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A “Sabado Gigante” without Don Francisco?


Yes you heard right, Don Francisco is slowly, but surely exiting from the legendary Latino show “Sabado Gigante”. After more than fifty years of entertaining families every Saturday night with his jokes and games, Don Francisco, whose real name is Mario Kreutzberger, has decided that it is time for him to pass the microphone to a younger host.

Does this mean that the longest running show is in danger of ending? According to Kreutzberger, absolutely not! He will be mentoring and co-hosting Sabado Gigante with his eventual predecessor for a few more shows. The date of Don Francisco’s last show has not been set yet. So maybe the 72-year old is not completely ready to leave the spotlight?

Even though many of us secretly hope that he will not be quitting, his exit process has clearly begun as more and more entertainers like Julian Gil and Chiquinquira Delgado are taking on the daunting task of co-hosting the show. Both Delgaldo and Gil have big shoes to fill in as they are expected to continue making Sabado Gigante a successful show by luring in a younger audience while keeping the current demographic it serves satisfied.

Starting next week, both entertainers will co-host the show and provide the audience with a taste of the new direction that Sabado Gigante is taking. Ultimately, the upcoming shows will serve as an audition for both Gil and Delgado. The audience will ultimately determine if the new hosts are permanent.

Hopefully both Gil and Delgado will be successful with the transition and continue making Sabado Gigante the show to watch every Saturday night for many more years to come.


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