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Antonio Banderas: The next Pope

Is actor Antonio Banderas planning on becoming a pope? Well, not exactly…

According to the Huffington Post,  the Spanish actor may play the role of Pope Francis in an upcoming Spanish language biopic titled “Call me Francesco.”

The film’s production house told the Religion News Service that Banderas is one of the main Spanish-speaking actors being seriously considered for the role.

The movie will be the first feature film about the life of Pope Francis and will be shot in various locations, including Argentina and Italy.

The idea for the biopic was inspired by best selling novel “Francisco: El Papa de la Gente”  written by Evangelina Himitian.

Pope Francis is the first Latin-American pope in the history of papal leaders and is recognized for his humility and concern for the poor, thus earning him the nickname “The People’s Pope.”

If Banderas does get the role, we’ll be looking forward to seeing the casanova back on the big screen.

But if you need to get your Banderas fix sooner, you’re in luck! The actor is due to come out in The Expendables 3 this August.

Meanwhile, shooting for “Call me Francesco” is expected to begin sometime this summer.

No word if the $12 million film will be ready for release by December 17th (which happens to be the pontiff’s cumpleaños.)

Fabiola Norris, Being Latino Contributor

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