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200 reasons to see 200 Cartas

Kryptonians weren’t the only Super Heroes to hit theaters recently, and while Iro, the Taino folkloric hero/alter-ego of Lin-Manuel Miranda’sIro latest role, fights for justice and love, you won’t see Usnavi in tights. 200 Cartas is a hilarious bi-lingual romantic comedy, written and directed by Bruno Irizarry, about Raul, a NuYoRican graphic novel artist who meets the woman of his dreams, Maria Sanchez on a fateful night out in NY. After being separated, Raul’s convinced he needs to be more like his alter-ego, heroic and impulsive, and sets off with his side-kick/bff, Juan de Mexico, played by Jaime Camil, on a whirlwind adventure a La Isla del Encanto, Puerto Rico in search of his star-crossed love. After all, how difficult could it be to find one woman named Maria Sanchez in PR? Right?

JCLMWell just as funny as that sounds, is how the movie is; at face value Mr. Irizarry has woven together an entertaining mosaic of stories, coupled with Lin-Manuel’s unique on-screen comedic timing and rapport with his other co-stars, Dayanara Torres, Monica Steuer, and Mayra Matos, with a cameo by the legendary Iris Chacon. Currently amidst its 2-week limited run, in New York at Times Square and Bay Plaza AMC theaters, we were amongst the few invited to a special round table interview with the cast followed by the red-carpet event at the United Palace Theater  in Washington Heights, as a part of their Campaign to return film to the iconic venue. As avid supporters of Latino-based films and initiatives, we recognize the importance of rallying behind such important content and causes. Too often people tend to ask for more representation of Latinos on film and TV, but don’t support the right films and shows when they have the chance to.

Not only does this film represent content of that caliber, it also presents a unique question and opportunity for the necessity of more Latino-based comic books and superhero characters. You can help make both happen by going to see the movie if you’re in New York, or by visiting the 200 Cartas Facebook  to see the latest updates on further releases – which according to Bruno, may even include a limited edition release of an official Iro comic book to come.

About Robert Rios III

As a Singer-Songwriter, this NuYoRican Bronx Native has completed several independently released EP's, including "The Real R&B", "The Awakening", "The B-Side" and the upcoming "RR-Evolution", featuring the popular single and video shot in 2011 "Why?" - Performing steadily throughout the NYC Club circuit and well known within the Latino Arts Community. Trained as a Classical Vocalist care of the "Fame" school - LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts, he's well versed in the styles of Classical, Jazz, Contemporary, Latin and R&B/Soul music, acting, and digital media. He will be featured in Being Latino's upcoming stream of video content, and also in the film Sojourner's Lament.
Building up a vast network within the entertainment industry, he has hosted, performed in, and produced various forms of live shows involving music, poetry, dance, and comedy. His focus has always been on the creation and promotion of quality English Language Entertainment, for and by Latinos.
Since taking on the role of Events Director, Robert has coordinated various contributor brunches and networking events, having partnered with such high profile clientele as Heineken and Hennessy. He was also featured as a guest speaker for a panel on Latinos in Modern Media at the 2011 All Roads Film Festival, presented by National Geographic.
You can find out more about Robert's music and upcoming shows by logging on to"

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