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Those of us that have grown weary of Hulu’s rather limited Latino section may be surprised and delighted to discover that they also have a pretty large selection of stand up Latino comedy specials. You can find them under the movie comedy genre, scrolling down to the fourth category, Stand Up Comedy.

I’m going to highlight three comedy specials available for free on the site. I hope you like Alex Reymundo because he had a hand in all three. But be warned, you may laugh, but you may also be outraged – and often.

1) One Funny Hick-Spanic (2007)
(You will have to sign into Hulu to prove you are over eighteen to access.)
Centered on Alex’s life as a Mexican married to a woman from Kentucky, who he affectionately refers to as a Hick, their two kids and his rocky relationship with his in-laws.

2) The Original Latin Divas of Comedy (2007)
Featuring four Latina comics and hosted by Alex, this special spans hours,
includes a short interview with each comic, including the challenges they have faced as comedians and specifically as Latina comedians. This comedy special broaches family, relationships and dating, sexual orientation, sex and of course gender.

Here’s but one quote from Monique Marvez, one of the four comics:
“They’re not pretty, the bunnies, let’s be honest. There’s nothing like that on a woman. No matter how young a man is balls look old. Like you never get a new pair, they just recycle them.

“Your uncle Chuck died and left you his balls son. Wear them in good health, these are good ones, WWII balls.”

3) The Payaso Comedy Slam (2008)
(You will have to sign into Hulu to prove you are over eighteen to access.)
Also hosted by Alex, this almost one and a half hour special includes eight comics and discusses various topics, including a heavy emphasis on race and ethnicity, as several of the comics devoted their entire set to their ethnicity.

Among these is Edwin San Juan, a Filipino American who talks about the (sometimes strained) relationship between Latinos and Asians in America.

“Latinos, you make fun of Asians, don’t act like you don’t. ‘Pinche Chinos. Learn how to drive estupid.’ Estupid? Asians, we can’t drive, that’s true, but at least we have car insurance. See how that feels?”

“We all talk funny, we do. Mexicans speak English, you all mix up the ys and the js. Right? Jou know what I mean? Jes, jou do. I see you guys at Yack in the Box, trying to order a Yumbo Yack.”

**Trigger warning for sexual jokes**

Check out all three and let us know that you think. Could you relate to anything you heard, or were they just played-out stereotypes? What comics made you laugh and which made you cringe?

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author and should not be understood to be shared by Being Latino, Inc.


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