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#Billboards2013 Day 2 – #ALoGrande Pics

Established Artist

  • Sergio Vallín – Maná guitarist

Music Influencers

  • Bruno del Granado – CEO, RM Entertainment Group, Ricky Martin Manager
  • Fernando Rodriguez – CEO at Terra Networks USA
  • Leila Cobo – Executive Director, Latin Content & Programming, Billboard
  • Delia Orjuela, Vice President, Latin Writer Publisher Relations, BMI
  • Johnny Marines – Romeo Santos Manager 

Up-and-coming Artists /Showcase artists

  • Debi Nova
  • Daniel Rene (ex Menudo) – Caporaso
  • Magic  Juan – Caporaso
  • Marger – Caporaso
  • Jessi Leon – Caporaso
  • Hernan Caporaso
  • Lulo Perez – Caporaso
  • Ale Ortega – Caporaso
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