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My Beloved

by JueLee Ocasio

Juelee Ocasio


My beloved
mi cariño
I know you
are out there
searching for me
I thought I met you
once or twice before
but alas,I was wrong
for they were
only mere glimpses of you
memories ,shadows
of a yesterday
ones which no longer matter

Oh my beloved
how I wait for you
knowing when I look upon
your face for the first time
all before you

will become non existent
just empty dreams
broken promises
ones that were
meant to teach
about my lovers grace
so when we finally meet
as I kiss your lips
I know the past
will have disappeared
no longer to be looked upon
for that is what the weak
and the wounded
souls long for
not the strong
who wish to survive
giving there loyalty
to another
but not I my love
you need not worry
for my fire
burns feverishly
when it comes to the knowing of you~J.Ocasio(©)2013

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