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Corazones Blindados: A Police Drama for Latino Audiences


In case you haven’t caught it yet, Corazones Blindados (a new show on MundoFox) is now in its first week. We’re ready to give you a sneak peak at what’s in store for the rest of the season….

Haunted by the Past

In the first one-hour episode, Raúl Ávila (Andrés Sandoval) is graduating from Special Forces academy in Colombia. We watch him celebrating with his cronies who promise to provide some comic relief from the show’s otherwise serious plot lines.

While Raúl graduates with honors as a Lieutenant Coronel, we cut away to Diana Ochoa (Majida Issa) in the middle of a shoot out on the streets of Mártires, one of the worst crime-ridden areas of Bogota, where middle class families mix with refugees of criminal organizations, brothels and drug dealers in an area known as the ‘Bronx’.

Both characters are facing their own demons – Raúl, witnessing the death of his father and Diana, the disappearance of Vicente (her husband and father of her child) by the hands of la guerillera. The characters relive the memories of their loss in their own personal quests to restore order and peace to their corners of Colombia.

The flashbacks set the stage, but the action takes places in real time as the police seek to keep a kingpin in captivity. Shot on location in high-definition in Bogotá, the show is action packed….watch out for motorcycle chase. When the prisoner makes an escape, we know he’s going to be a threat the whole season.

Attraction Brews

What’s a drama without sexual tension? Twenty minutes in, we learn that Raúl and Diana are to be partners, but of course not before he accidentally insults her. While they start off on the wrong foot and are clearly opposites in a lot of ways, we can tell that the tension is just part of their physical attraction….will it develop into something more?


While Raul is supposed to be su mano derecha, the two engage in a subtle battle of wits and power play. Hints of a steamy romance ensue, despite the fact that we know Vicente may return. For now, the partners struggle to stay alive in a face-off at the end and when Diana is placed in a familiar situation, we know she cares very much that Raúl stay alive. The cliffhanger ending leaves us wondering….how will she?

This is part of a sponsored campaign with and Hispanicize digital and Mundo Fox. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Man I really fucking like being Latino

  2. Will look for it.

  3. How in hell did Fox get involved in the Latino community when they promote xenophobia..

  4. I will not watch anything that has FOX in its title… Like MundoFox

  5. @Rolando … I believe they now have a broadcast contract in Colombia. (IIRC). The only difference (politically) between LatAm & the US, is that in LatAm there are more political affiliations … from extreme right & left to varying centrist.

  6. BL, the show looks interesting, nice looking out.

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