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Is Eva Longoria’s next boyfriend L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa?

Eva Longoria may have finally become tired of having rebound athlete boyfriends. Not too long ago, Longoria broke up with now benched, New York Jets quarterback, Mark Sanchez. The reasoning behind Longoria’s break up with Sanchez may now have an explanation, and it has nothing to do with Sanchez’s atrocious football calls.

Rumors are spreading that Eva Longoria is now an item with Los Angeles Mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa. According to Star magazine, the two were recently caught holding hands and sneaking into a late night movie showing of Lincoln in Los Angeles (definitely a date). Another insider, told Star magazine that both Longoria and Villaraigosa have been flirting for a while, and got more serious when both worked to help get President Obama reelected. Villaraigosa is also known for regularly insisting that Longoria assist him with political events.

Even though all signs are pointing at a potential love connection, Longoria’s representatives have completely denied these rumors.  We don’t buy it. It is just coincidental that Villaraigosa recently broke up with his girlfriend, Lu Parker?

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