rest of us Latinas. I believe that they watch too many of the music videos that depict women as objects and therefore they think that this is what a girl has to do to get a guy. I understand that many come from ghetto neighborhoods where
many of their peers are dressing and behaving the same way. These young women need some guidance from a older Latina who can let them know that they make themselves look cheap. So what kind of man can they attract except for some guy looking for a good time and nothing else.

Many years ago as women we were treated like second class citizens. Back in the old times Latin women were in many cases treated like slaves by their husbands, as have women from other races. We have made great progress in changing some of those old ways of thinking, we are now top executives in major corporations, owners of businesses and even have top positions in government. We don’t need ignorant young Latina girls behaving and acting like whores and being baby mama’s. This just sets us back and has those that are racist to begin with thinking that all Latin females are this way. I think it’s time to somehow teach these girls or mentor them so that they understand this behavior is not conducive to living a good and happy life and I’m sure they don’t feel worthy or have self-esteem. No woman or girl wants to be treated like something less than. Don’t know how but we can somehow educate them to a better way but I have faith that somehow, someway this will in time change.

by Rosie G.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I understand what the author is saying. But fixing the problem is obviously easier said than done.

  2. Excellent article and it’s about time someone said it! Listen I’m all for sexy but hoochie is not sexy. Many good men out there are looking for good women. Unfortunately, they’re are many good women who for one reason or another feel like they have to show their goodies.

    Ladies, if you hunt for wolf, you’re not going to get a Lion.

    By a good woman, I don’t mean neck choking dresses or hair pulled in a bun so tight they have a permanent look of surprise. The writer mentioned that Latina women are fierce protectors of their families. I totally agree. That’s a strong character trait.

    A good woman has unshakable character. That’s not boring. That’s outright attractive.

    Listen, guys, you want hoochie, you’re going to get hoochie. Or did you think hoochie was going to stop being hoochie just for you?

    If you’re the kind of guy that accepts substandard hoochie, instead of a top shelf, above board LADY, you get what you deserve.

    It’s too late when “juanito’ drops off and crawls away.

  3. Neida says:

    Women’s attitudes toward men are primarily based on the relationship they had with their father…whether he was involved in their lives or abandoned them. If a father was present in the household during her childhood, it doesn’t necessarily imply that her childhood was wonderful. He might have been in the same household, but he could’ve been sexually abusing her, beating her, etc. If this was the case, I believe that he would’ve been better off dead. Any man who abuses his own child should get a taste of his own medicine. Put his ass in jail and let the other inmates do to him what he did to his own child/children. In my years of talking to women, 9 out of 10 women were abused in some form or fashion by their father, uncle, or somebody whom they trusted. It’s a sad fact of life, but the truth nonetheless.

    For these women who fall under this category, this is what you need to do:

    1. Recognize that you did nothing to deserve this

    2. Understand that he’s a sick individual

    3. Stop using your dysfunctional past as an excuse to have meaningless, unprotected sex with anyone who pays attention to you

    4. Stop blaming others for your lack of employment, meaningful relationships, etc.

    5. Stop lying to your friends, family & yourself

    6. Forgive the abuser – this is not for him but for yourself – and MOVE ON !

    I can talk about this because I went thru it myself. I had a horrible childhood. Both of my parents abandoned me when I was 3 years old. I was adopted by my alcoholic, dysfunctional Grandparents who beat me almost on a daily basis. My uncles sexually abused me.

    After the age of 25, you should no longer be blaming your parents for your messed up life. As an adult it’s YOUR responsibility to make something of your life. Sure, I was angry, I cried, felt sorry for myself and blamed everybody under the sun for my misfortunes. When I realized that I was responsible for my own happiness, I picked myself up, forgave them, healed myself, and kept it moving.

    An honest, hardworking woman knows that these hoochies have no effect on them whatsoever. These hoochies could NEVER give me a bad name. I’ve worked too hard on myself and my reputation to let her think she can be on my level!

    Take a good look at yourself in the mirror. Stop lying your family, your friends & most importantly to yourself. Trust me, they all know you’re lying! Stop blaming everybody. Then & only then can you move on.

    I work hard each and every day. I wake up at 4:30am and don’t get home @7:30pm. I take (6) buses and (2) trains to get back & forth to work.

    Do I care about these hoochies? Not if they don’t want to help themselves first. If they’re sincerely interested in cleaning themselves up, I’ll support & help them 150%.

    These hoochies don’t need an older Latina woman these days to guide them. Why? Because can’t find a strong, grounded, older woman anywhere! Nowadays, older women are hoochies themselves! They call themselves Cougars. Instead of sitting down with these broken young women & teaching them about respecting themselves, they’re out there acting like hoochies themselves! They’re lazy and pathetic. Instead of whoring around, what they should’ve done was taken the time to heal themselves & raise their children properly. Instead, they have meaningless, unprotected sex with bad boys (trying to get their youth back) or make every man pay for what their father did to them by controlling them with sex via S&M, working in strip clubs, etc. Ever see an old hoochie?! Pretty sad!

    We used to be able to sit in council with our Titis (Aunts), Con Mai (Godmother), etc, drink some café con leche, & listen to her council us. She would teach us to close our legs when we sit, take daily showers so you always smell nice & clean, put on perfume, etc.

    Ladies, take a good look in the mirror. Stop being a Cougar. Leave the Cougars in the jungle where they belong. It’s more important to realize that these girls are crying out for help & they need us more than ever!

    Gentlemen, support the ladies.


    ~ Neida

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